Monday, July 16, 2012

Favorite Things

Hi everyone!
Hope your weekend was a lovely one!
As for me, if you're following in instagram
you've seen that our first water toy for the
backyard lake has been purchased ...
it's a paddleboat and we've been out on it several times
and are so loving it, especially on beautiful summer evenings
 (even our pug Lily thinks it's pretty cool).
(that's Lily and my husband in his rolled-up-jeans
... because he'd been walking in the water ...
in the photo below)

Projects are still ongoing on the new house, of course,
before the real fun of decorating begins ...
it's a slow process when my husband is the major overseer
and doer of construction projects and he also works 9-5!
The floors aren't finished yet, but are looking pretty!

If you're a reader of the blog,
you know that usually my posts feature my illustrations
and that this summer on the blog is what I call
"Ooh La Frou Frou light,"
as I'm just stopping by to touch base with you
and sit and chat as if you were right here,
while I get settled in my new home
and the new site is being designed.

So, since we're chatting,
I thought it might be fun to talk about
Favorite Things.
You've probably heard me mention that I keep
a handwritten journal that I add to constantly
that contains an ongoing list of things that I love.
It makes me feel good just to pick it up and read it.
Sometimes we'd never guess
some of the things that another classifies as a
"favorite thing."
In my book, you'll find some very simple things, such as
"the smell of baby powder"
and more expensive things like
"luxe hotels that leave mints on my pillow."

Since we're chatting as if you were with me,
I thought it might be fun to share
a small handfull of my favorite things
and I'd love to hear some of yours!
The following are images
I've saved to my Pinterest boards ...

Favorite #1:
My favorite berry is raspberry ...
in fact I make a very wicked raspberry pie
that melts in your mouth with vanilla ice cream!
The crust is topped with coarse sugar
(the cookie decorating kind)
before it goes into the oven,
which gives it a fabulous crunch and sparkle.
I never fail to come away with raspberries from a
fruit stand or farmer's market ...

Favorite #2:
I adore hot air balloons.
I had the pleasure of taking an evening ride in one
 only once in my life.
The guide took the basket right down and touched the water
and went back up again, soaring over trees.
It was magical to say the least.
 The shape of a hot air balloon
will forever be engraved in my heart.

Favorite #3:
Did you know that in another life
I was a horsewoman?
Yes, it's true.
From as early as I can remember as a child,
I've loved horses.
I used to dream of horses as a little girl,
even pretended to be one on the playground,
and had horse pictures all over the walls
 of my childhood bedroom.
I begged my parents for one every day.
 No, seriously.

When I was in ninth grade, we moved to acreage
and my parents bought me a Tennessee Walker named Prince.
I was in horse heaven.  I'd fly like the wind and
soar over jumps with a fellow horse-lover friends in the pasture.
We'd climb up to the hayloft in the barn for
"girl chats" .. usually about boys.
These days, I settle for going horseback riding
at stables every autumn,
running on trails of golden leaves.

Favorite #4:
Often, we stop doing things that made us happy
as a child, don't you think?
I have never stopped loving swinging
and the joy of feeling like I'm flying
can still make me giggle.

Favorite #5:
What is your favorite tree?
Mine is a weeping willow.
There was one in our backyard
when we lived on a lake as a small child
and its long strands of leaves would touch the water ...
the memory still lingers.
And now that I live on water once more,
I adore the romantic weeping willows that are all around me.

Favorite #6:
My Nikon.
I've always been a photo maniac.
And new lenses are always on my
wish list.

I think I just may have to buy a
Bloom Theory Camera Strap
one of these days soon ...

Those are just a drop in a bucket
of the many, many things on
the pages of my list of
"Favorite Things"  ...
what are some of yours?
I'd LOVE to hear ...
and I encourage you to
start a Favorite Things book too ...
it makes you feel good just to write in it.
In fact,
 I think FAVORITE THINGS books
are so wonderful
that I'm creating an illustration to grace the cover
of a "Favorite Things" journal to be available
later this year on the site.

Have a wonderful week, wonderfuls!


classiq said...

It's so nice to find out more things about you, Sandy. I love swinging too, just as much as I loved it in my childhood. I wish you a wonderful week!

Margarita Bloom said...

Awww, Lily looks so sweet! Never been on a paddle boat...looks like fun Sandy! Raspberries...mmmmm, nom nom!

Fav tree? Definitely the palm tree! What a great post...& oh my your house is looking gorgeous! Love the floors and all that lovely moulding!

Happy Monday doll!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

sandy, thanks for sharing your favorite things. i think they are so awesome! but hey, so are YOU! :D we do need to stay in touch with our inner child. it's what keeps us smiling and young! i use to love swinging. the breeze passing through you on the way back was exhilirating! i love the flooring and moulding in your house. so exquisite! i can tell Lily loves your new paddleboat. i love your dog and seeing pics on instagram. have a great week!

the REAL girl said...

First of all, the dark floors with the thick light colored baseboards is exquisite....honestly, I just love it!!

I love the paddle boat, too....

OK, here's a summer favorite:
a quilt spread out with pink depression glass water glasses...and sparkling water with lemons and limes; I don't even care what's to's the setting that matters!! to get busy with life! xo

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

What a beautiful post, Sandy!!
As usual you put a smile on my face...
Have a lovely week!

rolala said...

What a fun post! I love learning more about you Sandy! Your raspberry pie sounds absolutely amazing! I love most berries but I think my favorite are blueberries. Swinging made me so happy as a child too and I still love it. I make hubby get on the swings with me at the park sometimes and we just act like we're kids again :)

Keep enjoying that paddleboat and seeing your dream house come together! Your new floors sure are pretty!

Have an amazing week!
Rowena @ rolala loves

Fashionista622 said...

Great post Sweet Sandy! Thank you for sharing your snippets of your new home and experiences. It looks amazing. :)



Dee said...

Hi Sandy! Your house is looking BEAUTIFUL! Your lucky your hubby is so handy. Loved this post as usual. I have to agree with you the weeping willow tree is so beautiful. One of my most fav things to do is curl up with a good fashion magazine or cooking book and a cup of sweet tea. I've been drinking tea since I was a very little girl and never stopped.
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts.

Not Just Another Milla said...

What wonderful favourites! That's what I like about your blog Sandy, we get to learn snippets of the wonderful person behind the stunning illustrations and dreamy pictures. Have a great week lovely!

Fashion-isha said...

Sandy this is great, I leave hearing personal stuff about blogger friends! I also love swinging and weeping're right, why do we have to stop enjoying them once we're older?

Have a great evening!

Veronika said...

Hey Mama! I got an award & so did you! =) Click here to accept it…one behalf of me & everyone who loves you! Congrats, Sweetheart! XO