Monday, February 20, 2012

Novelette ~ Pink Valentine Part II

Hello Fabulous Ooh La Frou Frou Girls!
You may have joined us last week for our
Pink Valentine Novelette,
where we took a virtual taxi ride to the Upper East Side
to glimpse in on illustrated City Girl Aimee's 
fantasy Valentine plans with a new suitor.
And since it's February
{the Love Month},
we're taking the fun a little further this week with
Pink Valentine Novelette Part II
{if you missed Part I and would like to read it first, do go here!}.

New York City days have a way of speeding by
from morning to night in a
~ New York Minute ~
so, let's not miss any fun and start Part II right away, shall we?

Oh, Taxi!
Upper East Side please!

If there is anything that Aimee loves
 as much as the Sparkle of New York City,
it is the Sparkle of Paris ...

... and to Aimee, the only thing that could make
~ Sparkle ~
any more fabulous
would be to sprinkle it on pink
 to create pure magic ...

... so you can imagine her delight when she received the
~ Pink Heart Valentine ~
in the mail, inviting her to a
beautiful French restaurant in the city ...
La Grenouille!

Tres magnifique!

When we last left Aimee, she had spent the afternoon 
walking all over the city,
popping in and out of store after store,
 searching for everything from dresses and shoes
to perfume and nail polish ...
and trying on more sparkle than she could even recall ...
in preparation for her Valentine date.

As we peek in on Aimee this week,
she is just arriving back at her 64th Street townhouse,
her arms heaped with boxes and bags.

With only a few hours to go until her date,
all Aimee wants to do is make a hot cup of white peach tea,
turn on spa music, light some candles
soak in a

Is there anything more sparkling to our senses than
preparing for a special night?
Bathing, creaming, powdering, perfuming, nail polishing,
playing with hair?

And then the joy of stepping into
 soft, beautiful lingerie.

As the excitement for the evening
builds with every moment,
Aimee steps into her bedroom
and delves into all of the shopping bags
lined up in a row by her bed.
She practically feels glitter in the air!

We all have policies ...
and this is one of Aimee's::
If you're going to look fabulous,
you might as well make a
"Sparkling Entrance" ...
and Aimee plans to.
Rather than have her date
 pick her up at her townhouse,
she'll be taking a limousine to
La Grenouille
so that she can make that
Sparkling Entrance.
After all ...
why do the ordinary?

To see what Aimee pulls out of her bags,
we'll have to wait until next week, darlings!
You may remember that last week on
Pink Valentine Novelette

 I mentioned that if any of you had suggestions
for Aimee's date attire,
to let me know and that
you may see your choice of outfit 
in a future post ...
well, NEXT WEEK is that post
when Aimee makes her
"Grand Entrance"!

 Four lovelies
mentioned in their comments
what they envisioned Aimee wearing!
How fun!

 Below is a brief description of what they suggested
{I've included a link to go with the descriptions
only when a specific piece or link was mentioned ...
otherwise, we can all just use our imagination!}.
 Aimee will be illustrated in the winning outfit
next week in
Pink Valentine Novelette Part III!

{Voting will only be held open only through
midnight EST this Wednesday, February 22
to allow time for the illustration.}

Rowena suggests:
(a) A "Little Pink Dress" instead of a "Little Black Dress"
(b) punctuated by some sparkly accessories!

Elizabeth suggests:
(a) A dress with one shoulder down
(b) with a jewel brooch at the waist,
(c) the highest strappy heels she can muster
(d) and her long hair in gorgeous waves ...
(e) and a pair of Marie Helene de Taillec earrings
as the crowning touch!

Kim suggests:
(a) A light carnation pink Carmen Marc Valvo plunge neck 
chiffon gown from Bergdorf-Goodman;
(b) Pierre Hardy rhinestone sandals from Barneys;
(c) Camelia Earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds from Chanel;
(d) Chanel 02A Pearl White Camelia Belt Necklace from
Soho boutique: "A Second Chance Couture";
(e) A Miu Miu Cloquet Nappa Leather Stage Clutch with Swarovski Crystals;
(f) and for later in the evening she suggests:
Christian Louboutin Bollywoody high heels in hot pink suede;
(g) and peony candles from Henri Bendel!

Christel suggests:
(a) A red Valentino cocktail dress with bows on the shoulders;
(b) or timeless, classic and sexy Lanvin red dress from

Vote for your choice below!
Thanks for voting everyone!

~ Now ~
for the moment we've been waiting for ...
 the results of our giveaway
of the 11" x 17" print of my "Paris Party" illustration!

 Thank you to everyone that participated in the giveaway
with your comments ...
I gave all of you that left a comment a number in the order
 that you commented last week
(not counting my comments, of course!)
and the winner of the
11" x 17" print of my "Paris Party" illustration
was chosen via random generator

Christel, Captivated by Image!
Please contact me here, Christel, with your mailing address!
 If any others would like this print,
 it will soon be available for purchase
in the "Ooh La Frou Frou Boutique" above!

I'll end this post with
some fun links and eye candy:

(1) You may have noticed that I illustrated Prada's Candy perfume above.
Prada Candy's ad campaign is pretty darn cute
and is based upon a fictional "wild child" in pink underwear
who doesn't wait for her piano teacher that she has the hots for
to make the first move!

This Prada link has some very fun things to click on for a little fun!

(2) You'll notice that in my illustration above,
alongside the Prada Candy bottle, is a bottle of OPI Passion nail color.

 Time to play again!
Did you know that if you go to thi
s OPI link 
and click on the "Try On This Color" tab
you can see what OPI colors look like on the hand illustration there ...
and you can even change the skin color to match yours!

(3)  And since this post was is about sparkle,
no one does sparkle better than Elie Saab.
 I'll end with a fabulous
 EYE CANDY link that is just pure beauty
and one I can never get enough of!
I think you'll love the Elie Saab Fashion Show
 from Paris Haute Couture
Spring-Summer 2012
 Fashion Week!
Bye Lovelies!

All ILLUSTRATION in this post is by the
artist, illustrator and founder of Ooh La Frou Frou:
Sandra Shelton Markwalder
{Sandy M}

For CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION inquiries, contact Sandy M here.
 featuring Sandy M illustrations, go here.

Photography and Cinemagraphs used in this post is were found via
{top to bottom}
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Ivana said...

Sandy, your posts are always so beautiful, glamorous and inspiring! Now I´m looking forward to Monday mornings so I can discover your new creations :)

Happy Monday!

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls

classiq said...

Congratulations to Christel! Such a lovely illustration she's won. I have to admit: whenever I feel like switching the LBD with something else, the red dress is my go-to option. In my opinion is the best choice you can make, with the mention that the colour red must suit your complexion. How fabulous it would be to see an illustration of yours with a Valentino red dress. Have a wonderful week, Sandy! xo

Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Sandy this post turned a huge smile on my face, oh how exciting to have won that fabulous print!!! I'm so happy and can't wait to receive it, thank you so much :) Also what a fabulous idea to make a poll from the outfit advices and actually draw Aimee wearing the winning combo!! Oh how fab would she look in a that red Valentino or Lanvin dress;) Love the other suggestions as well, especially the Marie Helene de Taillec earrings.

You've made my day :)

Marianne M. said...

have i told u how much i adore your blog????
oh the collection of pics, here, and especially the one of new york.

rolala said...

Sandy, I totally look forward to your posts which are a veritable feast for the eyes every Monday and this one is no exception. Aimee is indeed a fabulous girl living a fabulous life! Can't wait for the next installment to see what she will be wearing :) And congratulations to Christel for winning that gorgeous print!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Fabulous Monday escapism!! I also voted Sweets x

Margarita Bloom said...

Merci for your sweet comment on our blog dahling! Happy Monday to you! Glamorous always...sooo love those frilly poufy dresses! I'd sleep in them I love them so much!! heehee... and YOU KNOW I'm all about a delicious bath experience! lol.. *wink wink*

Corinne Monique said...

so much pretty!! I especially adore those jeweled gloves!!

Corinne xo


Oh I can't wait to hear what she wears! Glad to hear that she will be wearing Prada Candy. It's my new favorite and she will smell spectacular!

And congrats to Christel on winning that gorgeous illustration!

Have a wonderful week, Sandy. Off to vote now. :) xoxo

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, this is so magical girl! I wish this story had 10 parts to it! HAHAHAHAHA Congratulations to the winner! Your illustrations are exquisite. I can't wait to see what Aimee wears. All of the suggestions are exquisite. LOVE your OPI and PRADA illustration. I must try them! Thank you for the birthday wishes Sandy. You're a doll!

Fashion-isha said...

Congrats Cristal! I'm jealous but sooo happy for you too! You're post is soo fun and interactive. It's like grown up playing! Have a fabulous week!

Angelica N. said...

Oohh embellished sleeves, and miles of silk/chiffon! A dream this is. I could just stare at those photos all day, with a cup of white peach tea and some candles haha.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

A lovely comment came in from GJB215 but for whatever reason, when I published it it did not show up here on comments. Thank you GJB215! Here is what the comment said:

I had a smile on my face as I fantasized that I was that girl in New York. The stream of consciousness could have been in any girl's mind and what a wonderful virtual tour it was. Look forward to the print, I'm happy to mention them in my blog and would love to purchase them when they become available. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. Gossip Girl is about to start. xoxo GJB215

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

A sweet comment came in from Sharon of Layers & Layers but like the comment above from GJB215, these two comments didn't show up here when I published them, so I'm quoting these two comments as they were written. Thank you Sharon! Sharon of Layers & Layers said:

"I seem to learn something new everytime I take a moment out to read your blog Sandy! I had NO idea there was a New York Plaza Athenee. I've stood outside the Plaza Athenee in Paris and vowed to stay there one day :) Lovely valentines stories, hope yours was delightful :) "

bridechic said...

Gorg post that makes me want to design something in blush pink!

Just fabulous . . .

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy, your moving photos are my absolute favorite! It's like watching a minnie movie. Congrats to the winner of the illustration! How fun, but wait did I miss the giveaway? I've been so busy that I am playing catchup. Great post, now I'm ready for a lovely and relaxing bath. :)

Have a great week Sandy.

Sheri said...

Ohhhh this is so exciting! I can't wait to see the outfit Aimee wears!! Go Kimmie-girl, I love your outfit choice. Congrats to Christel too. : )

Anonymous said...

The Valentino dress is gorgeous!!!

Taj Acosta said...

Those gowns have me speechless! this sounds like every girl's dream! Happy wknd dear! xx

Sam said...

Aw wow, those gowns you've featured are gorgeous! Pretty and inspiring post as always! I can't wait to see which outfit choice for Aimee wins, they all sound amazing!

LV said...

Such a beautiful post! I look so forward to them every week. Gorgeous photos and such great inspiration. Can't wait to read more about Aimees adventures:-)

Kristin said...

Pink+sparkles=a happy me!

Glitterista said...

Another beyond fabulous post! I can't wait to read the next one and see what Aimee ends up wearing after such glamorous pampering. ;)