Monday, October 24, 2011

A "Little Black Dress" Halloween Soiree

... and a certain illustrated Ooh La Frou Frou girl
is throwing a glamorously spooky bash ...

... all over the city, Alex's friends have opened their invitations
to her Halloween Soiree ...
and are excited to see that for a costume,
they need only wear their favorite

~ Come join the fantasy ~
... you've just received Alex's invitation ...
which little black dress would you wear?

Once the dress is decided ...
you need only to dream up how to add a little
"Glamorous Halloween"
to your little black dress ...

{Bat Tattoo tights here and Spider/Leopard/Spiderweb stockings here}

In any case ...

... because when the sun goes down in the city ...

and you step out of your taxi
at Alex's city apartment all decked out for
Halloween ...

 ... things just might get a little wild ...

As Alex greets you at the door, her green eyes
peer at you from her leopard mask ...
and you notice she's also wearing
long black gloves with a cocktail ring on the outside
and leopard heels ...

You may remember getting a "daytime" glimpse
of Alex's private terrace
on Ooh La Frou Frou's spring card earlier this year.
But now ...  it's Halloweeeeeen, darling.
And now that you've received your fantasy invitation
and put your "Little Black Dress" costume together
and arrived at Alex's party ...
what will you see?
Upon entering her apartment
you see sparkling floor candelabras and dozens of glittery pumpkins
like these on her terrace ...

And because this is a very
~ fashionable ~
Halloween Soiree,
little vignettes have been set up throughout the apartment,
turning pumpkins into a variety of
Vogue-worthy things, such as sparkly bags.

Glamorous candles inside light the way,
as the lights are very low ...

... and jeweled spiders adorn
even the crystal drops of chandeliers ...

... there's a little luxurious Halloween at every turn ...

... and as you arrive in Alex's dining room,
you're offered your choice of four signature cocktails,
which Alex has named "Frocktails" in honor of
Little Black Dresses.
The Frocktails below are (left to right)
Pumpkin Pie, Witch's Brew, Black Martini and Vampire Kiss.
The hors doeuvres are couture-worthy ...
so Alex calls them "Couturves."

Alex has a fabulous dessert buffet inspired by these ...

... and everywhere you turn, you see little
glamorous embellishments ...
~ such as ~
taking this cute Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Condiment Set ...

... and making it a little more sparkly ...

Are you full yet, darling?
Is your cocktail tasty?
After drinks and goodies, Alex has a surprise
awaiting you in her living room ....
as you enter you see that she's set it up
 like New York Fashion Week ...
complete with a runway surrounded by audience chairs. 
A theatre group will soon be conducting a murder mystery called ...
"Murder at Fashion Week"
but before being seated on either side of the runway to
sip your drink and figure out "who done it,"
each girl is invited to
walk down the runway while a photographer
snaps her picture for a mock Halloween issue
of Vogue!

This is how illustrated
Ooh La Frou Frou girl Sunny's "issue"
turned out ... she has decked out her
Little Black Dress for the event with feathers!

With the murder solved, what good party doesn't end with
high heels being kicked off and the music getting
turned up for dancing while the city
sparkles below!

And as the evening winds down in the wee hours,
 we're reminded ...
Cinderella left the ball in a pumpkin coach ...
... so in true fairytale fashion ...
... at the end of Alex's Halloween Soiree,
everyone is given a "diamond" encrusted pumpkin
from Alex's beautiful terrace
to depart with and the coach is via a simple phone call
 courtesy of Alex ...

Limo anyone?

Happy Haunting, Darlings!

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New York in Autumn
Black dress on hanger
Lady in long black dress
Lady in black/polka dot Stella McCartney dress
Black mask
Black and white photo of woman in black mask
Lady with lacy face mask
Bat Tattoo Hose (see link above in post)
White Spider, Purple Animal Print and Spider Web Hose
(see link above in post)
Lady in black veil
Model in black dress by Gustavo Cadile and black lipstick
Vampire lips
Clutch purse
Photos that we made the leopard print eye animation from
Black and white "diamond" spider web pumpkins
Trio of black and white pumpkins
"Diamond" embellished votives
White pumpkin candles
Jeweled spiders
Candelabra and spider web black pillows
Glittery Skulls
Drinks: Black Martini, Vampire Kiss, Witch's Brew, Pumpkin Pie
(see links for drinks above in post)
Four food images together (macarons, tiramisu, etc)
Creme brulee
Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Condiment Set
(see link above in post)

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Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Oh love all the halloween goodness Sandy! I especially love those white pumpkin candles! Hope you are off to a lovely week!

xoxo Mary Jo

Dale said...

Aww how fun, Autumn in the city looks so pretty and I loved looking through all the fun dresses, I'm daring but not daring enough to wear the polka dot one, too risky with so much sheer for me. lol Great post! Happy Monday


Vanessa@Luxuria said...

OMG! Your images are simply stunning! I would definitely wear that gorgeous long dress. I alos love that clutch with all the spiders webs. Truly breathtaking xx


What a great post! I kept going back up to see the pictures again and again. Love the cute little names,cocktails and stockings! The dresses are amazing! Really enjoyed reading this.


Margarita Bloom said...

Wicked post! I would love to be at that party with Alex! I'd like a glass of Witches Brew please... giggle... I'd definitely wear a lace mask....{batting eyelashes}

"Murder at Fashion Week"? That's genius!

I love the black and white bejeweled pumpkins...tres chic lovely! Have a fabulous start to your week lovely and to the girls as well!

Anonymous said...

Yes Sandy, you are pretty amazing, your blog is 10/10!
No. 1 blog for me.
Always spectacular!
Like Barbara, i just kept looking again & again.
Thankyou again, from Chelsi


Fabulous post, Sandy! I was just experimenting with my Halloween makeup earlier this morning. I'm getting so excited for it this year :)

Hope you have a great week, sweetie! xoxo

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Mary Jo @ Trust Your Style: Thanks for stopping by, Mary Jo ... I agree, the white pumpkins are so pretty ... can you imagine a mantle completely covered with various sizes of white pumpkins, some real, some candles, on pedestals, etc ~ would be fabulous! Hope you have a lovely pre-Halloween week!

Dale: LOL --- I wouldn't have enough nerve for the polka dot dress either! That's a Stella McCartney dress ... perfect for the runway, scary for real life! ;) xo

Vanessa @ Luxuria: Hi Vanessa! So glad you enjoyed the post, thanks much for the compliments ;) I so love autumn and this season ... I have loved Halloween parties since I was a child, so this post was an awful lot of fun to create! xoxo

Hampton Hostess: Thank you, Barbara! I LOVE those leggings, they're so cute! I agree about the stockings .. even if I thought I'd be wearing a long dress, I may want to slip those stockings on underneath just because they're SO adorable! Thanks so much for being a part of Ooh La Frou Frou!

Margarita Bloom: One Witch's Brew coming up! I so love the way you tweet and comment, darling (i.e. "giggle" and "batting eyelashes" LOL) Adorable. And so YOU! ;) xoxo

Chelsi: Hi Lovey. Such a wonderful comment ... thanks so very much. What an honor to be considered your favorite blog. Makes my heart smile! I'm so very glad you enjoy it ~ hope it helps get your Mondays off to a glamorous start! xoxo

The Alternative Wife: Ooh, you make me so curious as to what you're going to be! So much fun playing with being something that we aren't on a day-to-day basis ... I'm sure whatever you choose will be soooo fun ... will we see pics? xo

Note: Thanks to EVERYONE that takes the time to leave a comment on the blog ... I truly LOVE reading them all each week and consider them my Monday present! Lovely weekly gifts! xoxoxo ~ Sandy M

Alexa said...

Oh my gosh. Loved this the black dresses and the masks. So cool and mysterious.

Layers and Layers said...

Wow .. every time I read one of your posts (which I share with Mr L cause he knows how much effort i put into blogs) we're blown away by your commitment to them, So much work Sandy .. but I do love them and appreciate them ... so many great decorating ideas for holiday tables this week (amongst all the other things)!

Glitterista said...

I agree with Layers & Layers--the effort you put into your posts are so evident by the gorgeousness and thoughtfulness of your story. Every detail is covered. I am eagerly awaiting doing Halloween decorations this week for a party this weekend. I hope some of my pumpkins turn out as cute as those glitter ones! ;)

Happy Halloween! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the spider web bag and those gorgeous masks! Halloween with elegance <3 I love it!!

SoapyMermaid said...

in france we don't celebrate halloween that much. So I particularly enjoyed this very glamourous version of an halloween "soiree". This year, I'll wear a LBD for healloween too, in honor of the froufrou girls ;)

Sabrina said...

perfect halloween inspiration!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Alexa: Thank you Alexa! Hope your Halloween is cool and mysterious as well! ;) xoxo

Layers and Layers: You're right, Sharon, it does take a lot of work to create posts such as the posts on Ooh La Frou Frou. As my company is growing and becoming more and more successful, it means that I'm getting busier and busier ... and I'm finding that I may need to make some adjustments either in the length of the posts or frequency ... in order to have the time I need to meet all of my deadlines for the card line and other illustrations as well ... but the blog will always be an integral part of the line where fun happens and new cards/products are introduced. ;) xoxo

Glitterista: And am I right in assuming your pumpkins will be glittered ones, Miss Glitterista???? lol .. Best of luck with all of your entertaining fun!! Let me know how it all goes! ;) xoxo

Sarah-L-B: I love those items too ... it was fun looking at Halloween in a slightly different way ... glamorously! xoxo

Soapy Mermaid: Love that you're going to wear a black dress in honor of the frou-frou girls! So fun ... maybe the black dress will make it in some of your fabulous photos! xoxo

Sabrina: Thanks so much, Sabrina! xoxo

Thanks so much girls for stopping by and leaving a comment ... so very appreciated! xo

Angelica Ng said...

Oh myyy, your Halloween post just totally trumped all the Halloween posts I've had in mind for the past couple days. This is fantastic! I love all the black dresses. LBDs seen from a different angle! And those are the fanciest pumpkins I have ever seen. Imagine going trick-or-treating as a kid and seeing those on peoples' door fronts! I would have a different perception of Halloween, indeed! Hahaha, love those leopard eyes...what a great idea!

C & M said...

oh lovely!! i love halloween:) nice blog!

genuinstyle said...

Another fantastic post! You are so talented :)

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of a fashionable Halloween! The mask, yes!, you got me at the mask... That first photo is beautiful, too.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Angelica Ng: So glad you enjoyed, darling. I've loved Halloween parties ever since childhood ... that world of spooky make-believe. I gave a couple of fun Halloween parties (in real life) where I hired a bus both times - after drinks & hors doeuvres we boarded the bus for a scavenger hunt in the city one year and the other year, I divided everyone up in groups & we all made "monsters" in my garage that I'd set up as a "lab" with sheeted tables and each group took their monster to the city on the bus with a video camera to make a "movie." It was hilarious. Some groups took their monster to Starbucks and filmed it ordering coffee, others had their monster interviewing celebs on the street, etc. ... I showed the movies on the "big screen" (the white wall in my garage) to all when we all got back to the party! It was so much fun! xo

C&M: Hi sweeties ... welcome to Ooh La Frou Frou, so glad you could drop by! I'll drop over to you as well! Hope to see you back here soon!

Cafe Bellini: Hi Lovey. So glad you liked it -- hope you feel as if you were really there! I love the masks too ... sooooo glamorous yet mysterious! ;) xoxo

Angelica Ng said...

Oh woooooow! I am gobsmacked lol. I have never heard of Halloween taken to such an extent! I would certainly like to try one of your Halloween parties one year. Just watching those movies would guarentee hours of laughing. Imagine what your Christmas parties must be like!! Haha!

Heather said...

Sandy, I love being your guest! I feel like I just attended "the" Halloween party. Every detail was absolutely perfect! Nice job on everything. I love the pumpkin handbag. :) XOXO

Taj Acosta said...

Fabulous inspirations dear, love the masks and the dresses! Oh so glam! There is something about wearing a mask and a ball gown that I've always wanted to try! xx -Taj

Julie Khuu said...

A mask AND a long black gown...Tres CHIC! Such a fun and festive theme...I am definitely stealing this idea for all hallow's eve! FABULOUS!!

Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to see you back sometime!

Peace. Love. LOL!

classiq said...

Oh, I loved this post, Sandy! The little black dress idea is the best Halloween costume idea I've heard in a long time. Why don't they use it more often? I would wear a fabulous lace mask with the simplest LBD and burgundy red suede pumps. Oh, and I love mystery movies so I would enjoy all the surprises Alex has prepared for the guests. :) Hope you're having a wonderful week! xoxo

Fashionista622 said...

What a fantastic Halloween Soiree! I so want an invite. All your dress up ideas are fabulous & those drinks look tasty. Hope you have a great halloween weekend darling. xoxo

Pink Champagne said...

Oh how fun! I'm RSVPing yes, and planning my outfit now! Black lace dress, printed tights, mysterious mask, and killer heels! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely go for a long black gown with a lace mask to add to the mystery.... I'd also love some of those glitter pumpkins please!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Heather: Thanks so much, sweetie -- so glad you could come to the party! Now if only I could give everyone that attended a real sparkly pumpkin handbag! Xo

Taj Acosta: I agree Taj darling .. Can't think of a costume much more glam than a mask and a ballgown! Have a wonderful week! Xo

Julie Khuu: Julie, thanks for dropping by! As All Hallows Eve draws near, I hope yours is mysterious and glamorous!

Classiq: Love your idea of the burgundy suede pumps with your black dress ... Very elegant and blood-like at the same time! Have a Boo-tiful Halloween!

Fashionista 622: Hi sweetie-pie! So glad you could make it to the party! It's always fun to have a Halloween Soiree to attend .. Even if it is virtually, no? Happy new week!

Pink Champagne: Oooh black lace dress -- LOVE! I'm sure you'd look tres tres tres fabulous dahling! Xo

Style on the Couch: Glitter pumpkins coming right up! One year I filled my front yard with pumpkins that I'd sprayed only the tops gold and glittered. They were so pretty .. Then on Halloween morning I put a black eye mask on all of them .. I looked out my window to see all of the neighborhood kids on their way to the bus standing amazed that the pumpkins had put masks on during the night ;)

Anonymous said...

I am searching for that illusive little black dress??? Is it real?? Where can one find it???? Please help!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Anonymous: I checked the link where I found the image back in October, but it isn't good anymore so whoever had that photo up on Pinterest must have removed it for whatever reason. I did find the image on Ciao Bella's blog as well, but she didn't have a link as to where she found it. Sorry I can't help you ... it IS an adorable dress!

Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

A Glamour Affair said...

I absolutely love your illustrations and this post. This idea is absolutely brilliant!!!!! I am sooooo going to have this party!