Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week Taxi Girl Illustration by SANDY M

Hi everyone!
Summer is slowly waving goodbye to us
(I hope you all have had a fabulous one!)
and autumn is trying to sneak it's foot in the door ...
I'm slowly trying to talk myself into being ready for it!

As much as I love autumn,
(and once I'm into it, I love it wholeheartedly),
I always have in the back of my mind
how long it will be before we will have another summer
and how I feel about it all in February and March ...
which makes it all so bittersweet, doesn't it?

I've enjoyed having some time to enjoy summer
and to make some future illustration plans
by having a relaxed blog schedule this summer ...
and soon I'll be back with a regular blogging schedule
for fall!

I wanted to stop by today to say hello
on this first day of New York Fashion Week ...
(oh, the glamour of it all)
to say hello and let you know regular posts will begin soon!

I've been very busy working on the illustrations for the
upcoming SANDY M 2014 Calendar ...

... on the cover illustration (a portion of it, above),
we see a glamorous girl dressed in a sparkly black dress
walking up the steps about to enter the door
to an Upper East Side townhouse party ...
Townhouse No. 2014 represents the new year ...
and she's just about to walk through the door.
Each month of the calendar
will continue with the city theme
as introduced with the Upper East Side cover ...
glamorous illustrations of girls enjoying
2014 in the city!
Stay tuned!

See you soon everyone!

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Sam said...

Hi Sandy, hope you have been having a wonderful summer, we will soon be getting into spring here. I want that cute pink dress and heels! The calendar sounds like a fantastic idea, already enamored by the first part of it.

miss b said...

Summer, I'm afraid is slowly slipping away here in the North of England! Like you, once it's here I do enjoy autumn with all the gorgeous warm colours but I really love warm sunny days! Your calendar is going to be fabulous. I love the front cover - it's glamorous and Townhouse 2014, that's a great idea!
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Fashion-isha said...

I love this post! You put so much glamour into NYFW with your gorgeous illustrations!

Margarita Bloom said...

Oh, Sandy I'm going through summer withdrawal. I don't want it to be over! I mean, I love pumpkin pie and all but summer is totally just well...perfect. I love your calendar illustration!! Exactly how I dream of living my life! lol... Mwah!

LV said...

Great post Sandy! How are you and how is the home renovation going? Hope all is well sweetie:-)

Kim Alston said...

I definitely want a calendar!!! I'm a calendar girl. Can't wait!

ALESSANDRA - HowToBeInStyle - fashion and style blog said...

Hi Sandy, darling :-)

I love your illustrations and I can't wait to see the calendar, when it's finished! I really must have one! Here in germany autumn has come too early this time and very suddenly. I'm freezing and know that there will come a long long time of darkness and cold weather. But there also will be the golden time of autumn, my birthday next week and a lot of cozy times at home. :-) I hope you have a relaxing weekend despite of all your work.



Debbie Kelly said...

Hello love -

I can't wait to see what you have in store! Looking forward to seeing your new 2014 calendar, which I know will be wondrously whimsical! Hurry back!



I am fully embracing autumn, it's one of my favourite seasons. But, I do understand it was bittersweet, becasue I love spring as well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx/Madison :)

Mary Jo @trustyourstyle said...

Hi Sandy, hoping your October has been a good one so far! It's still so hot here it's hard to believe fall is ever coming but I have a feeling that it will very soon :) Love your illustrations as always!

xo Mary Jo

Jessica Buurman said...

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