Friday, February 8, 2013


Something Blue

Happy Friday, lovelies!
One of my favorite colors is a very pretty shade
of blue green ... you know the one ...
not too blue, not too green ...
to me it feels like summer sunshine
and a breath of fresh air ...
so, of course, I find it very inspiring!

So, of course, I also loved this image from the ad campaign
for the new Oscar de la Renta perfume:
Then, recently ...
I saw a Pinterest mention by OscarPRGirl
that if someone instagrams a blue item
with the hashtag #MySomethingBlue,
she would pin it to her
"My Something Blue" Pinterest board:

So, I couldn't think of a better "something blue"
for me to instagram than the perfume itself,
so I set out to create a quick little "something blue"
to post to instagram with the all-important hashtag:
#MySomethingBlue ...
and a few steps and layers later ...

... it was ready ...
and "My Something Blue"
on its way to Oscar de la Renta Pinterest fame! ;)

Are you on The Vine?
and you can see a little video of the illustration creation
as it appears HERE on The Vine app.

What "something blue" would you pin?
A favorite blue dress, maybe?
A blue house?
Blue shoes or jewels?
The sea?

Hmmm ... food for thought!
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this week on Ooh La Frou Frou:
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and another post in the
Commissioned series.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

is the blog of illustrator

For custom illustration,
contact SANDY here.

The first photos of blue items
in this post can be found on
my "Pale Blue Green" Pinterest board.

The Something Blue photo
of the girl in the fabulous blue tulle
is courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

Illustration of Something Blue perfume


Catherine Robinson said...

How funny...I've just placed an order for cashmere wraps in a beautiful seamist blue...perfect for Spring!
Are we stopping at Laduree today for coffee and cake?
Have a wonderful weekend.

Moda said...

Bello il colore verde acqua. kiss

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Sandy, I'm inspired every time I drop by one of your amazing posts cause there is always something pretty to look at :) Your "Something Blue" illustration is totally inspired and lovely. The way it sparkles is just too fabulous. I'm missing the blue sky today as it's raining in NYC today but we're finally going to get some snow later today and Rena, Ian and I are totally excited for it ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Such a wonderfully calming color Sandy. I can't help but think of Spring/Summer when I see that beautiful color. Have a lovely weekend Sweets xx

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, it has been way too long! I feel like i'm juggling a lot less than you and still can't get it all done, like visit my favorite bloggy friends!

Am so excited about your calendar...and your "something blue" for Oscar!

I've heard of the Vine but haven't jumped on board yet. Seems like this weekend will give me the perfect excuse as we are indoors for a while!

Have been pinning your images like mad...always so feminine and gorgeous.

Stay warm and safe!
xoxo Elizabeth

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, these minted blue inspiration pictures are sublime! Love your beautiful illustration, you are immensely talented!Thanks for your kind words over at mine. Have a wonderful weekend hun!

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy, blue is my favorite color so when I saw OscarPrGirl's Pinterest board I couldn't help myself and joined the fun. Loved your images and your Oscar fragrance illustration was impressive. Have a great week doll, will catch up with you this week. XOXO