Monday, February 4, 2013


"She's a collector of beauty, things short and tall,
adding daily to her collection, some big and some small;
she collects kisses and love notes and each sunny day,
and tucks them into dreams as a safe place to stay;
she collects travel plans and moonbeams and sparkles on the lake,
pretty settees and lipsticks and sweet things to taste;
she collects sea shells and pretty stones and pointy-toed shoes,
perfume bottles and touches of gold and paper-wrapped blooms;
she collects snapshots of city lights for her jewel-colored books,
the palest grey and lavender always get her second looks;
Although these things of beauty make her heart virtually sing,
she has a secret passion for the sweet little things;
like calling cards, decorative matchboxes
and tiny diamond rings."

Could she be you?

I love that what we each find beautiful
is a very personal matter ...
it's whatever lights that fire inside us.
Speaking of fire ...
if I should put illustrations on decorative matchboxes
what would you like to see on them?
Upper East Side townhouses perhaps?
(these are NOT the illustrations that would be on them ...
these are just quick little sketches, just for fun)

So ... what lights your fire?
Until Wednesday, darlings ...

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Decorative matchbox illustration

The photos in this post were via my
Pinterest boards.
I sourced a few of the items shown
that I thought you may wish to visit:
If you're wondering who made the
 beautiful stone necklace, it is by Friedasophie ...
The charming calling card is by
Austin Press ...
The monogrammed matchboxes
can be found on Monogram Goods ...
and those delicious rings are by
Marco Bicego.


Ivana said...

Oooh Sandy, how comes you know me so well? :) This is all me :) I live for beautiful things, I love seeking beauty in the seemingly mundane everyday activities, I love nothing more than a sparkling new nail polish, pretty pink lipstick or enchanting perfume...Love is so much more beautiful when we make that little extra effort!

Have the most wonderful week, Sandy!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Moda said...

Qui ci sono sempre bellissime foto. Kiss

miss b said...

So many gorgeous colours. Although I love my neutrals and pastels I'm drawn to rich purples like the pile of notebooks and the gorgeous sofa. Nice macarons too!Have a lovely week.

A Well Styled Life said...

She is me!! All except the pointy toed shoes which my poor feet rebel against now. Match boxes...covered in illustrations to resemble jeweled boxes? Topiary would be fun as would an illustration of a beautiful gown. Perhaps Marie Antionette?
Have a beautiful day,

High Heeled Life said...

She could definitely be moi!! shoes but of course ~ for the decorative matchboxes...Merci for such a fabulous inspiring post! Wishing you a beautiful week- HHL


These are marvellous images Sandy. I love the 4th image of the glistening day, and the candied lipsticks are adorable. :) Hope you have a great week! xxoo/Madison

Fashion-isha said...

Hi darling these are some of the most soothing images I've seen and I need that sooo badly! I hope your week is going it only Monday??

Catherine Robinson said...

Yes, this is me, Sandy ;-)
Fabulous selection of images...the sparkling ocean...ah...dreams do come true...
Have a wonderful week.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This is me as well! I love finding beauty in the simplest and most unexpected things. These images are absolute eye candy! I would love to lounge on that gorgeous bed right now :)

Hope your week is off to a lovely start dear Sandy!

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Margarita Bloom said...

Totally me!! Such a beautiful post.
Matchbox designs... perhaps sparklers or birthday cakes with candles...different styles of posh fireplaces!!!