Monday, August 20, 2012

What's in Your Viewfinder?

Hello everyone!
If we should look through a Viewfinder
to see what you've been up to,
what would we see?
Fabulousness, I bet!

If you looked into my life through a Viewfinder
the last few days ...
you'd see me trying to decide on
paint or wallpaper for my foyer
{the foyer floor will first get its makeover soon ...
the current tile will be smashed up and
new black and white marble will be going down}.
This is the spiral staircase in the foyer ...
I think it's so pretty!

Also, if you peeked through my Viewfinder,
you'd see that I've been sneaking out as often as possible
to soak up these last days of summer by
enjoying an evening boat ride with my husband or
walking Lily the pug through our neighborhood and park ...

A Viewfinder
would ALWAYS show me ...
sitting at my art desk.
Summer days in my studio have been very busy, as usual ...
painting custom illustration commissions
for some wonderful clients.
If you're interested in custom illustration,
 drop me a line here.

I introduced one of these custom illustrations
a few days ago to Ooh La Frou Frou's Facebook friends ...
it was created for the lovely
The Breakfast at Tiffany's Bakery
and now that it's up on her facebook page, I can show you ...
(That's the client's sweet little dog sitting beside Audrey!)

In closing,
a peek through the Viewfinder
would show me wearing a fabulous new
nail color brand that that I recently discovered
and LOVE!

You may be familiar with designer
through Trust Your Style and her
street-style blog On PCH .
Along with fashion and handbags,
Mary Jo Matsumoto is developing a new
natural make-up line and her 4Free polish
is the first to be released.
The more I hear about the danger of some chemicals
in make-up brands, it makes me so glad I've started to
weed out dangerous items from my make-up bag
and will keep doing so.
I LOVE that the 4Free nail polish is free from
these baddies:
formaldehyde; DBP/dibuty/phtalate; toulene; camphor.

I started out with a pale neutral color called
Naked State of Mind,
one of the colors from the
NAKED AT THE BEACH trio, below,
and it's simply beautiful.

Naked State of Mind
is a lovely pale neutral that goes with everything,
any time of the year.
I was so happy to discover that it hasn't chipped
days later, even with all of the artwork I do ...
and I DO put polish through a beating!

The next 4Free nail color collection I want to try
reminds me of one of my
very favorite things and is so perfect for fall ...
guess what that favorite thing is?


Following are some of the other gorgeous
4Free Color Collections:


and new for fall ...

I just love it when I discover something good
and can share the good news!
If you'd like to try 4Free too, you can order here.

Have a wonderful new week, everyone ...
I hope you find lots of wonderfulness
to fill your Viewfinder!

Ooh La Frou Frou
is the blog of
Fashion Illustrator

Photo Credit;
Cinemagraph #1 via
Photos of Staircase and Park by SANDY M.
Illustration of Breakfast at Tiffany's Bakery
and Audrey at the table by illustrator SANDY M.
Illustration of MARY JO MATSOMOTO 4Free Polish
Cappuccino cinemagraph via
Photos of MJM 4Free Trios courtesy of via


classiq said...

Hello, Sandy! Your foyer staircase is beautiful and I envy you for those bot rides in the evenings. :) Beautiful illustrations as always! That Mary Jo Matsumoto nail polish colour must look gorgeous on you. :) I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

I am over the moon with what is in your viewfinder! One day I perhaps might have to use a version of that for a post! I can not wait to see black and white floors in your home via photos.. the house we are trying for shall not support such things, so needing to changing my direction some and still keep my design dreams alive... so as always I shall live in a mini dream land via your home that is heaven on earth!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Dear Sandy, thank you for your lovely review of my polishes and I LOVE the illustration you did--it's just gorgeous! Hoping that you are having a wonderful Monday!

xo Mary Jo

Margarita Bloom said...

I love that first pic...what an awesome view finder! Glad to hear your lovely house is coming along nicely...and yes that spiral staircase is fabulous!
Those nail polishes look fab!! Ever since I stopped biting my nails...I've been consumed with trying every nail polish I can...giggle...what fun!! Have a beautiful day Sandy!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I love your new artwork! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorites. :)
You're so talented dear!
Have a fabulous week!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Oooh! I loved looking through your view-finder ;-)
Your spiral staircase is gorgeous.
Like you and am getting more freaked out by what is really in our n
make-up. I'm off to check out these gorgeous polishes. Have a lovely week Sweets xx
p.s LOVE the design you did for the bakery; stunning.

Fashion-isha said...

I love your Breakfast At Tiffany's illustration and I also love the concept of looking throught your viewfinder. It's so good to be busy and be multitasking your life. Have a wonderful week!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, that spiral staircase is exquisite! I can just see you all dollied up and walking down it. Just like in the movies! HAHAHAHA Home improvement is never an easy task, but it's so worth it in the end. You will enjoy!!!! Ohhhhh the holidays at your house! I love the illustration you designed for your client. I thought it was so FABULOUS! Your work is always excellente! I've got to try Mary Jo's polish! 4Free is fab! I was laughing at Lily's "i'm hungry" instagram picture! LOL Dogs will let you know when they're hungry. HAHAHA Have a delightful week Sandy!

Sam said...

Hi sweety, so good to hear from you, how have you been? Hope the renovations went well. We're still having winter here, looking forward to the summer! Wow, I am obsessing over the Breakfast at Tiffany's illustration, its gorgeous, love the depiction of Audrey Hepburn. P.S I was having a problem with my GFC updates, so I had to refollow :)

pretty pink tulips said...

I have thought of you all summer...knowing you were busy decorating your new home. I love seeing things from your viewpoint...and love knowing about this new nail polish line!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

LV said...

Sandy, what a great post! I love the Illustration and those polishes look amazing. I knot renovating a home is exhausting, but it can be fun too. Enjoy making your house your sanctuary:-)

Eloquent English said...

I love, love, love the illustration you did!!! So cute!!!

rolala said...

Oh my, that spiral staircase is a lovely sight to behold and I'm sure the rest of your foyer will follow suit! And your illustrations are always beautiful and chic! I'm a fan of Mary Jo's fab 4Free nail polish as well and we know how cool she is. Keep enjoying your summer and getting closer and closer to realizing your dream house!

Thanks for visiting me and for all your sweet support Sandy! I've been taking it easy and I'm feeling a little better this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!
x Rowena @ rolala loves

Pink Champagne said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's - be still my heart! Absolutely gorgeous. I'm obsessed with your staircase (and your amazing view!) - I cannot wait to see it all come together with your touch! XX

Glitterista said...

What a beyond lovely staircase, and I always enjoy all of the beautiful pictures of your property and neighborhood on instagram. I yearn to use wallpaper in a future house someday.

And as always, your talent never ceases to amaze me. What a lucky client you have for the Breakfast at Tiffany's Bakery art is total whimsy. :)