Monday, August 6, 2012

Fantasy Porch Party

  Hello Lovelies!   
Are you like me?
When you're not able to do something at the moment,
it's still fun to make all the plans for the future time
when you ARE able to do something?
As in entertaining.  I love to entertain.
But, with all the renovation going on at the house,
I find myself fantasizing about fun outdoor parties
I will have someday ... maybe next year!

And when I fantasize about future parties,
I can go rather crazy with elaborate plans.
Which brings us to today's post ...
since I can't really throw a fabulous porch party this year,
I thought I might throw a fantasy brunch porch party right here!
And if you're reading this post, you're invited!

If you were having a fantasy porch party,
what would your fantasy porch look like?
Maybe like one of these?

It is a fantasy, after all, so we can go as crazy as we'd like ...
 I think maybe today's fantasy porch will look like this ...
a dream in black and white ...

What would you wear to a porch party?
Hmmmmm ...
a porch party sounds kind of sweet and southern to me,
so I think I'll slip into this before you get here ...
a Lilly Pulitzer Mara Dress ...

When you arrive, after giving you a hug and
perhaps a chilled mimosa in a stemmed glass ...

I'd introduce you to all of the others
that had just arrived and point out thew view from the porch ...
hmmmmm, what should our view be from our fantasy porch?
Maybe when we look left, we'd see one of these views ...
{don't you just love fantasies?}

... and when we look to the right ...
how about one of these?

I think one of our views for today's party would have to
be looking over one of those gorgeous pools!

Are you hungry?  What would you serve
at a fantasy brunch porch party?
There are soooooo many things to choose from
this post could last for several months,
but because that would be totally ludicrous,
I had to narrow it down.
I came across this lovely bridal shower
featured on a Hostess with the Mostess post ...
the beautiful details and menu could
work perfectly for an elegant porch party as well!
What do you think?
May I pour you some coffee in a chandelier cup?

Ahhhhh, fantasies.
I do love them.
Seriously, I do think I'll start planning some parties
right down to the menus and guest lists
for next summer ...
nothing like being prepared!
Thanks for joining me, everyone!
I hope it inspired you ... after all,
isn't that what it's all about?
Have a Sparkling Last Full Month of Summer!
(if the water below isn't sparkling, run your cursor over it)

Ooh La Frou Frou Blog
written by illustrator Sandy M.

Images via Pinterest
Sparkling Lake image via


Piper Larson said...

Sandy - You throw the best fantasy porch parties. Fabulous in every way! :) ~Piper

ALESSANDRA - HowToBeInStyle - fashion & style blog said...

Oh this fantasy is so awesome, Sandy!! I love it! I really felt like being one of your guests at your summer party, having this gorgeous view into the garden and the flowers, sitting in one of these luxurious seats, having a coffee and one or more of these delicious looking tartlets. Yummy! Sure I will wear one of my favorite pink and sexy summer dresses with some flowers in my hair. :-) Yes, I also love fantasies! Thanks for this! Enjoy your week, darling! xoxo

Miss Meadows said...

I hope I'm invited - otherwise I'll come anyway... ;) Love to fantasize about things like this. To walk around in those gardens, dressed in a long, semi transparent dream-dress... <3


I would love to come to your porch party, Sandy! Sounds just lovely and I know you would be the perfect hostess. And I know the exact dress I'd wear too so I hope I'm invited :)


Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Love your sparkly porch party inspirations Sandy! I think I would need to get a new flowy dress for the occassion! Fingers crossed I will be invited to one soon! :) Hope all is coming along well with your reno--I've been meaning to email you, will try to today!

xo Mary Jo

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, you always inspire me! HAHAHA I love fabulous houses, porches, backyards and everything! I can't wait until you start entertaining. It will be FABULOUS! I wish I lived close by. LOL Have a great week beautiful lady!

Miyan said...

amazing fantasy party!!!! i love daydreaming & these photos make it pretty easy :)

hop on over and enter my little giveaway!!


designchic said...

I just want to be at your parties and this one is the brunch!!

Fashionista622 said...

This was such a great porch party post Sandy! I'm sure you must have so fantastic ideas for next summer. Hope all is well with your renovations and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. Cheers (with a mimosa on hand). xoxo


Fashion-isha said...

Oh plans are so much fun the execution is the hard part. This is such a perfect post I'm drooling!

Margarita Bloom said...

Hey Sandy! Got your problems sweetie...been so busy over here too haven't had much time to chat too much with my besties online!! I can just imagine your house is starting to look even more fabulous!!

Oh, how I love your fantasies...I love a gorgeous porch and a porch party sounds absolutely fabulous...I'd def. be wearing something pink at your porch party...giggle..

WOW, if only we did have such views from a porch...I love all those intricate garden pathways...le sigh..I'd put on a swirly summer dress and just go running down the pathways! lol..

Bacon? Did say you're serving bacon strips....oh, I love you...and those little quiche tarts looks so yummy...don't mind if I do! ha!! Your fantasy parties are the all we need to is go take a dip in a fantasy pool! *wink wink*

ImportKt said...

What a beautiful way to start my Friday! A little indulgence is the perfect thing for inspiration right before a weekend around the homestead =) havee a great weekend

Lana said...

Ooooo such a lovely fantasy! Enjoyed this post.

xOxO Lana