Monday, October 1, 2012

Past, Present and Future!

 It seems as if it was just yesterday ...
but it was actually a little over two years ago
 (August 2010)
when Ooh La Frou Frou's
very first post was created.
If you've been with me from the beginning,
you may remember my
 butterfly and green Louboutin shoe illustrations
embellishing the Christian Louboutin 2010 campaign image
(below) in that very first post ...

If you've been with me for a while,
you also know that when this blog began,
it was all about a fantasy world I created
starring eight illustrated fictional city girls
that came right from my imagination ...

Many of the illustrations were created simply for the blog alone
and some were created specifically to be placed on cards
that I sold on my website  ... these are just a few of
those illustrations... do you remember them?

Well ... that was just the beginning ...
(which is now the PAST) ...

I am in the planning stages
of an exciting new website and blog design!
Still MUCH more to go before it will be ready,
but I wanted to give you an idea of my

With a bustling custom illustration career
and feeling the desire to stretch far beyond
eight illustrated girls created for the blog ...
 I knew it was time for a change.
The new website (called SANDY M) will reflect the
growth of my career, showcase custom illustration
and feature items for purchase
 that will carry my fashion illustrations
and illustrations of anything I find beautiful and chic.
I want no boundaries ... the sky's the limit!

That's all I can say right now ...
(I can't tell all my secrets, after all!)
... but, I just wanted to let you know ...
more fun to come ... stay tuned!

Ooh La Frou Frou is the blog of
artist and illustrator SANDY M.
To inquire about ordering a
custom illustration from Sandy,
drop her a line here.

Follow SANDY M on
Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


A Well Styled Life said...

Ooh...I can't wait to see. Your illustrations are fantastic!!

Jovana Miljanovic said...

Your blog is a true inspiration for me. The drawings you make are little art pieces and they transport me to another dimension. The world of charming, lovely, beautiful, stylish girls who dear to dream and make their dreams come true.
I wish you the best of luck, because you already have the best of talent. I will be happy for the new website, although I think this is lovely.

Best best best wishes from Belgrade, Serbia.

Keep posting amazing drawings and photos of NYC, the place I love most and live to be back there.


miss b said...

How exciting - I can't wait to see what you have planned. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and I love to see your wonderful illustrations. The one of the girls in the perfume store is wonderful!
PS Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog - I really appreciate it.

High Heeled Life said...

Dear friend you truly have been blessed with a creative gift. And that you share this wonderful gift with the world ... makes the world a little more beautiful!!

Your girls are a wonderful inspiration to dream, believe and Make it happen!!

Wishing you all the happiness and success ... can't wait to see your future come to life! xo C. (HHL)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Oooh, I am EXCITED MUCH to hear about this! Sandy you are just BEYOND exquisite and fabulous that I can only imagine. Your talent is awesome my dear! So glad I found your blog and to "know" you through this medium. It is such a JOY! Keep up the great work doll. Have an awesome week!

sonia daigle said...

That is amazing news Sandy
Your blog is a dream world to my inner little girl who wish to keep daydreaming!♥
Bravo for your wonderful illustrations and your inspiring work!
Sonia xo

Fashion-isha said...

I love your blog and can't wait to see what you have in store!! I love that you keep aspiring to get bigger and better!

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Knowing how talented you are I can't wait to see what you are going to unveil; it will definitely be a feast for the eyes ;-) xx

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Oh Sandy that is so exciting! You've always created a beautiful world with your amazing illustrations here on this blog and I can't wait to see your new site which I know will be even more fabulous. I love how you dream big and make it happen :)

I enjoyed your lovely musings on Spring and Fall. Autumn is definitely meant for long walks in the park :)

Hope you're having a splendid week!
x Rowena @ rolala loves


How exciting, Sandy! I can't wait to see what you have in store ::)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xoxo

Coco said...

I've just come across your blog and I am stunned!I would be honoured if you could check out my blog too.Anyway,I'm following you on GFC bloglovin twitter Pinterest.You rock!!!!xx Coco

sonia daigle said...

Sandy oh Sandy you're a dreamer and a fantastic story teller
Thank you to transport my imagination to another level everytime I read one of your post, you make your life a fairytale and I choose to make the same!!!
Luv Sonia