Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh So Moving

 Doesn't everyone want to write a moving post?
"Why, of course," you're probably saying.
But I'm sure this isn't the kind of
 moving post you're thinking of {lol}!

If you're a reader of my blog,
you know I'm in the process of moving.
Let me put it this way ...
I'll soon BE in the process of moving
{as in the week of June 25-30} after some
much-needed projects are completed FIRST!
For the last four weeks,
since we purchased a lovely historical {1877}
Italianate home on a waterfront lot,
life has been c-r-a-z-y busy!
I've either been in the studio
or at the house working on projects,
then back in the studio,
then back at the house working on projects ...
well, you get the drift.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram,
you've seen some of the photos.
If not ... here's a quick review.

First, we toasted with our friends on the wrap-around porch
on the day of the purchase ...

Oh, did I mention the lot is lovely?  I envision lots of relaxing
weekends reading books under shady trees someday soon ...

I could look at the sparkles on the water all day, I think ...
I literally have to pull myself away to
complete the house projects ...

I soooooo wanted to join the kids next door
and fly through the air on the rope swing over the water ...
(I also sometimes want to run after the ice cream truck,
but that's another story) ...

If this sounds like paradise, it is.
{If you overlook the ten or so flower gardens that
have weeds growing in them, but I digress.}
I'll get around to pulling those ... someday soon.

But first, let me tell you a little story about a house with
 Good Bones.
In that story, Chapter One is called
As in ... you have to have it when buying a
historical home.

The story begins when a starry-eyed couple
{I've always wanted to be the heroine in a novel}
fell in love with a home with attributes such as ...
these TALL doors ...

That little latch on the left door rings the doorbell
when pressed down (I die).
{These doors will eventually be a glossy black}
In fact, I quite love the lacquer finish
of  No. 10 Downing Street,
what do you think?

Back to falling in love ...
then we fell in love with, yes,
the wrap-around porch and
the oh-so-charming side porch
perfect for two swings facing each other.
{Can't wait to purchase sleek black porch swings.}
My heart beat faster as I looked up at 10' tall ceilings.
And at two very tall dramatic archways between main rooms
on the first floor.
Okay, yes, there were some things
But in this Chapter, called "Vision,"
you have to overlook those things.

Let's move on to Chapter Two.
It's called

In this chapter, the starry-eyed couple
realize the taupe walls in the living and dining room
Not that grasscloth is bad.
It's just that I didn't want SOMEBODY ELSE'S
 painted-over grasscloth wallpaper.

SO ...
after the purchase papers were signed and champagne drank,
I twisted my hair up and armed myself with
 a vinegar/hot water solution in a spray bottle
like the brave girl I'm not ...
{I hate chemicals, so I opted for a natural way}.
And, yes, that IS left-over wallpaper backing
 stuck on the plaster walls of my
 future breakfast room below.
Which, I must say, took MUCH more elbow grease
than the actual removal of the paper
(my elbows are really very tired and so need a vacay) .
To the right of the window you see below,
there is a door that leads to the side porch
and then another duplicate window to the right of that door ...

Oh, yes, I almost forgot ...
all of the doors throughout the house will be painted a glossy black,
rather like the doors on the cover of Jonathan Adler's book,
Happy Chic Colors ...
oh, and the doorknobs on the black doors throughout will be crystal
{rather like sparkly cocktail rings, don't you think?}

Okay, so currently, all signs of wallpaper are GONE.
And the plaster that wasn't perfect in the dining and breakfast rooms
has been perfected by my wonderful husband.

But, like all good adventures, it doesn't stop there.
The second YUCK was the ugly carpet
that adorned the living and dining rooms.
It was fairly new, but ... well.
Need I say more?
Never fear ... it was removed post haste.
Much to our chagrin, however,
 we then discovered another YUCK.
The floor under said carpet
 wasn't the beautiful hardwood
that we were hoping for.
Oh, it was hardwood alright ...
but, let's just say we'll call it our
to lay new chocolate hardwood down on.
Hardwood ordered? Check.
To be installed this week ... hopefully.

Oh ... did I mention ...
the living room had some oh-so-1950's-like
 pickled knotty pine panelling on the walls?
No lie ... I absolutely promise.
I crossed my arms and said it had to GO GO GO.
 And when it went {via my very handy husband}
we then discovered the plaster under the
now-gone pine panelling was ... well,
not so pretty like the walls under the grasscloth were.
So ... husband is now in the process of drywalling the living room.
{Did I mention he's VERY handy?}

So, you see why this is a 
"Moving" Post.
Did I bring you to tears?
I hope not ... it will be fabulous!
I'll share more photos later
as various projects are completed ...
and it will be truly delightful when all the "tweaks"
are made to the things marring the vision ...
{did I mention gutting the kitchen will be involved
after we're in? Ohhhh yes, indeedy.}

Because of the closeness of the move,
I'm forced to say au revoir for a short few weeks, darlings ...
so that I can pack some boxes and
get ready for the big day ...
I'll be back in July after
we're all moved in and my new studio is set up ...
and internet is ordered ...
and coffee and a croissant are on my desk.
And pink tulips.
I'll let you know when I'm back
on Twitter and Facebook.
I'll still be tweeting and instagramming and facebooking,
of COURSE ...
just won't be blogging for a few weeks.

Sooooooo ...

This blog is written by
artist and illustrator and founder of
Ooh La Frou Frou
Sandy M

For custom illustration,
drop Sandy a line here.

All photos of the home and yard 
were taken by Sandy M.
The source of the photo
of the girl with heart sunglasses is
from photo files and is unknown.
No. 10 Downing Street door
via google.


Vanessa@Luxuria said...

OMG! Your home looks like something out of a story book. I can't even begin to imagine how gorgeous your home will look with your artistic talents.
Don't talk to me about moving. We too are swarming in boxes and lists as we make our move back to the UK after 12 years in Spain. My project is perhaps a little smaller than yours. Enjoy every minute of your house transformation. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses along the way xx

High Heeled Life said...

OH my friend ... sounds like your dream paradise! has come. It helps to have a husband who is handy. We found our paradise in the country almost 4 years ago (the property ... not necessarily the house)we went to the bare walls - redoing the framing and everything... this summer our kitchen cupboards finally went in and by the end of this year we are hoping to say the first phase is complete; and can start making plans for the second phase which will be a full addition. Can't wait for you to share more photos!! Congratulations!!! xo HHL

classiq said...

Are those first photos taken in the surroundings of your house? It looks beautiful, Sandy! I can't wait for you to share more with us. Good luck with all the moving! xo

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Oh Sandy, I am so excited for you! I know the pains of remodeling--I personally scraped the flocked wall paper of my bathroom back in the day so that I could have a beautiful new powder room. But black lacquered doors and crystal knobs in that gorgeous house sounds like a dream and so worth the temporary discomfort. Can't wait to see your Instagram photos by the lake over the summer!

xoxo Mary Jo


Oh Sandy, I am so excited for you! Your home is incredible! Looks straight out of a movie! Sounds like you've been working up quite the sweat. All of the hard work will pay off soon as you get to watch the sparkling water day in and day out. Congrats, sweetie and good luck! xoxo

Margarita Bloom said...

AH, sandy! I'm so in love with your house!! Those front doors as you know are simply to die for...oooh, and a fabulous doorbell...I'd be sitting there pressing it at least three times...giggle...just for fun!! I can not wait to see what it looks like when all. I'm quite jealous of that back yard...tres divine!! Perfect for sipping raspberry lemonade with some girlfriends! *wink wink*

pretty pink tulips said...

I so relate to rolling up your sleeves and loving a house into a home!!! I know that you will be so happy to get all settled in. Love the story about the painted over grass cloth. I think every older home has some funny story to it. I have many. Or perhaps they were more sad than funny. I digress.....wishing you a very happy experience as you transition into your dream home!

xoxo Elizabeth

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Sandy, from what i've seen on here and instagram it's just MARVELOUS dahling! hahahaha The 'yucks' are minor compared to the overall. I am so happy for you two! Your home is exquisite. ENJOY IT! You deserve it!

rolala said...

Sandy, I'm so excited for you as you're writing the story of your dream home. This is truly a labor of love and it's already taking shape. It will all be worth it in the end when it's completed and you get to sit back on that wrap around porch and enjoy those sparkles on the water this summer :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy, congratulations once again on such a lovely choice for your new home. Thank you for sharing these breath taking snippets of your home. Of course all moves are lots of work and settling takes time but the end result will for sure be amazing.

Cheers to you, your future projects & this beautiful home.


Ivana said...

Sandy, that house is absolutely stunning! It left me speechles, and just a little bit jealous :) But I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see your home when it will be finished! Good luck with the move and all the work, and see ya in July :)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Layers and Layers said...

Oh Sandy, congratulations! It's absolutely dreamy. I can't wait to see, hear, learn more about it as you progress! Well done you!!!

Fashion-isha said...

I can't believe I missed this post this week until now!! I love those yellow chairs! Good luck with all the moving and unpacking!!

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miss b said...

So exciting for you. It is a lovely plot and the garden is the perfect place to relax with a good book. Lovely tall doors too. A great project.

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modediktat said...

Sandy....... That's so, so very beautiful! All the green and trees around and the house itself. I can imagine black lacquered doors very well - I'm sure it's quite a move to renovate the house but also how much fun it might be same time (after recovering from the efforts ;) ) It looks like such an amazing place and you'll make it your new home - just second what the previous authors shared - it's so exciting and talking just for myself feeling very impatient to follow more of your postings and pictures about. Soooo, you didn't make my cry - but it was close to it.... ;) Happy weekend to you!

Georgianna said...

I am SO looking forward to seeing more as you progress. How very exciting! I'm following you now on Twitter and will add you in Instagram. What fun!!


Glitterista said...

I have just adored following along with your new house adventures on instagram! What glorious front doors, and I'm sure they'll be even more magnificent when you're done with them. ;)

Taj Acosta said...

haha I loved reading this! And excuse me, but that view of your yard is amazz! I think I need to come visit you one of these days lol! Have a great weekend. xx