Monday, May 16, 2011

Glamorous Review of Ooh La Frou Frou Girl Cherie

Happy Monday, Lovelies!
This is Sandy,
artist and creator of
The Ooh La Frou Frou Collection 
card line.

If you're new, you've found the fun place
that is the accompaniment to the card line ...
where we look into the "lives"
of the eight girls that I've created to be
the stars of the cards!

We've been reviewing the personalities and details
about each of these eight girls lately ...
we had a Glamorous Review of Ooh La Frou Frou girl Hope
and a Glamorous Review of Ooh La Frou Frou girl Tiffany.
In these posts, we also found out where these two
Ooh La Frou Frou girls live.

Today's post is the third in this Glamorous Review series,
where we'll take a quick look at Cherie!

These are the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection cards
you may have spotted Cherie in so far ...

When I created the girls to star in this card line,
I wanted to create not only girls that we could envision
ourselves being friends with if they were real ...
but I also wanted to create girls with a lifestyle
that would be glamorous fun to step into every week.
And we've barely just begun the fun!

Of course, what could be more glamorous fun
than imagining being one of the world's
popular fashion models?
Have you ever given any thought as to whether or not
they travel too much to
even have an apartment or a pet?
In one of Cherie's previous posts, she faced the pet dilemma ...
we watched as she fell in love with a little pug
that the photographers had brought in
as a "prop" in one of her photoshoots
in Central Park last fall.
That photoshoot (below) gave her a craving for
a someday-pug of her own!

Yes, she was a bit in love with pugs.
She'd thought she'd have a painting done
of her pampered pup one day ...

and give her the most
beautiful of beds to sleep in ...

But, alas, she travelled too much to even consider it ...
or so she thought.

Then, on a pre-holiday post, we joined Cherie
for a little shopping in the city and a
fun walk through Bergdorf-Goodman!

... and we learned that she had finally
gotten that pup she longed for.
Since Cherie longs for luxury in all aspects of her life
(sound like anyone you know?)
it was no surprise that she named her new pug "Little Luxe."
The following picture of her darling Luxe
was on last Christmas' gift tags ...

Then, Cherie's New Years Resolution
was to take up a little yoga ...

In another post, we watched as she
got her make-up done for a shoot
and was lost in daydreams
of how she simply loved everything about being a girl ...

Then, earlier this year,
all of the Ooh La Frou Frou girls
had a serious case of spring fever.
Cherie, Hope and Aimee
longed for warm weather and
dressing in the season's bright colors ...

And, finally, in Cherie's most recent post,
she took us on a virtual romp
through the Plaza Hotel ala Eloise ...

that we're learning about each of the girls
as we go through these fun posts
is where they each live.

If you were a supermodel living in New York,
as our girl Cherie is,
where do you think you'd live?
We know that Cherie loves the Plaza Hotel ...
the Plaza sort of belongs to Eloise, no?
Since Cherie really has a thing for lovely hotels, though,
it seem only right
that she be ensconsed in luxury.

Yes, she calls home another famous New York Hotel
that you can live in as a resident!
And it's a very glamorous one at that!

Cherie lays her head on her pillow
in one of New York's finest ...
the gorgeous St. Regis!
Below is a quick rough sketch and watercolor of the entrance of
the place she calls home ...
can you just imagine her disembarking from a taxi at it's door?
I didn't have time to illustrate the doormen and people wandering by
for this sketch, but you can be sure they'd be there,
as well as all of the excitement of New York,
as limos and taxi's zip by on the busy street ..

Yes, the exterior is very grand, indeed ...
the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan is a jewel ~
a 1904 Beaux-Arts classic landmark
overlooking Fifth Avenue ...

With an in-house florist
and Remede Spa, as well as designer shops,
it's definitely a place to dream about ...

Come, girls ... let's walk through the door ...

Elegance at every turn ...

To almost feel like you're there,
jump into this Travel Channel review ...

Wouldn't we all like to live this way?
I know I would!
I can imagine getting back from Paris Fashion week,
walking through the peaceful elegance of this lobby ...

Heels clicking on the beautiful marble floors ...

If we were to come to visit Cherie at the St. Regis,
I'm sure we'd feel right at home
and may never want to leave either!

The bathrooms have elegant black marble ...

Yes, Cherie lives a dream life ...
if she is simply too tired to cook, no problem.
She can stop by the Hotel's famous
King Cole Bar for a quick bite or glass of wine ...

and speaking of wine ... the Adour Wine Library below
 is part of the fabulous Adour Restaurant in the hotel ...
it's just made for a glass of bubbles,
wouldn't you say?

If we spent the afternoon shopping with Cherie,
how lovely it would be to walk back to the hotel with her
and compare purchases over afternoon tea in the Astor Court ...

or if the mood strikes, she could entertain us right in her apartment
with room service ...
I love how you can glimpse
the beautiful terrace beyond the sheers ...

But, at the end of the exciting day,
when we leave Cherie in her glamorous St Regis apartment
and walk back out to hail a taxi, we could be happy knowing one thing for sure ..

that for all of our Glamorous Girlfriends,
 GLAMOUR is never far away ...
whenever you need a dose of it, you can easily slip back into
Ooh La Frou Frou again ...
with simply the click of a mouse ...

But before we go ...
 a little more Glamour!
Let me introduce to you
the second notecard that will be part of our
fun Summer "City Girls" boxed notes
soon to be released in 2-3 weeks!

If you've been to Manhattan, you've seen the many
hot dog carts with colorful umbrellas along the sidewalks.
Yellow and blue umbrellas, orange and yellow umbrellas,
red and white umbrellas ...
you get the idea.
"Summer in the City" shows
Cherie, Belle and Sunny
stopping for a little much-needed nibble
during a busy afternoon of shopping!
(A girl simply must keep her energy up!)

Notecard Details:
The pink envelope liner inside the envelope for this card
has charming little floating hot-dog cart umbrellas.
All of these notecards are blank inside
and embellished with touches of glitter or and/or crystals.
The box of 12 notecards will consist of
 three notecards each of four different "City Girl" designs!
This is our "Summer City Girls" notecards
and there will be "City Girls"
for other seasons, as well, in the future.
If you missed it,
we previously introduced
the first of these "Summer City Girl" notecards
at the bottom of Tiffany's Review Post ...
and it shows Ooh La Frou Frou girl Tiffany
gazing into a lovely movie-like window of
Tiffany & Company.
Two more designs will be introduced
in the next two to three weeks ...
completing the set of four to be part of this
glamorous new
 "Summer City Girls"
Boxed Notecard Collection!

Thanks for joining us for another glamorous adventure
on Ooh La Frou Frou ...
have a lovely week, everyone!

Illustration Credit:
All illustrations in this post,
including the artwork on the notecard,
are by
Sandra Shelton Markwalder,
artist and creator of Ooh La Frou Frou.

Photo Credit:
Most of the photos of the St. Regis in New York City
courtesy of the St. Regis.

St. Regis Photo 2 via
Close up of St. Regis architecture via
Photo 4 of the St. Regis shops from Getty Images via
Photo of King Cole Bar via


SoapyMermaid said...

I fell in love with little Luxe and his wonderful bed. Cherie made me think of my sister who is a model and who just arrived today in NYC from paris. She does not live in such a dreamy place as cherie but I am sure she would like to! the new card is very nice

Unknown said...

What a dream Cherie is and a wonderful life she leads!

Anonymous said...

What a darling trip to the St.Regis. It's gotten me even more excited for my stay there this upcoming fall. Though I don't know if I'm going to look as fabulous as Cherie does, but I will try!

Stitchfork said...

Would love to stay at the St Regis! And that's some pug with all her own personal monograms!
xo Cathy


I absolutely love Cherie! You know she is my girl :) Can't wait for it to be summer in the city. And those cards are the perfect way to kick off the season!!! :) xoxo

Silver Magpies said...

What a life! Thank you for our glimpse into a very special world.

I think summer in the city is going to be lots of fun.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Soapy Mermaid: Hi lovely!!! Thank you for commenting ... look forward to chatting with you each Monday! Glad you love Luxe's and the elegant doggie bed, and how exciting is it that your sister is a model jetting from Paris to New York! Love it! xoxo ;)

Raicreations Designs: Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, darlin'. It's a very fun world to create! ;) xoxo

Glamorous Whimsy: I love it that you're going to be able to stay at the fabulous St. Regis ... maybe you'll bump into Cherie sauntering glamorously down one of the halls ... if you do, I'm sure you'll recognize her! Be sure to fill me in on your experience there! xoxo

Stitchfork: Haha ... she DOES have a lot of pretty monograms ... she must have made a secret trip to visit you! xoxo

The Alternative Wife: Dawn, your comments never fail to make me smile. I always think of you when Cherie's being featured! Thanks for your compliment on the cards ... so glad you like them (and from a true city girl, that's a lovely compliment!!) xoxo

Silver Magpies: Thank YOU, sweetie. So glad when you stop by to visit ... and I agree with you, summer in the city Ooh La Frou Frou style is an awfully lot of fun! xoxo

Unknown said...

Love this! And I really enjoy the closing remarks from the video:

Beauty survives and needs to be celebrated.

I like this - I may make it my new daily mantra!

Unknown said...

Oh Cherie Amore! She is so fabulous and her look I totally identify with. The St. Regis is a total luxe dream. Your artistry with your images are quite breathtaking. xoxo

Angelica Ng said...

Oh St. Regis! Wooooow....this is like couture, hotel-style. A delicious feast for the eyes! And even better if I were to actually go there. Love the bedroom. That relaxing blue and white combo is just beautiful. Sweet dreams indeed!

And btw thanks so much for checking up on my blog while I was gone. Appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new notecards Sandy! I love the NY beaux arts design, it makes me so nostalgic. The Plaza has such a special place in my heart! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful new week!

xo Mary Jo

Barbara von Enger said...

Cherie is always so Chic and Fabulous. This post reminds me of my stay at St Regis. Must take notes from Cherie on things to do in the city;-)

Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Your new card looks hot and fabulous!!! LOVE it. Cherie has the best home entrance ever, don't you think so? And having Little Luxe in her life, well.. that's the biggest joy if you'd ask me;) Hope you have a great week and good luck on the other designs.

Anonymous said...

Another sweet and glamorous sojourn through your delightful imagination. The hotel reminds me of the lovely Hotel de Paris I just saw in the French film "Priceless" with Audrey Tatou. The film was okay, the hotel fantastic. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Beth In My World: A perfect quote to be your new mantra, I'd say! Thanks for stopping by, lovely. ~♥~

Fashionista622: So glad you love Cherie's style and her luxurious life! And thanks so very much for your sweet compliments on the artwork, darling ... so appreciated! ~♥~

Angelica Ng: Hi sweetie! Yes, isn't the St. Regis pretty much dreamland? I agree, that room with the soft blue and white looks like fluffy clouds in the sky! Thanks, love, for stopping by! ~♥~

Mary Jo from Trust Your Style: Thanks, Mary Jo! Yes, the notecards are delightful fun to create and these are the summer version ... when those leaves start to fall (ooh, don't want to even go there now!) there will be other "City Girl" versions for different seasons! ~♥~

Fashion Art & Other Fancies: Ooh, lucky you staying at the posh St. Regis! And, yes, Cherie would be happy to be your guide and loves you to take notes on the glamorous places she'll take you too! ;) ~♥~

Christel ~ Captivated by Image: Hi sweetie! Thanks so VERY much for all of your lovely compliments on the notecards, Cherie's hotel entrance and little pug love. Always such a pleasure to have you stop by! ~♥~

Coco Coterie: Hello, Alexandra! Thanks, sweetie ... what a lovely thing to say ... "a glamorous sojourn through your delightful imagination." I delight in your words and the way you describe the world around you. ~♥~

~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~
Thanks so much to all of the lovelies leaving messages ... I so adore reading all of them!
~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~

Piper Larson said...

Oh, you made my day with the little PUG!!! I'm a proud pug mommy with two little ones...(Nikkos and Nigel.)

Beautiful as always, Sandy! Have a gorgeous day, dear.
XO Piper

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

My bff's name is Cherie! She would love this! Awww this little lady sure is traveling in style...great job cute!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Gorgeous Glam said...

wow her life sounds like a dream! Ahh the life of a supermodel ;) I love the St. Regis as well. It's such a grand hotel. And I adore pugs too! too cute! Loving the new cards dear! xo

Margarita Bloom said...

Ah, a life of luxury...I wouldn't mind staying at the St. va voom! I love the cards with the touches of pink and orange and Little Luxe is cute!

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

Love it! When my grandmother and aunts were last at the St. Regis, they were behind Colin Firth and his wife at the check-in line. I was green with envy for weeks. I wouldn't mind Cherie's lovely lifestyle at all.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Piper Larson: Hi Piper! Love the names of your pugs .. so adorable! I have a pug too ... the name on her papers reads Lily of the Manor (known by all as Lily, of course!) Aren't they FABulous?! Thanks so much for stopping by, love. xoxo ~♥~

Julie Khuu: Hi Julie! Thanks, sweetie ... it's actually an awful lot of fun being an artist and illustrator and dreaming up these fabulous lifestyles for the card line girls! Now, if only someone could paint me in Jamaica for a couple of weeks and have me suddenly be there!! ;) xoxo ~♥~

Taj Acosta: Yes, she does have a glamorous life at the St Regis and popping in and out of fashion photoshoots ... a fun fantasy! I think of us all as glamour girls in some way, which is what inspired the card line. I think we all walk around with our own little theme song in our mind and have glamorous little tidbits happening in our lives ... and we know YOU do, darling! Thanks so much for dropping by, Taj! xoxo ~♥~

Margarita Bloom: Hi Regina, sweet! I'm so glad you love the colors in this notecard ... I wanted to give the four notecards that will be in this boxed "Summer City Girls" collection a variety of colors and the envelope liners for each notecard design color coordinated. The first notecard, with Tiffany looking in the Tiffany & Co. window has the tiffany blue and taupe theme, these are pink and orange ... what will the next be?!?! Usually notecards don't have glitter or crystals but these will have touches of both! Thanks for coming by, darling! xoxo ~♥~

Gabriella (sensiblyluxe): Colin Firth!!!! I LOVE IT ~ that WOULD be exciting ... how difficult would it be to maintain composure standing behind him in line??? Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your grandmother and aunts big adventure with me! xoxo ~♥~

Margarita Bloom said...

Glitter AND crystals? LUXE!! I love a little sparkle!!

Gabriella: I second that....Colin Firth!!!! Wow! I think I'd do a double take if I heard his voice!! giggle...

Annemarie said...

I'm in love with Cherie! I took up yoga as well, and surprisingly have stuck with it for over 4 months now. Hope she is still loving it!

Hugs to you, sweet Sandy! xx

anyaadores said...

OHH how cute is little Luxe - and this whole story is wonderful - i adore it all.
A xxx

Anonymous said...

Such spectacular imagination! This blog is magical <3
My friend's birthday is coming up, I think she'd adore one of your cards :D

Noelani said...

Cherie is totally my kind of girl. She loves pugs! I already have two pups of my own but pugs always have a special spot in my heart. Adorable!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Margarita Bloom: YES! Some of the notecards have little touches of glitter and some will have a sprinkle of crystals too! And I'm with you, love, just hearing Colin Firth's voice would make you jump to attention! ~♥~

Brunch at Saks: Thanks, sweetie, so glad you love Cherie! And congratulations for four months with yoga! I have wanted to take a class myself but haven't yet ... went to one free class just to see if I'd like it and I was SO relaxed afterward ... the actual class was surprisingly a lot of WORK, but wow, the payoff was great! Perhaps there will be a post sometime on Cherie in a yoga class! ~♥~

Anya adores: Anya thanks so very much! So glad you could stop by to visit us, darling! Always a pleasure! ~♥~

Sarah-L-B: Thanks, sweetie. I remember when I was in grade school, my teacher told my parents at school conferences that I was such a daydreamer, often looking out the window seemingly in another world. You see where that got me! ;) YES, I KNOW your friend would love an Ooh La Frou Frou Collection card ... they're sparkly glamorous! ~♥~

Noelani: Awe ... what kind of sweet pups do you have, sweet? Pugs are adorable ... I have one and her name is Lily. Lily of the Manor on her papers, but she's known as just Lily ... and she is quite the princess! ~♥~

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the hotel looks gorgeous! and I love your sketches of it, how GORGEOUS!

Enter to win a $100 Shopbop gift card giveaway!
Miss Neira

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Miss Neira: Hi lovely! So delightful when you stop by ... and thank you so very much for your compliment on the sketch of the hotel! Hope you have a lovely Thursday! ~♥~

Unknown said...

Ooooo la la, Sandy! You just keep dreaming up the fantasies I want to step into!!!!

Love the pug, but how about a little King Charles Cavalier? hint hint! :) My little Molly would make a nice model. She's such a Ooh La Frou Frou puppy!!

xoxo Elizabeth

classiq said...

Congrats on the new notecards! Well, I have to say, I would switch places with Cherie anytime just for a day, to taste a little of her fabulous lifestyle. :)Ada

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

pretty pink tulips: YES, she is! I agree, a St. Charles would be adorable ... I'll have to work one in sometime! Thanks so much for commenting, E. Always a pleasure ... have a lovely weekend! ~♥~

classiq: Thank you, sweetie, for stopping by and for your congratulations on the notecards ... and when this box is designed, plans for more and more very fun notes and mini-invitation notes! I'm with YOU, Ada ... Cherie's life is dreamy galore! ~♥~

stylemefab said...

Haven`t been to your blog for a while ladies, I have been up to my ears in work. Miss all the lovely posts and now I am catching up.....lots of stunning new illustrations as well. Can`t wait to take it all in...

Sierra said...

I LOVE the new notecards and your illustrations and cards in general, they are just gorgeous! I just checked out your website and bookmarked it so I could get some cards in the near future! xo! I hope you have a great weekend doll.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Style Me Fab: So glad you stopped by, sweetie, to catch up!! Thanks a bunch for your compiments on the illustrations. So very appreciated. We've been having a lot of fun here lately with the Glamorous Review of the girls "lives" that I created for the card line ... three down and five more to go! Plus the new notecards ... just glamorous fun everywhere! xoxo ~♥~

Ocean Dreams: Hi sweetie! So very glad you could join us! Thanks for becoming one of the "Glamorous Girlfriends!" Thanks so very much for the illustration and notecard compliments AND for bookmarking the website ... lovely! Lots and lots more fun to come! xoxo ~♥~

Unknown said...

So fun, we share a love for the St. Regis and The Plaza, not to mention NYC!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

The Zhush: Hi, sweets! So glad you could stop by and enjoy the St. Regis trip. Didn't know if you noticed, but one of the comments above mentioned that her grandma and aunt were at the St. Regis and heard the voice of Colin Firth in line right in front of them! xxx ~♥~

Anonymous said...

Wow I really need to visit St Regis it looks amazing and I need an afternoon tea fix asap! Although La Plaza remains a firm favourite of mine (and Tiffany's, ahem) it is always good to try new places.

The other weekend I visited The Peninsula hotel for a drink in the rooftop bar, amazing. I am sure Cherie would like this, too...

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Style on the Couch: It IS amazing! And even more so now that we've ensconced Cherie there! Did you notice that one of our comments above mentioned that her grandma stood in line at the St. Regis and realized she was right behind Colin Firth? Ooh la la indeed! ;) Also, yes, The Peninsula is another favorite of Cherie. On one of the New Years posts at the first of the year where the girls were talking about their resolutions, Cherie's portion of the post mentioned her love of The Peninsula Spa ... here's the link .. have a wonderful day, darling! xxx ~♥~

Anonymous said...

I love the drawings of the dogs! How cute!!!
Have a wonderful week!
E + J

Pink Champagne said...

I channeled my inner supermodel last week in a charity fashion show - it was such fun! I could ABSOLUTELY get used to life on the runway... tee hee. XOXO

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Pink Champagne: Wow ... did you actually walk down the runway? So fun!! Bet you were a smashing success ... probably see you on a cover of a magazine very soon! ;) ~♥~ said...

OOh what amazing pics, and I'd love to live there. I'm glad u added all the those photos because i'm not very familiar with NYC. Only been there twice so I'd have no idea where to stay. Your blog is so fun. thanks so much for checking out mine too and adding me to your list. That's so nice of you.