Monday, March 25, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram,
you may have seen this image in a post yesterday ...
it was of one of my illustrations in progress,
in which I posed this question ...
"Know what's missing?

Of course,
most of you knew the answer to that one was
"O" for DIOR!

Well, this post and that illustration
all began when two things happened:

The First Thing:

I was dreaming over the gorgeous new
Lady Dior handbag campaign
starring French beauty Marion Cotillard  ...
and those gorgeous Dior handbags (below)!
The lush tangerine and lavender colors
 of the delectable bags made me crave ...

Okay ... I mean the actual SPRING,
 not this mischievous impersonator of spring we have now
that's been trying to make us think it's actually spring
by pointing to the calendar and snickering,
all the while sneakily throwing snowflakes in the air
and prompting brrr-cold temps to hang around.
Nope.  NOT that spring.  That's GRINCH Spring.
I want the spring of tangerine and lavender handbags ...

Sooooooo .... enter

The Second Thing:

As I was dreaming over the above
tangerine and lavender spring colors,
my mind drifted back to the recent
Dior Holiday campaign entitled:
An Exceptional Christmas
and remembered that when I first saw it
IT TOO felt a little springlike to me ...
I mean, nothing says spring more than
green garden parteres, hedges and florals, right?
So I took my spring daydream a little further
and went back to peek at that campaign again
to soak up a little more green ...
and thought you might like a revisit too ...

Springlike, right?
Sooooooo ... with all of that Dior inspiration,
the following just begged to be created ...
I mean ... wouldn't we all secretly like a swing like this?

Do you too feel more like spring now?
No revisit to a Dior campaign would be complete
without the video that goes with it
in case you missed it ...
or maybe you're JUST like me
and need to soak in lush green..
After all, who can blame us?
It IS almost Easter ... right?

In the video you can peek at the actual DIOR swing ...

See you Wednesday, darlings!

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Kim Alston said...

Sandy you are killing me with these gifs! HaHaHa They are SO amazing! One day, I'm going to have you make one for my blog. I love Dior's campaigns. They're always so dreamy and magical. I would love to have a swing like that and Dior bag by my side. Sandy, I crack myself up at times. So glad I could give you and your hubby a good chuckle. I like to put smiles on people's faces. Have a great week! It's windy and chilly here, but nothing like up north.

InesMrs.Venus said...

Good Morning, wondeful Lady of the arts .

Thank you so much for your answer on my blog.

To start the morning with a beautiful Dior bag in the mind gives a good feeling for the day.
In the moment I love the color lavender. This bag is art, too!

The video gave me the right mood for this cold and snowy day. The red dress is dream.

Enjoy your day and I hope you are kissed by a Muse for creating new sweet girls.

Hugs, Ines

Lynford Rozario said...

Omg...lovely colorful and stylish
Loved the bag
Android Developer

Sam said...

This is a beautiful Dior inspired post, your animated drawings are so captivating!

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

I'm swooning with spring like smiles!!! Dior campaigns are brilliant!! Love the animated illustration!! You are most talented and creative. Great post to kick off the week..xo HHL

Fashionista622 said...

So loving this Dior inspired Post Sandy! This Dior campaign for Spring with Marion Cotillard was so chic and a favorite of mine. Hope things warm up for us soon here as well. Have a great day darling. XOXO


Ivana said...

Oh Sandy, I almost fell off my chair seeing this! It's the most gorgeous springtime post I've seen today! I can see myself sitting on that Dior swing, holding my brand new Lady Dior bag...oh, I can almost smell the roses :) You always have the BEST gifs, seriously!

Thank you so much for making me dream on this grey Monday!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Debra said...

Hi Sandy! Do you know that you are like a breath of fresh air? Each time I visit your pages I leave feeling refreshed. I feel so blessed to have met you doll. Your artwork & blog inspire me. Thank you lovely! Xoxo!

miss b said...

For someone who loves shoes and handbags, this was the perfect post for me and the lavender and tangerine colours are gorgeous - all we need now is the good weather! Just catching up on your recent posts as I've had a week in the sun to escape the UK cold!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Lynford Rozario: Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by! xo ~S

VM Creation Atelier said...

Sandy,wonderful girl....!:)))
You blew my away with this post!!!!!!!!!
Just breathless fantastic gifts and you drawing is totally cute!!!

I am SO happy,meet you here via this blogland world:))))

Subshining hugs,