Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet July

Hello lovies.
I snapped the following photo of my favorite tree in the yard
as a backdrop for this quote created for instagram ...
it's the kind of tree that you remember from childhood,
the kind that provides luxurious shade from a hot summer for a picnic ...

Doesn't warm weather beg you to dream?
I think so.
I think it begs you to put your feet up and dream,
even if you're dressed for a summer party
in Louis Vuitton ...

As you know, there's a relaxed schedule here on the blog during the summer,
as I'm taking a little time to enjoy these precious warm days while they're here ...
but you know I can't stay away for long without stopping by to hear
what you all have been up to
and chat for a while!

It's been a super warm summer here (mid-90's to 100 degrees fahrenheit) ...
the kind of weather that whispers in your ear that you really should
pour an icy glass of sweet tea and take a good book to the front porch swing.

 Because of the warmth, I've spent some relaxing afternoons at the beach ...
this photo was snapped, in fact, as I lay on a blanket not far away from the water,
under an umbrella in the shade ...

When I'm not at the beach, I can often be found
decorating one of the rooms in the house (a glam beach house style).
(Do you get the feeling I have the beach on my mind? haha)
Actually, since the house is on the water, it seemed the perfect style to go with.
If you follow me here at the blog,
you know that this historic home (1877) was purchased last year
and it required lots of work such as taking up flooring and putting down new,
removing wallpaper and pickled panelling and painting the walls in pretty, beachy
paint colors like the pale, pale blue-green of the living room or the
taupey-grey that resembles driftwood of the library,
and the deeper grey of beach stones in the dining room.

I'm still working on the first floor and once the first floor's finished, 
I will move the decorating upstairs,
but that's still a long way off.
This winter the kitchen will be gutted down to the studs
and a new kitchen created.

When one of my lovely blogging friends
asked if I would put the following instagram photo
of a corner of my living room on Pinterest
(so honored, thank you Maria of One Style at a Time),
I decided to create a new Pinterest board for fun
and use it to house all of my iphone snaps that I take
as I decorate room by room and use it as sort of a
decorating scrapbook.
If you're interested, the board is called:

The board will contain snaps of decorating as it's done inside
and some snaps I've taken outside ... like these sparkles that show up
during the evenings on the water ...

When not on the beach or decorating,
I can be found working in the studio, of course, during weekdays ...

My days are always filled with a busy custom illustration schedule.
I recently completed two illustrations commissioned
by a new on-line luxury home magazine,
Adorno Magazine.
The first issue is coming soon and I can't wait!
Following is the first illustration that's been released,
used in an Adorno ad that premiered during the Fourth of July holiday.
Here is the illustration as I created it,
of a sophisticated woman celebrating in a city penthouse apartment.:

.. and here it is as it was used in the
Adorno Magazine advertisement in its
Fourth of July colors:

So exciting!
To sign up for e-mail notification
of the first issue when it launches (soon!)
you can sign up here.

Okay, your turn!
What have you been up to, friends?

is the blog of illustrator SANDY M

All photos in this post
were taken by SANDY M
and all illustration is by SANDY M

For custom illustration inquiries,
contact Sandy at


Fashionista622 said...

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the mention, so sweet of you! I honestly loved that photo of your little corner. I'm sure many Pinterest fans will love it too and feel inspired for their homes. You have impeccable taste when it comes to inerior design. :)

Hope you are having a fantastic week. XOXO



Vannessa@Luxuria said...

OOOh! After our Twitter chats about your interior design I'm off to follow your new board.That water you show makes my toes tingle x

Debra said...

Hi Sandy! Your summer sounds perfect sweetie! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying each day with nature and decorating and drawing. Sounds like Heaven to me! I've been blogging more often. And I have a surprise to announce soon. :) xoxo


Kim Alston said...

Sandy, I'm so glad to hear your Summer is going well. That's awesome! You have the prettiest home! I know it's fun decorating it. I like that you're taking your time and doing so. You're carefully choosing what you want. That's good! I love that new illustration. You always do a great job. Continuing enjoying your time and thanks for popping in.

Kori said...

So excited to hear you're having a great summer Sandy! I'm having a new giveaway for a vintage marquee light I think you'll love! Hope you can come enter! Have a great night honey!


Kori xoxo
Blonde Episodes

Margarita Bloom said...

Well, you already know how much I love how you're styling your house since I already told you on twitter, but I'll just say again I love it!! I'm off to check out your pinterest board. Whoo!

Speaking of giveaways, I'm having one too....a rad Margarita Bloom Spa Gift Set Giveaway! http://margaritabloom-glamourville.blogspot.com/2013/07/hello-gorgeous-giveaway.html

I'm off to see what Kori has for a giveaway! Oh, yes....who doesn't love a giveaway! Yay!

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, your interior decorating ideas are spectacular, you have the most wonderful taste. Love the image of the shimmering water, so beautiful! I think if not for your amazing designs, you would have a career in decor too. Great to hear you're having a wonderful summer! Congrats on the 4th of July feature. thanks so much for stopping by!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Your summer sounds wonderful so far Sandy! Summer really should be about enjoying the pleasures of life. I hope to get to the beach soon. I love getting a peek into that beautiful home of of yours. Your illustration for Adorno is gorgeous like the rest of your work.

I'm really learning to slow down this summer and it's been awesome!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Mary Jo @trustyourstyle said...

Sandy, I always love your photos of how you're decorating your beautiful house! It looks like you've been enjoying the summer--what's not to love?!

xo Mary Jo

p.s I'm dying to use my new stationary--hoping to break it out soon :) I love it!

miss b said...

So pleased to hear that you are enjoying your summer with days at the beach. We too have had more warm weather which is always a treat in the UK where we have our fair share of rain normally! Your illustration is stylish as usual and I've just signed up for an email! Looking forward to the first edition! I'm off to check out your new board.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Goodness, I needed to know you! I'm following, of course. xx's from Houston

bridechic said...

Loving how you made your corner so unique!