Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Someone's Coming to Town ...

I hear that
is coming to town soon ...


Have you found yourself
getting into the spirit?




I've started making my Christmas list, have you?
I usually don't have an idea of what
I'll add to my list when I sit down to write,
but before I know it, I start to worry that the list has gotten too long!
I'd really love to know what's on your wish list!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter,
you've probably seen glimpses of the holiday decor mischief
that's been happening at my house already ...

Now I feel I'm ready to begin shopping ... sort of lol!

I wanted to share with you
exciting news of where one of my illustrations is appearing now ..
The Christmas illustration I created some time ago for
the Michel Germain sexual fragrance line
is now featured on their collector's edition
 holiday gift box containing three mini-bottles
of their best-selling fragrances ... and it's
FREE with a $70 fragrance purchase.
Take a peek at it HERE on the Macy's site!

On another note,
some time ago an illustration was commissioned
by Aliana Events
for an upcoming surprise party ...
I was shown a photo of the guest of honor ...
and here she is illustrated ...

Aliana of Aliana Events
was kind enough to share with us
a few photos from the event
and one of the ways the illustration was featured ...
quite a glamorous affair!

Image courtesy of (c) Aliana Events

Image courtesy of (c) Aliana Events

Thank you, Aliana!
You can find Aliana on Instagram as @alianaevents

Lots of custom illustrations are in the works
and some very fun project ideas are up my sleeve for next year ...
more on all of that later!

Thanks for dropping by, everyone!
Happy Holidays!

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Debra said...

Hi Santa Sandy! Lol! I never make lusts because one would buy my a Chanel bag! Lol! I love how your illustration was used. So classy. And as for Macy's....I am heading there today to see your work in person. So excited!!! :) I wish you a beautiful day doll. Xo!

Mary Jo said...

Sandy, congrats on all the illustration work! Your house always looks so pretty whenever I see it on instagram. You have the weather to really enjoy the holiday it's just a little chilly at the moment.

p.s. My decor blog is new (just started on Halloween) - thanks for stopping by there!

xo Mary Jo

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, your beautiful post has put us into such a great festive mood, lovely inspiration and the illustration is amazing! So is that cake, wow! I appreciate your opinion on my last post, have a great Friday doll!