Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 Hi everyone!
 I'm wondering ... do you have spring fever too?
I think maybe it's the fact that I've been
decorating my living room with beach house details
and it's pushing me a bit over the edge.
It has me thinking about spring and color
and the water out back that's covered by ice now
 and how I can't wait to sit in the sun and gaze at the lily pads
with a glass of iced tea and a good book ...
you with me?

And how much do we look forward to
kicking off the socks and boots and
slipping sleek bare feet into some cute flats!
So ...  let's put on our spring dancing shoes
and click our heels and make a wish ...
maybe spring will come even sooner!

Spring always makes me happy, of course,
but do you know what else does?
Kate Spade.
I love a little Kate Spade whimsy.
I mean ... living colorfully is a really good thing, no?
So what better dancing shoes could we slip into
than these Kate Spade dancing darlings?

The chic leopard flats with the
hot pink patent toe and black patent heel is the
The pretty mint flat with the silver toe is the
Ginny Too Flat
The black and white stripe flat
with the gold glitter toe is the

So, what do you say ...
dance away, my darlings, and let's bring on the tulips!

On a closing note ...
 if you missed Monday's post,
elegant personalized
"Whippet Blank Notes," featuring
a new illustration of a chic whippet dog
are available for purchase
for a limited time
on the Grand Entrance post!

See you Friday, lovelies!

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Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Oh Sandy, I have a total case of spring fever. I can't wait to shed the winter layers and boots but that'll have to wait as we're expecting another snowstorm in NYC later today. These dancing darlings are just fabulous! I especially love the mint with silver toe pair. And your new Whippet Notecards are just lovely!

Happy Wednesday!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Catherine Robinson said...

It's SPRING...the last few days have been wonderful and funnily I went and bought myself a HUGE bunch of purple tulips ;-)
Have a lovely day.

ALESSANDRA - HowToBeInStyle - fashion & style blog said...

Hi Sandy! :-)

Yes that's exactly the mood I'm in now! Spring fever! In Germany the first spring days after the darkest winter since 1951 has come! I love your blog post with all the cute flats! I bought some wonderful flowers and put away all my winter decoration. Now it must be spring! Have a wonderful week darling! xoxo

Margarita Bloom said...

I love those Kate Spade flats!! I'd wear all of them...well, not at once that is...giggle... Totally have Spring Fever...don't think it ever goes away for me. *wink* Awww, your little Whippet illustration is just darling. <3

Fashion-isha said...

Those tulips are amazing! I was also feeling Spring (see my latest post) but now I'm in Chicago where it feels like winter! Oh well.

Debra said...

Hi Sandy! Love your sweet Kare Spade flats illustration! If I had to choose only one pair, I think it would be the pink & leopard. They're just too sweet. Let's definately dance for spring. :) xo

Audrey Peeters said...

I definitely have spring fever! The past couple of days have been great here in Belgium but they're giving snow! for next week :/ Booh I wanna wear spring clothes and sit in the garden. I love those twinkle toes flats ;)
X Audrey.

miss b said...

Those flats are all so cute but I think I would choose the mint ones. I seem to be drawn to pastels at the moment as spring weather is round the corner - hopefully!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Those flats are so cute! Kate Spade makes the cutest things. She's the epitome of fun!