Monday, February 27, 2012

Novelette: Pink Valentine Part III

Hello FABULOUS Ooh La Frou Frou City Girls!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was a relaxing one filled with
some pretty drawings ...
delicious dinners out, romantic movies in ...
an afternoon with favorite magazines in a quiet bookstore ...
fresh strawberries dusted with powdered sugar ...
caramel coffee with whipped cream ...
and, of course, the sparkle of
Oscar Night!

February, the "Love Month,"
has been wrapped in a little extra love
here at the Ooh La Frou Frou City Girls.
What better way to finish the month than
indulging in a little romantic fantasy with
Part III of the Pink Valentine Novelette!
If you missed the first two segments
and would like to read them first,
just go to Part I and Part II.
Are you ready for III?
Then, let's go!

As the Upper East Side kisses a lovely day goodbye ...

... and opens its arms to another a glamorous night ...

... we find a certain City Girl tucked away
 in a chic 64th Street townhouse.
On this particular evening, she is filled with anticipation
as she prepares for a glamorous date ...
dinner at an elegant French restaurant in the city,
 La Grenouille.
After a day of shopping and
trying on piece after beautiful piece ...

... her dress has finally been chosen ...
as have the shoes and the clutch and the jewels ...
~ meanwhile ~
... on the other side of town,
her handsome admirer looks forward
to the same romantic evening.

Aimee never likes to rush date night preparations.
In fact, she finds luxurious preparation a key ingredient
 in the glamorous fun of it all. 
Having arrived home with her shopping bags,
she made sure she had time to relax a little ...

... then she lowered the lights, lit candles all around and
soaked her tired muscles in a warm scented bath.

Do you real-life City Girls ever turn the
 hot water down at the end of a shower?
Little by little, making the water
 cooler and cooler at the end,
closing your eyes as it washes over your face,
and as it does, imagining you're diving
 into a refreshing pool?
Aimee loves that  .. and, so, on this day,
as a finishing touch, she soaked her tired feet
in a cool treat..

As soft notes of her French CD
 gently wafted through the air around her,
 the bustling city just outside her door
 seemed very far away ...
and memories of her last trip to Paris
fell all about her like petals from the sky ...

As much as she simply adores New York ...
Aimee shares her heart with Paris.
To Aimee it doesn't matter whether it's
Paris in spring ...

... or Paris in winter ...

... she thinks Audrey was absolutely right ...

How lucky was she, then, she thought,
that her date selected a French restaurant!
One by one, Aimee reached into her shopping bags
to pull out her treasures ...

As Aimee is dressing,
let me stop here to say thank you to all of you that
voted last week, selecting your choice of favorite date outfit
from the suggestions offered by four of you
wonderful real-life City Girls ...
and a big thank you to those four that
went on a mental shopping trip for such beautiful choices!
The winner of the vote was
Number 3 ~ Kim of A Very Sweet Blog!
Thank you, Kim, for your suggestions!
Very glamorous, indeed!

Below, I've illustrated the items that
 Kim suggested for Aimee's elegant date ...
don't you think the layers of the pink chiffon dress
will look lovely in the breeze?


~ At La Grenouille ~
... a handsome man looks over the menu
 as he awaits the arrival of Aimee ...

... and he is completely unaware that his jaw is about to drop ...
for, as he sits awaiting her at the table ...
a limousine door opens just outside.
Aimee has arrived.

Thank you, everyone, for joining me for a February fantasy!
Have a fabulous week ... I hope it's very sweet!

All Illustration By:
Artist and Illustrator
 Sandra Shelton Markwalder
{Sandy M}
For CUSTOM illustration quotes,
please leave Sandy M a note here.
For Ooh La Frou Frou City Girl cards go here.

Photos in this post found via:
(many edited by Ooh La Frou Frou)
Top to bottom:
City 1 ~ City 2 ~ Sparkling Dresses
Tom Ford Tux ~ Pleated Dress Reclining
Candle ~ Foot Bath ~ Petals Falling
Roses ~ Sheer Dress Over Shorts ~ Paris in Winter
Pink Coat ~ Eiffel Tower ~ Lingerie in Box
Chanel Box ~ Savory Foods Clockwise 1, 2, 3
Sweet Foods Clockwise 1, 2, 3
La Grenouille


Fashion-isha said...

Ah those rose petals are a dream! What a lovely escape into a romantic world! Sandy, I'm wishing you a fabulous and romantic week yourself!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, this is soooo exquisite! I'm jumping up and down. Words cannot express how I feel to see my outfit idea beautifully illustrated and how it came to LIFE through your story. I LOVE IT and I'm letting everyone on my blog know about it in today's post!!! Aimee looks so beautiful. I can't get over the gorgeous illustrations. The details are ah-mazing. What an entrance!!! Sandy you are a dream-makers DREAM! Your posts leave nothing unturned (i love how the second paragraph is in the shape of a heart). I really enjoyed this story and hope you do more in the future so I can see other's ideas come to life. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You've made my week. This was a beautiful gift! ((HUG))

miss b said...

I really loved reading this post - dreaming of Paris - a great start to my week! As usual the illustrations are so gorgeous especially the ones of Kim's suggestions. The music is so relaxing - I would love to know what it's called (?)

Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Aimee looks absolutely show stopping fabulous! So adorable Sandy :) you've did wonderful things in your weekend, couldn't sound any better!

rolala said...

I want Aimee's fabulous life! Congratulations to Kim for her winning date outfit! It's gorgeously illustrated and perfectly glamourous! Aimee looks stunning! Her date is one lucky guy! And yes Paris is always a good idea! I also posted that quote last week :) Have a fantastic week Sandy!

sonia daigle said...

Another week another fabulous and romantic story that has wrap up February beautifully
Sandy you are my favorite story teller...
Have yourself a lovely week
Sonia xo

miss b said...

Thanks, Sandy for letting me know the title of the French song - must buy the soundtrack!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Miss B ~ you're welcome! xo

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Mmm love the fantasy, the music, and all the gorgeousness in this post Sandy! You always make Mondays a little sparklier!

xo Mary Jo

Pink Champagne said...

Oh, what a dream! How romantic.... le sigh. I want to slip into that pale pink chiffon and dine with Husband at that French restaurant!
PS: Do you know where that pale pink coat with the gold buttons is from? The collar with the bow and fur/lace detailing is to die! XOXO


Oh Sandy this date is what dreams are made of! Love her outfit for the night and I also agree that Paris is always a good idea. :)

Have a lovely week! xoxo

Sam said...

Another beautiful post! Congrats to Kim on winning, j'adore the pretty pink dress, I wish you could make one in reality just like it for me ;)

pretty pink tulips said...

No one does illustrations + fantasy as well as you, Sandy!!! Aimee looks divine and I love her chosen outfit. Breathtaking!!!! I'm sure her date's jaw did drop!

Thank you for sharing another fabulous Frou Frou extravaganza!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Dee said...

Hi Sandy! This little journey with Aimme was so much fun! Wow...Kim's ideas together with your drawings was so perfect. I am addicted to your City Girls.

Dee xoxo

Georgianna said...

Fabulous, fabulous, Sandy! Everything lovely rolled into one post. I think you might have outdone yourself with this one! Happy New Week to you, too! xo

Fashionista622 said...

Merci Beaucoup! This is such a lovely romantic soothing post to read. I'm listening to the music and just swooning and wishing I was away. Yes Paris is always a good idea. :)

Great post Sandy & congrats once again to Kim for the great idea & win! xoxo


Glitterista said...

What a lucky gentleman to have Aimee slip out of her limo in such beauty! I'm off to listen to French tunes and daydream about pink roses, romantic dates, and Paris! ;)

SoapyMermaid said...

so sweet. I love the selection of garnments and accessories for Aimee's date. and the La Grenouille (how funny this name is ;) ) desserts look absolutely delicious.

Margarita Bloom said...

Oh, how lovely! This is totally my idea of a night of romance! :) Mmm, I want to dig into those desserts and the dress & music are perfection. le sigh....ah, amour...

classiq said...

How glamorous and romantic! In a way I'm glad that I've waited until today to see your lovely post, because it sets the right mood for the weekend. Have a fabulous one, Sandy! xoxo

Ivana said...

I´m a little bit late for the party this week, but of course I love every single picture Sandy, so beautiful and glamorous! I´m sure Aimée was looking stunning!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie, and see you on Monday :)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Layers and Layers said...

any moment you can slip back to Paris is the perfect moment . beautiful post Sandi, I have the song playing and shall turn on all my "paris" music for the rest of the afternoon. :)

bridechic said...

Once again, you definately inspire!

oxoxoxo from San Francisco