Monday, November 5, 2012

Dream World

Tell me ...
... when you daydream the perfect daydream ...

... what does it look like ... and where are you walking?
Are you floating down a peaceful stream?

Or wandering along a quiet road?

Perhaps you see yourself in the city,
drawn by the magic of the lights and city windows?

And if your dreams are of a city ...
you only have to choose which city it would be
... and you'd be there ...

Maybe your dreams are not of a city ...
but of a perfect house ...
one with sparkling lights of a different kind ...

The wonderful thing about daydreams is
that anything can happen.
In dreams, even the lights in the sky ...

... can suddenly appear on your gown ...

... or the soft petals and folds of a rose ...

... are recreated by the dreams of a designer
and turn into magical gowns ...

Dreams have the power to
wash away the ordinary, the everyday,
like so many raindrops ...

... and help us think of ways
to soar above the clouds ...

When I was a child,
a note was written on my report card
one year ... the teacher said that I was ...
a dreamer.
That she often caught me staring out the window
That teacher was right.
And that daydreaming gives me the ability
to envision the things I paint and illustrate today.

We can learn so much about ourselves
and where we want to go
when we dream.

... before the clock strikes ...
and you have to return to the
here and now once more ...

... what have you been dreaming?
If I were you, I'd make notes ...
because I certainly am.
And when we do,
who knows what wondrous things
will be imagined?

In closing,
on instagram and twitter, you may have seen
that I was honored to have appeared in three
interviews in one week ...
if you missed them, following are the details:
The first is an interview conducted by
Bubbly Talk Radio ... you can
actually click on the link and
 listen to the interview.
The second was a fab Fashion Illustration interview
from across the pond by Lady M Presents.
The third was an interview entitled,
by Jovana Miljanovic and
I absolutely loved her introduction
to the interview.
My thanks to all three for the opportunity
to be interviewed by them.

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Ivana said...

Sandy this post is stuff dreams are made of! I tend to daydream a lot, which drives my boss crazy, but I don't mind, because I believe (as your quote puts it) that dreams are our realities in waiting!

Thank you so much for this piece of beauty on a rainy Monday morning!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, I love how each of your posts transports us on a mesmerizing reverie filled with glamour and style! This is what dreams are made of!

miss b said...

Reading your gorgeous dreamy post was a lovely way to begin my Monday especially as I'm just back from a lovely holiday in the sun. Of course I'm already dreaming about being back there!! Thanks for the great comment on my blog - I always appreciate and value your thoughts.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Congrats Sandy for all those interviews--so well deserved! I too was a dreamer, always getting in trouble at school for reading books and drawing pictures and doodles rather than paying attention to class. I used to hate how made it made my teachers but now I can see it was a good sign...hope you have a wonderful week!

xo Mary Jo

High Heeled Life said...

I have found that in the past year I'm FINALLY dreaming again!!! and everything begins with a dream, so the future is only limited by what we imagine.

Congratulations on your interviews ... Keep dreaming my friend!! Wonderful post to start this week...Hugs, xo C. (HHL)

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy, I pressed play on the music and scrolled slowly. You have successfully transported me to many beautiful places. I daydreamed as a child and have tried very hard not to lose that innocent virtue of gazing away into dreams. When I travel it happens a lot, but you have reminded us all to do it often and it's great for the soul.

Congrats on your interviews I will make sure to check in on them. Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! HUGS!


Jovana Miljanovic said...

Dreamers stick together :) Hehe
Thank you for the interview, it was great :)

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wow! what a GORGEOUS post Sandy. That 2nd and 3rd image are divine. Can you believe I had the same thing written on my report card (but written in quite a negative way). If it wasn't for dreamers 90% of the inventions that exist today would never have been created. Dream on I say xx
p.s congrats on your wonderful interviews

classiq said...

Congratulations on the interviews, Sandy! So well deserved. I'm a dreamer too. I'm often told this by my friends and husband too. But I think I've proven them that this is a quality. :) "dreams are our realities in waiting", how beautifully said! xo

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Sandy, this post is just what I needed to transport me from the reality of what another not so nice Sandy has done to NYC. My dreams are simple lately and they just involve being warm and comfortable. Like you I do find that daydreaming can help inform my imagination in my work.

Congratulations on your interviews! And you know I think your Pinterest boards are magical :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, you and I are the queen of dreaming! HAHAHA I stay more in fantasy land then real life. Don't you wish you could transport yourself wherever you wanted. That would be a helluva an invention! HAHAHA Super congratulations on your interviews. I'll have to check each one out. Have a great weekend doll! Oh! Did you get the memo about the pinterest SECRET boards? It's for when you want to pin something and no one else can see it! Perfect for blogging or when you want to buy something and don't want others to get to it first HAHAHA! LOL

Georgianna said...

What an exquisite post, Sandy! So many gorgeous images and ideas. I'm glad you are a dreamer and share your visions. (I love that black dress so much – agh!)

Hope you are well and enjoying autumn days.


Coco said...

Pure magic, I dreamed all along your post!congrats on the interviews!xxxx