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Hi everyone!
I thought I'd end this busy week with a post in the
series and share with you another of my
custom illustration commissions.

I'm lucky to work with some
fabulous clients.
One of those clients is
Séxual Parfums.
(pronounced SexuALL).
If you follow me on Instagram,
you've seen a photo of the following illustration,
and now you can see how it developed!

When Designer Michel Germain
met and married his beautiful wife, Norma,
he searched for years to find a fragrance
she truly enjoyed.
She told him she would only wear a fragrance
that made her feel beautiful and sexy.
Inspired by her wish,
he was determined to capture her feelings.
He created Sexual.

The line includes fragrances for women and men
and can be found at Bloomindales and Macy's.
I was sent a bottle of the Sexual Sugar fragrance
and I love it ... people always ask me what I'm wearing!
The men's frangrance Sexual Pour Homme
has been the top fragrance at Bloomingdales four years running.

My first illustration for
the fragrance line was for their 2012 Christmas campaign.
I was asked to create a Sexual Parfum girl for them
and for this particular illustration, she would be standing in front of
a beautiful Sexual Parfumerie, doing some holiday
perfume shopping.

For this type of illustration,
I usually work with gouache and acrylics.
As I usually do, I've included a few I-phone snaps
of the work along the way.
After the sketch was drawn and approved by the client,
the illustration work began ...
I just love putting golden light into the windows in my illustrations!
I designed a chic french awning over an arched window
that the logo girl would be standing in front of
and the dog was based upon photos of the real dog
of Norma and Michel Germain ...

The limestone facade was created and adorned with greenery,
a chandelier and lanterns were added,
snow was placed along the sidewalk
and the Sexual Perfume girl's pink sparkly dress
and pink coat were created ... 

Shopping bags are now hanging on her arm,
her long suede gloves and boots appear,
and the charming dog makes his appearance ... 

Items are added to the store window shelves
and a bottle of Sexual Sugar perfume
was added to her hand ... 

And voila!  The finished illustration! 

This was the way the illustration appeared on the
Michel Germain website during the holidays ... 

And a snap was sent to me of the
illustration as it appeared in the stores ... so exciting!

And so much fun!
I just completed a second illustration
for the fragrance line to appear in stores this spring
and am now working on a third.

Thank you Michel Germain!

By the way,
I love the "Flirt App" they have on the website.
where you can click on the parfum bottle spray
 for sexy flirt tips!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
See you Monday!

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Debra said...

Oh wow! This is so exciting! So happy for you Sandy. :) I really like this illustration. I will be looking for it at my Marcy's. :) Was it included on a gift set?! The fragrance sounds like my kind of perfume. Need to check it out. Thank you for sharing your work.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Such a sweet story behind the creation of this scent and I loved getting a peek at your process of creating that beautiful illustration! I'll have to look for this fragrance next time I'm at Bloomies.

Have a fabulous weekend Sandy!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Sam said...

This is fantastic Sandy, congrats, seeing the process and stages of your illustration is so fascinating. You are immensely talented! Love the final result.Thanks for your comment...have a wonderful weekend!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear Sandy!
VERY nice to meet you and your talented work:-)))*

Your story behind of your illustration solovely....
I do adore the way of you drawings: so light,flirty and beautiful!

Have a great weekend,full of sun and smile:-)))*


Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Oh how exciting to see your work become 3-D Sandy! Congrats!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo Mary Jo

Sara said...

Those are some gorgeous drawings!