Friday, June 21, 2013



To celebrate this special occasion,
I'll be heading to the beach this weekend,
how about you?
I've bought my new beach blanket,
shade umbrella,
and the first of many beach reads to come ...
if you're like me, you remember the days
of childhood beach days
that involved popsicles from the concession stand ...
Kate Spade obviously has some of those memories, as well ...
I can't imagine a more perfect coin purse to take along to the beach
than this one!

And after the beach day is over
and you slip into that summer maxi
and head off to a barbecue,
a little beachy arm candy
is always a good thing to have sparkling from your wrist
when you're sipping that iced tea or cocktail ...
and this one would let you bring
a little beach along with you ...

We've had some pretty cool days in June,
so summer is obviously stretching and taking it's good ol' time
waking up and shining on us,
but temps are supposed to be heading to the upper 80's soon
so it looks like summer got the invitation to the party!

Whether you lounge under a shade tree at home or 
choose to be a beach bunny,
let's get out and celebrate!

Oh how I love this swimsuit!

The Dressing Room print has been shipping out everywhere
across the country this week
to many who've ordered it to frame and hang it
in their pretty dressing rooms and closets ...
If you'd like one too, just leave me a note here.

Also ...
 that any of my illustrations
can be created as a print
{except those illustrations that were commissioned by clients},
 so if you meander through here on the blog or
here on my Pinterest illustration boards, and see an illustration
you'd love to have as a print ... just leave me a note here
and I'll get back to you with the size and price ...
all signed prints are between $20 (as in the dressing room print)
and $25, plus shipping/handling of $7.95 in the U.S.
They are shipped flat between sheets of foam core for protection.
If you are not in the U.S. and would like a print,
just let me know your country and I'll get shipping prices to you.
Sizes of prints of different illustrations varies slightly
depending upon the illustration.
The Dressing Room Print size details:
Image size: 8" x 10";  paper size: 11" x 14".

Thanks for stopping by!
Now, go have summer FUN!
Till next time ...

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The Kate Spade Coin Purse
watercolor illustration
is by SANDY M

The bracelet image source
is linked in the post.

All other images and their sources can be found
on my Summer Pinterest Board

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miss b said...

Happy summer to you too! What a cheerful post and the coin purse is so cute and fun. The swimsuit is so original and feminine too - gorgeous!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Oh beach how I love thee... The in-laws are in town so that explains our weekend. (:

I love, love, love my print! I ended up ordering a white 10x12 from Amazon (made by IKEA). Def a tough frame size to find, but great size for the room. YAH!

A: J don't you love it? (he hadn't even seen it online only me telling him about it)

J: It's more pink that I thought it would be

HAHA! Boys...

Catherine Robinson said...

Fabulous post, Sandy...the steps into the blue, blue water...ah...bliss...LOVE your print too ;-)
Summer Fun for the weekend....

Kim Alston said...

enjoy it sandy! fabulous popsicle watercolor of that kate spade. i fell in love with that coin purse when i posted it awhile back. she makes the CUTEST things.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Sandy,wonderful girl!

Happy Summer to you too:)*
How Sunshine is you post again....

Like your iluustrations so much,they are full of light,style,elegance and smile!!!

Wish you bright weekend,


Margarita Bloom said...

Yay for summer! OH, I do love that coin purse! I'd get it in the blue color. Have fun at the beach..wish I was going too! I'd totally be one of those girls in the pic above where they're lounging on those gigantic lounge chairs!!

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, your ice cream bag illustration beautifully depicts the fun and lightness of summer, that swim suit is gorgeous. Please send us a little sunshine here at the bottom of the earth, its quite cold at the moment. Can I ask you what program you use for your illustrations, you are so immensely talented! Art is not my strong point. Have a lovely weekend!