Monday, September 3, 2012




If you follow me on Instagram  Twitter or Facebook
you've heard the news ...

... about a new book to debut on October 9th
by New York girl, lifestylist and wellness coach
 Cara Alwill Leyba.
Many of you know her on Twitter as
and by her fab blog The Champagne Diaries,
which has been featured in Glamour and Shape,
as well as a host of many other fabulous publications.
Cara's mantra is all about celebrating ourselves ...

... and I am thrilled
to have been commissioned to create
the illustration of the Sparkle girl
 for the beginning of the book ...
here's a sneak preview!

... so mark your calendars for October 9th ...
when this delightful, informative, inspirational
and deliciously pink book becomes available on Amazon!

In the meantime ...

... and have a wonderful first week of September, everyone!

Now, go celebrate yourself!

Ooh La Frou Frou
is written and founded by
Illustrator SANDY M.
For a custom illustration,
contact the artist here.

Image Sources:
Image #1 via Pinterest
Image #2 via Pinterest
Image #3 via Pinterest
Image #4 via Pinterest
Image #5 via Pinterest
Image #6 via Pinterest
Images #7 and #8 (book covers)
are via the author Cara Alwill Leyba
Image #9 is an Instagram photo
of SPARKLE author Cara Alwill Leyba,
and the artwork in Image #9
 is by the writer of this blog,
Ooh La Frou Frou, and illustrator SANDY M.
Image #9 (quote) via Pinterest
Image #10 via Pinterest


miss b said...

How exciting for you and congratulations too! By the way, those little 'Champagne chairs' are so cute!!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Oh my gosh that is super duper exciting!!! Once we get our bathroom done I really think I need one for my closet area!!! =) xoxo

My Chic My Way said...

Fab! Congrats!

Amy said...

Congrats! I've always loved these kinds of books . . . yes I'm going to order it off Amazon once it comes out

Fashionista622 said...

That is truly exciting news Sandy! You should be so happy and proud of such an exciting project. The image looks chic and fab, no surprise there. Will keep an eye out for the book in October.

Have a great week!


Dee said...

Hi Sandy, I can't wait to get this book! Congrats to you also. This is my type of book for sure. Besides a great book there's a of your beautiful illustrations.



Such exciting news!!! Congratulations Sandy! I cannot wait to read the book. Sounds marvelous and I know the illustrations will be stunning :)

Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! xoxo

sonia daigle said...

Bravo Sandy, I can't wait for that precious pink book to be sitting on my night table...
You transport the most girly energy in every post and you make me swoon every single time!!!
Love your blog as always
Sonia xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is SO exciting! Congrats lady!

Veronika said...

Ohhhhh that is WONDERFUL news, Sandy & I'm not surprised AT ALL!!! Your work is as ADORABLE as it gets!!! BTW…I went back to re-order the cards that never went through (Silly, PayPal), & for some reason…I couldn't add more than one card at a time to my cart, so…I got impatient & will be back AGAIN to try! =) Just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten. But…in the meantime…I MUST order this book & support my fellow blogging beauty! =) Us girls must stick together! =) Love & Hugs to you, Sweetheart & a HUGE Congrats to you! MUAH! XO

Fashion-isha said...

Oh Sandy that is so fabulous! You are the perfect person for this. I can't wait to get this book...I have to work on loving myself as I am every day!!
PS will you be around for Fashion Week? I'll be in the city and would love to meet you!

rolala said...

This is a perfect collaboration for you Sandy and the book sounds like it will be fabulous! The pink cover is delicious and I'm sure your illustrations will be amazing as always!

Hope you're having a lovely week!
Rowena @ rolala loves

Fashion Tales said...

Yay, congrats dear! The illustration looks great! - xo /Madison

Georgianna said...

Congratulations, Sandy! How very exciting! Love the new header, too. :)

Glitterista said...

Congratulations! Wishing you lots of bubbly celebrations, and that would make a beautiful art print for a dressing room. ;)