Friday, March 15, 2013



Topiaries TopiariesTopiaries,
She just loves the sound;
She could never have nearly enough
Of their whimsy all around.

Every shrub she passes by
She eyes with a hand on her sheers;
Would that one make the perfect bunny of green
or the first in a grand row of spheres?

Just when she thinks she may have just enough,
She carts home one or two more;
And although she spends time at glamorous boutiques,
She's her happiest at the topiary store.


What better way to send ourselves into the weekend
than with thoughts of stepping into a greenhouse
filled with topiaries?
One of my favorite things to do in the summer
visit greenhouses filled with sun
and the sound of trickling water from a fountain
and the scent of green and flowers all around.
Normally a post like this would have been accompanied
by a topiary girl illustration, but you know since I myself
am a Topiary Girl that you will see one of those
sometime in the future.
As you know, this has been
 one of those very busy weeks
filled with illustration deadlines
and little time for anything else ...
but I'll be able to share those illustrations too
with you later!

Have a glorious weekend
filled with thoughts of spring!
Until Monday, darlings...

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The topiary photos above
are from my Luxe Landscaping
Pinterest Board with the exception of
the fifth photo:
the dogs on the back of the truck ( via )
and the sixth photo:
rider and horse jumping over fence with dogs ( via )


Debra said...

Good am Sandy! :) What a pretty post. My fave picture was the bunny topiaries. Now I want one! So sweet! So you do topiaries?! I'd love to see them someday. Thanks for a lovely post to dream about. Xo

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dear Sandy:-)))*

HOW wonderful is your post....
So funny,SO beautiful and SOooooooo Spring with a great smile feeling!

Thank you so very much for this insiration:-)))*

Hugs from Amsterdam,

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I adore topiaries. They lend such a sense of whimsy and style to any garden not mention that they're just so pretty.

Hope you have yourself a nice relaxing weekend after this busy week Sandy! A cappuccino and some pastries at your fave European bakery sounds like a great plan for you. Enjoy!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Betina Ross Idnay said...

So whimsical. It transports me to a different and beautiful world!!

The Boyfriend Project

Fashion-isha said...

Oh she could be me alright! I've loved topiaries for years! This is such a unique and creative post too!

MadeOfTears said...

your blog is so magical!
I'm new follower! If you have time I invite you to me :)