Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Don't you just love this golden season?
It's so magical with all of its lights, music and wonder.
I like to turn the lights down in the house after dark
and marvel at the beauty of the trees glowing
and casting sparkles and shadows all around.
And the golden memories we have
of the holidays from years past and time
that was spent with cherished friends and family
seem to linger and sparkle in our minds forever.

I hope that you're having some very sparkly moments
this holiday season.
I decorated the house early this year
before leaving for out of town for Thanksgiving
and it's really made for
a more relaxed Christmas season.
I may adopt that practice forever!

Speaking of golden,
my fabulous clients are
are golden in my mind and the list
of these "golden ones" is growing all of the time!
They bring me a constant stream of
fun projects and give me the opportunity
to design and create for them ...
what could be more golden than that?

One of the members in this chic group of "goldens"
is Jennifer of Bella Clinique
and I'll share with you
the new illustration that was
recently created for their Christmas card in a moment.

You may remember the first illustration (below)
that was commissioned by Bella Clinique.

It was the first illustration that the logo girl
I designed for them appeared in
(she's named "Bella" and is fashioned after the owner).
I recently posted
where that illustration is now being used ...
as a mural in the spa ...
In the first illustration, above, Bella is carrying
her favorite LV handbag (just like the owner's),
and she is walking in front of the spa window
that's filled with spa goodies.  It's not a coincidence
that the dog on the leash is
the image of the owner's cherished pet!

For the Christmas illustration, below,
Bella is doing a little holiday decorating inside the spa
in front of the spa's cozy fireplace while snowflakes
gently fall outside the window ...
I can almost here soft holiday music
playing in the background ...

To see the holiday illustration on their website
during the holiday season, go here.

Have a simply golden remainder of the week, everyone!
Until later ...

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The photos in this post
were sourced from:
Butter London via
Gold Confetti Dress via
Valentino Rock Studs via
Sparkly Trees in Street Scene via
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Group of Hanging Gold Ornaments via
Gold Confetti Garland via
Gold Flatware via
Champagne Flutes via

The above custom illustrations
created for Bella Clinique
are by SANDY M
(c) SANDY M 2013 - All Rights Reserved.


Jennifer Connolly said...

Ooh la la!! Gorgeous Sandy. I'd certainly love spending some time in that spa! It looks magical and luxurious. Love your suggestion about getting the tree up early. Clever you. Have a beautiful day. xoJennifer

Debra said...

YOU are golden Sandy. :) I would love to spend some glamorous girltime viewing holiday windows with you. So magical! Our tree is up & decorated. All I have to do is wrap presents now. :) Hope you have a lovely holiday sweetie. Xo


Fashionista622 said...

Sandy there is nothing like a little gold this time of year. I like to sprinkle of it here and there. My tree decorations always have some gold as well as the holiday florals around the house. What a beautiful illustration for Bella! They are so lucky to have had you to provide such stellar work. No one can bring that magic like you! Hope you are enjoying this magical time darling.




LV said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sandy! I love all of these golden touches. I always incorporate gold into my Christmas decor. I have been wanting those Valentino shoes for such a long time. I am having a very nice giveaway on my blog if you want to enter:-)

$150.00 Shopping Spree Giveaway

Catherine Robinson said...

Golden Gorgeousness Sandy...I LOVE this time of year!
Happy Weekend xx

Fashion-isha said...

Hi hon! This is a 14k post! Was that tacky?? I'm just in a mood…but your illustrations are amazing !!