Monday, November 26, 2012


It's here now ... it REALLY is.
Tis the season.
The season to ...
choose the prettiest tree on the lot ...

... to don our prettiest red dress ...

... or our sparliest sparkles ...

... to toast this magical season ...

... to catch snowflakes on our tongue ...

... and just bask in the glow of the magic.

But when those gifts you've bought are slipped
into pretty papers and bows ...

They're going to need something else ...
and I know what it is!

Each Christmas,
 as my gift to you, my wonderful
twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest
 and blog followers,
I create an illustration especially for
gift tags that can be downloaded (free!)
and printed off for your gifts.

You may remember the following illustrations
that I created for gift tags in the past ...

And those weren't all!
There were also other so-cute illustrations
created for gift tags just for you!
And, THIS year, I've created a BRAND NEW one 
to add to the collection!
This one is called
"Sparkle On!"

To download the "Sparkle On" gift tag above,
as well as ALL of the others I have created,
just go here.
When you get to the download page,
you will see a list of gift tag names
that you can click on to download them to print.
Have a wonderful week, everyone ...
and happy gifting!

Ooh La Frou Frou
is the blog of illustrator
if you'd like to inquire about
a custom illustration, contact Sandy here.

All illustration in this post
is the work of illustrator
(c) SANDY M; All Rights Reserved.

Photos in this post are found
via Sandy@OohLaFrouFrou's Pinterest boards.
Names of Boards images were from:
"It's the Holidays" "Seasons" and "Pretty Things"


Sam said...

Hi Sandy, hope the festive season has gotten off to a great start for you! I hadn't seen the tags before, they are so pretty!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

November just seem to fly by didn't it? And now the most magical season is almost upon us. I'm definitely looking forward to basking in it :) These gift tags are just gorgeous like everything else you create Sandy! Thank you so much for sharing these with us! They are sure to make any gift all the more special and beautiful!

Have a splendid week lovely lady!
Rowena @ rolala loves

Unknown said...

Gorgeous post, Sandy...I LOVE this time of year, always have done...'tis the season to be jolly...great images especially the little fiat and christmas tree made me smile ;-)
Have a good week.
Btw how's the yoga going?

soniadaigle said...

Oh! so so lovely... December brings me magic
Thank you Sandy for sharing your eye candy images with us every week
Your Illustrations are so pretty and girly, you bring me joy!!!
Sonia XO

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Sandy, you are pure AWESOMENESS!!! HAHAHA I love these and you are so kind to gift them to your readers. I am definitely downloading these. They will make my gifts very magical! Also, thanks for making available the one's in the past for I just became a reader of your blog this year. I'm giddy as a school girl right now! You made my week! Oh, and I totally want everything in these pics! You make everything so fabulous.

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Oh wow! Those tage are perfect... you're so talented.
Thanks for getting me into the holiday spirit!

Unknown said...

I love your sparkly post Sandy! Your gift tags are so adorable, I love the one with the black handbag the most {of course!} Hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy our last week of November!

xo Mary Jo

Fashion-isha said...

As you know I'm Jewish but I find this entire season to be so magical! Today I was driving into the city and "All I want for Christmas" was on the radio and I was the happiest person alive! I love your illustrations! Have a wonderful week!

Coco said...

Thank you Sandy! You are absolutely adorable, and so is your work. I've never seen such pretty and feminine gift tags!xoxoxo Coco

Not Just Another Milla said...

Whenever you see people with a Christmas tree in/on their car, it looks far from glamorous. Only you could pull this post together so gorgeously!


Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Hope this Christmas in your new home will be wonderful Sandy. Thank you for your gorgeous Christmas tags; in fact they are too pretty to give to someone else though ;-)

Pink Champagne said...

What magical images! Stopping in to say hello and send some pretty pink hugs! I adore this year's tag...I will be sure to print them for my gifts. XX

Unknown said...

Love the images! TIS THE SEASON Sandy! My favorite time of year. Thanks for the lovely images for the labels. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.



miss b said...

What a lovely sparkly post and how kind of you to make your gorgeous gift tags downloadable! They are the prettiest I have ever seen - I've just been admiring the ones from previous years - must check the ink levels in the printer because it's going to be busy this weekend!