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Once upon a time
I worked for a company that
handled the advertising sales
for some major magazines such as
Rolling Stone and US Magazine.
It always seemed to speed the year further along
when an issue would be closing
three months ahead of the month we were actually in.
For instance, when it was September,
everything we were doing was all about
the Christmas issue.

It's sort of like that with Fashion Week, as well ...
right now we've been looking ahead to fall/winter
before the spring/summer sun even appears.
I was thinking of that today when I ran across a photo
of the hems of skirts as the models awaited backstage
in gorgeous Dior gowns for the Spring/Summer
Haute Couture 2013 fashion show
and I added a quick watercolor reminder
to my sketchbook,
as I often do when I want to remember something
that I found beautiful for future possible illustrations ...

Looking at the beautiful spring gowns and the details,
I was tempted to revisit that Dior Spring/Summer
Haute Couture 2013 fashion show
where the audience sat surrounded by bare trees,
as if winter wasn't quite over,
and on stage the models arose from beneath the ground,
appearing from mounds of green surrounded by
white that resembled snow
 and dressed in gorgeous florals, as if they were
the first flowers of spring themselves.
I loved their rhinestone lips, the almost transparent elbow-length
gloves that some wore and their shoes ... some of them brought to mind
spring's long leaves and fronds wrapping around their feet.
All the while the song
"Angels" by The Xx was the perfect backdrop.

I am always inspired by the runway,
the delicate details of haute couture
and the creativity of the designers.
I thought you might like to revisit this show, as well,
as our way of hurrying up spring
and pretend you're sitting in the audience watching the
models rise from the ground ... and feel as if spring is around the corner!

The first video below is a behind-the-scenes glimpse
of the models preparing in makeup before the show ...

... and following is the Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 show ...
The dresses become more and more elaborate
as the show goes on, so if you're in a rush,
you may want to move ahead to the last third to see
the show's finale and the longer gowns.
It's pretty magical if you haven't seen it.

Thank you, Dior, for creating such inspiring beauty.

 I guess I'm all about dreaming of spring and warmer weather
this week so far ...
I "played hooky" on Monday's post ..
if you missed the post and want to play hooky too,
 just go here.

See you Friday, lovelies!

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Dior Watercolor Sketch above by SANDY M
The two videos via Dior on You Tube
All photos above of
Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 via


Margarita Bloom said...

I loved their rhinestone lips too!! I never saw their shoes...they're fabulous & so remind me of spring!!

I adore your sketch and the little sparkling flowers on the far right dress. A little extra sparkle. I'm always in awe of your skill with pencil...too fabulous.

Ivana said...

Oh Sandy, this post couldn't have arrived at a better moment! You already know how eager I am for spring's arrival, and revisiting Dior's show makes me even more excited! I'm in awe of Raf Simons' work, and I think he is the perfect match for this iconic brand. The couture show was breathtaking!

I hope you're having a lovely week so far, sweetie!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This was a stunning presentation and it's no wonder you're inspired by it. I adore your pretty illustration. I interned at Ralph Lauren during college and worked a couple of fashion shows and it's really incredible how much work goes on behind the scenes for each presentation. Lets hope an early Spring is really around the corner for us all :)

Happy Wednesday Sandy!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Fashion-isha said...

Thank you for showing us fashion that we are truly looking forward to wearing SOON!

Angelica Ng said...

Oh Dior! Sure, this new Raf Simons vision takes some time to adjust to, and although I'm still not entirely sold and have lost the excitement I used to get in anticipation of Dior, I can't deny these are beautiful pieces in their own right. And the lips, oh the lips.

miss b said...

Your pretty illustration really captures the beauty of these gorgeous embellished dresses. I can only imagine the time spent on the creation of each dress as they are so intricate.

Fashionista622 said...

How not to love Dior and this collection was pure Spring beauty. So looking forward to the season of flowers, pastels, sunshine and long walks. :)



Debra said... put me in a dreamlike state with this post. Lovely illustration. I like the details on each dress. :) So feminine! And the show was....breathtaking. I feel as if I just fell in love. Lol! The cut of those pants was magnificent! Oh Dior...

Thanks for a beautiful magical morning Sandy. Xo