Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing Room

Whether a 
~ Changing Room ~
is a dressing room in your home or
a fitting room in a boutique ...
there's something sort of intriguing
 about having a space
where we close the door and transform.

Most of you know that
this summer is sort of like a
"Changing Room"
for me, as I'll be moving in just a couple of weeks
to our new historic home.
The property there will afford plenty of
"Change" and "Room"
as the lot is much bigger and has
room for all kinds of play
(badminton, volleyball or croquet, anyone?)
(or maybe you would rather 

lie by the water and feel the breeze? ..)

The house itself has even stepped into its own
kind of "Changing Room,"
with the stripping away
of its old dress (i.e. wallpaper and flooring and more)
and preparation to bring in the pretty.

Even the website and blog
 will  be stepping into a
"Changing Room" this summer ...
with new changes to fit oh-so-perfectly
with my growing illustration career.
And then sometime in the fall,
the website and blog will step out of the
"Changing Room"
dressed in a new ballgown!

Yep, lots of "Changing" going on!

The other reason that I called this post
"Changing Room"
is because I have received several e-mails lately from
fans asking whether or not
the illustration that graces my website
is available as a print and mentioning.
 that they'd like one of their own
to hang in their dressing rooms.
Well, I've heard and the answer is now
YES, for a limited time it is now available!

This illustration entitled
 "Getting Ready" is available as a print.
 Paper Size: 10" x 12"
(the illustration itself is approximately 8" x 10.")
The print is signed and is unframed.
It is shipped flat between two boards for protection.
Price: $20 plus shipping/handling.
If you would like to order this print, just click the
"Add to Cart" button below.

In closing,

I held a little giveaway this last week
on  Ooh La Frou Frou's Facebook page
especially for my Facebook fans,
in celebration of reaching
 500 Facebook followers.
The winner was chosen last night by random generator
and will receive a pack of 
blank folded notes
 printed with my new Summer Girl illustration!
To win, the participants needed to
simply leave a comment
on that Facebook post!
Today I am announcing that Facebook winner!
The Random Generator chose the
author of the fifteenth comment!


Please send me an e-mail here
with your mailing address! 
If you would like to order some of these
Summer Girl blank notes for yourself,
just go to last week's post here.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!
Please drop me a line and let me know
what YOU have all been up to!
I'd  love to hear!

Dressing Room images above
via search of "Dressing Room" on Pinterest.

This blog is written and illustrated by the
founder of Ooh La Frou Frou,
artist and fashion illustrator Sandy M.
If you are interested in custom illustration
leave Sandy a note here.


sonia daigle said...

So girly and feminine...
It's a girl must!
My dream closets was fulfilled after building our home, and it's a party every time when my sisters and nieces come in my dressing room.
Again lovely Illustrations
I wish you a perfect week Sandy
Sonia xo

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy I love these gorgeous and closet glam images. What girl doesn't dream of a "changing room". For me it would definitely include a chandelier. This post is perfect for you as you are in the middle of so much change. Such great inspiration!




So exciting, Sandy! You are going through so many exciting changes. Can't wait to see it all unfold. Your hard work will pay off very soon! Enjoy this exciting time! :)

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Such prettiness Sandy--I love closets and am forever decorating my "changing room" --so excited for everything that is happening for you, can't wait to see how your new house is coming along!

xo Mary Jo

Pink Champagne said...

Dying over them ALL. Your illustrations are breathtaking and fun as always! I cannot wait to see photos of the transformation of your new home - you must be tres excited! XO

rolala said...

I imagine having a lovely changing room like one of the ones pictured but since I live in a 1BR apt. in NYC, it's but a dream. I'm really thrilled for all your exciting changes and look forward to seeing it unveiled. Have a lovely week Sandy!

Rowena @ rolala loves

modediktat said...

although i've read your name several times on other blogs it's my first visit on your blog - and i'm really thrilled.... your illustrations are just adorable!
i'm dreaming of a changing room - and the shared pictures are making me dream about it even more.
so, getting in line with all the others - very exciting to see the upcoming changes with your new home!

Fashion-isha said...

Aah I love the changing room! If only I had such a glamorous space to myself...a girl can dream! Good luck on your move and congratulations on your win (I saw you one a blog giveway on another one of our friend's blog!)

miss b said...

My favourite space here is the second from the last - so spacious and glamorous! You must be so excited with all the planned changes ahead of you.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Swooning over number 5 especially!

Shop N' Chomp said...

*sigh* I'd love one of those.

Taj Acosta said...

Your description of your paint colors sounds just breathtaking! I hope you'll share some pics! I did get your message about the wallpaper! uggh I am leaving that whole project to the Director. It's just too much for me being pregnant! (good excuse huh!) I thought so! We've got so much going on at the house I don't know if I'm coming or going! we've got landscapers putting in palms that we picked out last weekend at a palm tree ranch, a new fence going up, new windpws, paint! oh my! It's fun though, 2 more weeks till move in! Then the decorating begins! hope you are hanging in there too! xx -Taj

classiq said...

The beach illustration is adorable, Sandy! Looking forward to all the up-coming changes! I wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

yaaay! congratulations to the winner. i wish i had a changing room. my first introduction to them was mariah carey and kimora lee simmons. you had to scrape my mouth off the floor! hahaha

Not Just Another Milla said...

Hope the move is going well!