Wednesday, March 13, 2013



It's one of those busy weeks in my illustration schedule ..
four illustration commissions in the works at one time ...
so I thought it was the perfect time for an
INSPIRED post since I need to take a break myself
and what better way to take a break
than visit something virtually that inspires?
This time, it's luxe hotels.
Do you love them as much as I do?
After a trip to a beautiful hotel,
even if it's for lunch
 or walking around the lobby,
I leave with fresh inspiration
for an illustration or painting.
It never fails.

Crisp white dining room tablecloths,
for instance, can inspire me.
So can things like expanses of marble floors,
silver domes on room service carts,
shiny brass luggage carts,
hotel maids and bellboys in their uniforms,
beautiful historic elevator doors ...
lounge chairs lined up by the pool ...
not to mention the people that are all around me.
I'm always snapping photos of things that others
probably don't look twice at.

So, come with me for a little mid-week inspiration ...
and let's pretend we're checking in ...

Palace Hotel, San Francisco

Tea at the Ritz, London

Hotel Four Seasons, George V Paris

The Peninsula, New York

St. Regis, New York

The Ritz, Paris

The Greenbriar, West Virginia

The Mandarin Oriental, London

The Cypress Inn, Carmel, California (Doris Day, co-owner)

Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons New York

Ahhhh, hotels always make me feel so wonderful ...
I guess I'll have to check in for a weekend somewhere soon,
it's been too long ...
But before I explore the hotel, I may want to
call up a massage, pick something extravagant
 from room service and take a nice long nap ...

A girl can dream ... right?
But now that I'm inspired,
it's back to work for the time being.
Do you have a favorite hotel?
See you Friday!

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Images above were from
Ooh La Frou Frou's
Luxe Hotels and My Bags are Packed
Pinterest boards.


miss b said...

I knew I was going to enjoy this post as soon as I read the title!! These iconic hotels are so fascinating with the sweeping staircases and the wonderful lobbies and to have afternoon tea in one is a real treat and a great way to experience the atmosphere.

Ivana said...

Well, this is definitely my kind of inspiration, Sandy! I love the luxe and grandeur of these hotels, and sipping pink martini in Ritz in Paris remains one of my favorite experiences ever! I hope I'll be able to visit more of these beauties in the future :)

Good luck with all your work and busy schedule, love!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Oooh! Pure escapism. I've stayed at 3 of the hotels you feature and your post brought back some lovely memories. The Paris Ritz always reminds me of Princess Diana :-(
The Palace hotel in SF was as gorgeous as it looks in your first image; it has given me a yearning to go back.

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful tempting choices! I hope to be sitting for tea at The Ritz Paris before this year is out. The courtyard is stunning and so tranquil ~ a splurge well worth it. Wishing you a beautiful week. xo C. (HHL)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I can definitely see why this inspires you Sandy! A girl can definitely dream and this is the way to go. Sometimes when I'm uptown I'll duck into the lobby of the St. Regis or the Empire and just sit and people watch for awhile. I've also been thinking it would be a blast to book a room at one of NYC's luxe hotels for a night and just get spoiled. Will have to make that one happen :)

Happy Wednesday!
Rowena @ rolala loves

classiq said...

Oh, I needed this mid-week daydreaming, Sandy. I hope you're enjoying a fine week! xo

Pink Champagne said...

Oh, I am SO with you! Pure luxury. XX

Ariadna said...

Magnificient! btw.Your blog is very interesting,maybe we could follow each other? Just let Me know:)
Have a nice day,