Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Romancing Tiffany Magic

Hi everyone!
Let's talk Tiffany for a moment
(because don't we always love to?) ...
With the magic of the season beginning all around us,
I always look forward to one of my favorite things
with such anticipation ...
the beginning of the unveiling of this year's NYC holiday windows.
I love the the glamour they add to the holidays!
I've been listening to all of the buzz
as each store prepares to show the world
the fabulous windows they've been working on all year
and watching for photos as soon as they're released.
Magical excitement!

Tiffany and Company has been unveiling the new holiday windows
of their Fifth Avenue flagship store in the last couple of days on Instagram
and this year's windows are my kind of magic!
When I saw the Instagram photos they posted,
it  reminded me of how much I love the Christmas video
that Tiffany and Company puts together for their site each year,
so I took a peek at this year's film, entitled
"The Perfect Holiday Comes Wrapped in Blue" ...
have you seen it?
If not, or if you'd like the joy of watching it again,
 go here to get into the spirit even more!

The pug puppy in the video
reminds me a little of the pug in this holiday illustration
I once created because they are both playing
with the holiday ribbon ... so fun!

You probably also know that one of my favorite things
is the golden light in windows of stores and homes
 during the evening.
It makes sense, then, that this magical light
appears in many of my illustrations.
It also should be no surprise, then, that I love
 that the theme of Tiffany's holiday windows
feature holiday scenes in the golden windows
of Upper East Side Townhouses.

You may remember that last Christmas season, I posted a photo
of miniature glittery townhouses dressed for the holidays
and sparkly taxis that I created for my living room tree ...

My personal townhouse illustrations made into ornaments.  Photo by SANDY M

The following romantic renderings of Tiffany and Company's holiday windows
(courtesy of  Tiffany and Company)
are almost as magical as the windows themselves, don't you think?

Tiffany window rendering images via

And following are the two photos of the windows recently unveiled
via Tiffany and Company on Instagram ...
I'm sure that very soon we'll begin to see more and more
photos of the windows on line,
but as of yet, they aren't quite out there ...
but aren't these magical?

I hope you've begun finding your own magic already this holiday season.
What's on my studio desk?  Well, I just completed an illustration for
a client (Bella Clinique) for their company Christmas card ...
(I'll show you after it's released by the client) and am now
assembling thoughts for another client illustration.

I've also just begun dressing my home
in glitter and twinkle lights so that holiday magic is felt
 the moment someone steps onto my front walk.
I'd love to hear what you've been up to!

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Debra said...

Good morning my friend! :) What a lovely post sweetie. I enjoyed the Tiffany video, the sneek peek & your lovely illustrations & decorations. How fun!! Perhaps you will design a special set for your followers to purchase one yr. Hint hint! As always, I enjoyed sharing my morning with you. :) xoxo

Mary Jo said...

Sandy, I always love your sparkling posts, especially around the holidays. Tiffany's windows are magical! So glad to hear you are working on lots of cool projects! Hope your week is filled with glitter and magic!
xo Mary Jo

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I think we all love a little Tiffany's magic in our lives especially around the holidays! And your holiday illustration is perfectly charming Sandy! Hope all has been well with you.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Ivana said...

Every one of us needs a little Tiffany's in her life from time to time. Each Christmas, I'm eagerly awaiting the photos of Tiffany windows, and I'm never disappointed. Last year ones were simply delightful, and I can't wait to see the complete reveal of this year's ones. I'm sure they'll be spectacular! Just as your illustrations Sandy!

Have a lovely day, sweetie!

xx Ivana

miss b said...

The Tiffany windows are so special and fabulous! I remember your gorgeous townhouse decorations for your living room tree too. Your post has really put me in a festive mood!

Lisa said...

oooh! besides all of the jewels, of course, I think my favorite part may be the pink ruffled dress the model walking up the stairs is wearing! swoon! :)