Monday, July 9, 2012

And the Forecast is ... Popsicles!

Hi everyone!
Soooooooooo ...
is it warm enough for you?

I don't know how it's been where you live,
but the temps here have been hovering around 100F,
and that requires more than a
sit-on-the-edge-of-the-pool or
wee-little-toe-dip to cool off!

This kind of heat begs you to climb in a little further ...

That's better ... but you're not quite there yet ...
I think this kind of heat requires a
full-dip under the water ...
without a care for hair style ...
don't you agree?
I can almost feel it now ...

It's been rather warm since we moved into our new
historical house.
The house has been fully prepped for air
(a miracle in an 1877 home)
but the actual AC unit has not been purchased yet,
so it's been fan city here in my abode.

Many of you have asked me how it's going
with the house.
In a nutshell ... a little crazy!
But that's only temporary, right?
Even though we moved, it doesn't actually seem like it.
Yes, all the boxes are IN the house,
but almost nothing has been unpacked as of yet
other than basic bed and bath necessities!
So, I feel rather like I'm camping at the moment.
This is because the move had to take place
(condo lease was up)
before the flooring and drywalling/plaster prep
in the main rooms (living, dining and breakfast room)
had been completed (try as we might, there was just too much to do
to get it all done in time for the move).
All of the furniture and accessories for these rooms
 has been stored in other rooms until such time
that these rooms actually look like rooms.

And, yes, it does get frustrating
when you can't find a coffee filter
for your morning coffee ...
all of our kitchen things
(other than coffee pot and toaster)
are also remaining packed because the kitchen is the
next thing to receive the axe
once these rooms are all completed.

But I have vision (good thing!) and I know
what a beauty the house will be eventually.
Ane the new hardwood flooring is looking mahvelous darlings.
I throw a mental party with each board that goes down.
I'll show pics when it's not covered with cardboard to protect it.
And I may just buy a party hat when the drywall in the living room
is complete and I'm given the go-ahead to prime it for paint
(the drywall IS up and taped, by the way, and needs only to be
mudded and sanded before magic happens).
(Gee, I kind of sound like an HGTV show, tee-hee.)

Luckily, the yard and water in the back are our respite
and a sight to behold ...
and make for happy, happy breaktimes.
My husband loves the fact that he can splash in the lake to
cool off in between jobs in this hot weather.
Our pug, Lily, even swam this weekend for the first time
if you follow on Twitter or Instagram
you probably saw that we had a lovely front porch parade party
(well, as much of a party as you can have with all of your dishes packed)
for eighteen people on the Fourth of July
(the nearly two-hour parade goes right in front of our
Main Street Historic District house).
Next year, that party will be fabulous ...
I'm feeling a tent in the backyard with a picnic
and beach fun for all.

Okay, enough with the house!
It's been hot in so many places throughout the country
that I'm sure that explains the vast amount of
popsicle recipes spreading like wildfire on Pinterest.
I've listed a few below that Design Crush assembled together
and that I thought sounded particularly yum.
You can find the recipes
for these popsicles and more here.

Keep cool, lovelies!
Leave me a comment and let me know what you've been doing
this summer ... I always love reading every one!

Beach photos above can be found
on my Pinterest "Summer" board.
Popsicles via Design Crush and linked above.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the move! I moved into a new house about two months ago and finally it is starting to feel like a home! It gets better. :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

LOL Sandy! I'm glad it's WARM there, because it is HOT as hell here. LOL I need a box of popsicles girl!!! That virtual dip in the water felt so good. Your posts always take me on a journey. Love seeing your pics on Instagram. Do a little at a time! I love your house and neighborhood.


It's been beyond hot here too! I'm lucky to have found relief at the beach but now it's back to the city and the heat. Maybe one of those delicious popsicles will do me good. Or a dip in some turquoise water. :)

Good luck getting settled in, Sandy. It must be so hard in that heat! xoxo

Paige and Alise said...

You are so witty and creative! Love this post, much less your blog!!! So cute and uplifting! Great inspiration. :) xoxo

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

So glad you're progressing with your house!
And, yes, pool DIVING and popsicles are a MUST in this heat...
Have a lovely week!

Fashionista622 said...

Hi Sandy,

So great to hear from you thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm sure you must have your hands full with the move and settling. OMG has it been scorching hot in the city. Those popsicles look just perfect. Sending you big hugs darling!


Fashion-isha said...

Hey there, welcome back, I've missed you! It sounds like you have a great attitude as to what's been going on in you life! I'm sure your house will be amazing when you're all done. And I've got to go follow you in instagram!!
Have a great week and thankfully it's supposed to cool off!

Dee said...

Hi Sandy! Those popsicles look good right now. Heat has been awful, high 90's and soupy. Supposed to be a little cooler this week. Thank God! I love the stories and pics about your new home. It's exciting.
Dee xoxo

rolala said...

Sandy my dear, it must be amazing to be living in your new house. Even though there is still work to be done, I'm sure thoughts of your eventual dream home keep you going :) We had some crazy heat in NYC last week but thankfully it's cooled down a bit. Right now low 80's is balmy.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine! The picture you painted of sitting outside watching the ducks float by sounds like paradise and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Hope you had a lovely breakfast with your dad :)

xo Rowena @ rolala loves

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Darling Sandy, I am so happy for you--nobody deserves a gorgeous new home than you do. The moving in process takes a long time, I'm glad you're savoring it. I didn't even finish decorating my house till the end of my 3rd year living here. Loved your comment--your secret fantasy life is fabulous {of course!}

xoxo Mary Jo

Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

I am hoping that one day my blog posts will contain such things that sound like it is posted on the DIY network..I am in the meantime so very thrilled for you and eagerly await progress reports! I am reading, even if not commenting... been so very busy as you know and I am a bit scattered so often read and dash... but my thoughts are with you each time.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on the new home! It's been really hot here but it's southern California so it's expected. Ha! Wouldn't mind a popsicle though...

pretty pink tulips said...

Good morning, Sandy!!! I love that you're in the house and already hosting summer soirees!

We had a little break in the heat in NY, but it's headed back this week, so yes, popsicles are on the menu!! Love all these varities you're showing and you have the BEST pinterest boards!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

the REAL girl said...

I am SO EXCITED for you; however, I do know about renovations and how troublesome they can be. I've longed for an old home, like a farmhouse, but have just been too afraid to jump into it!! You're such an inspiration and I KNOW it's going to be fabulous when you're done!! Thinking of you!!



Taj Acosta said...

It's just blazin' here! We are finally sleeping in the house now! full of boxes everywhere ahhh! I'm sure you feel me!! It's a joy isn't it though?? I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the summer, sweets! xoxo -Taj

Not Just Another Milla said...

I need one of each ice lolly (popsicle to you!) in my life right now!

The only places which have AC in the UK are offices and public buildings. Our homes never have AC so this is real fan country. That said, we only have about two months of warm weather here so we survive.

Happy to know all is going well in your new home. Moving is so exciting!