Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm BACK ... and a Giveaway!

Hi everyone!
I'm back!
I hope you all had a simply fab summer ...
didn't it go by fast?
I take summers off from blogging
(with the exception of popping in now and again to say hello)
to enjoy the way-too-short summer months
and to take a little time to let even more inspiration bubble up.

So, first, let me say
Isn't it glorious?

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram,
you've been able to keep up with me on a daily basis
throughout the summer.
Summer certainly wasn't all lying back in a lounge chair ...
my custom illustration calendar certainly kept me very busy,
with requests to create pretty things for clients.
Most of them I can't mention yet
because they haven't been introduced by the clients.
There are many exciting things waiting to be created
starting in November too ... including a couple of book covers (fun!).
One of the things I love about what I do ...
each day brings something exciting and new.

October will be filled with finishing the 2014 calendar illustrations
so that it can be introduced in November!
So excited about it!
I'll be showing some teasers soon!
If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw this:

Also on Instagram, for the first time,
I recently shared a few
quick rough pencil sketches
taken from the pages of my personal sketchbook ...
sketching for half an hour in the morning when I'm in the studio
is how I often begin my days ...
usually I really don't have an idea of what I will be sketching,
I just go with whatever comes to mind ...
it's a good way to open the door for inspiration ...

Those weren't created for public consumption,
but I thought you may be interested in seeing a glimpse of how my mornings 
in the studio begin.

NOW ...
guess what?

And it includes a giveaway!

On Pinterest you may have seen this posted today!

Whether you follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook, here on the blog (or in all places),
I wanted to take a moment
to say thank you.  Thank you for your support and
thank you for all of these special virtual friendships.
I love hearing your thoughts and visiting your blogs ...
and now that I'm back, I can't wait to hear what you've been up to.

Okay, back to the GIVEAWAY!
I'm gifting one of you that leaves a comment on this post
one of my signed "Paris Party" prints!
It fits a standard-size 11" x 14" frame!

Since I'm celebrating 20,000 Pinterest followers,
I thought the party print was the perfect choice!
Just leave a comment here on the blog, along with how I can reach you
should your comment be drawn.
The winner will be chosen from those that left a comment via
random number generator at noon EST
on next Tuesday, October 15.
Good luck, everyone!
And if you are one of the 20,000+ followers on Pinterest ...
thank you for following!

In closing,
since this is a Pinterest celebration,
I thought I'd end it with a variety of a few of my recent pins ...
(all of the following pins can be found in my recent pins here)

I loved the following quote because you know I think allowing yourself to dream
up a fantasy life opens the door to inspiration ...

So obsessed with animal prints this fall ... obsessed ... did I say ... oh, yes, I did.

And, so, I suppose this is now self-explanatory ...

And this ...

This city is a serious love of mine ...

I thought this sounded as delicious as it is beautiful ... 
you can find the recipe is here ...

After the previous dessert, you may need this workout tip ...

All about the gold ...

Oh, Dior ...

I love the photos collected in my "Take me to the Sea" Pinterest board ...
it's like going on vacation ...

And right from vacation, I'll take you to a holiday party ...
what can I say?  Variety is the spice of life ;)

This reminded me of a very scary thriller ... but doesn't she look amazing?

In closing, I leave you with a final pin ...
just because you are so wonderful.

See you next Wednesday, when I announce
the winner of the "Paris Party" print! xo

is the blog of fashion illustrator

For custom illustration inquiries,
drop Sandy a note here.

The sources for the three autumn photos above 
can be found here.

Pencil sketches and "Paris Party" illustration are by
illustrator SANDY M

All other photos are from my recent Pinterest pins
and can be found here.


A Well Styled Life said...

Welcome back Sandy!! I love how beautiful you make the world. Feminine, pretty and glamorous all rolled into one.
Have a lovely week!

Jovana Miljanovic said...

I love your Paris illustration :)
And thanks for the giveaway!!!
Have a great day :)

Kare said...

Fun! You are so talented Sandy. And always find the prettiest, most fabulous pins! Congrats xo



amy said...

So lovely! Your blog has inspired a flurry of redecorating for me! Thanks for pushing me out of my design rut!

Inner Outer Beauty said...

I love your style and would loove to hang this illustration at home! What a humble and great idea to have a giveaway like this! I´m one of your readers and Pinterest followers:) you can reach me at
Have a great weekend!

Abigail @Commandress said...

Congratulations Sally!
I recently discovered your blog via Pinterest & love your illustrations.
The Paris print is lovely! - Abigail

Debra said...

Love how your mornings begin. Mine are shared with all my friends on twitter. Lol! Your illustrations are beautiful my friend. I'm so excited about all of your projects!! :) I love that I'm included in your circle of friends. Congratulations on all of your upcoming artworks. I can hardly wait to see them doll. Xoxo

Sonia Daigle said...

Oh! Sandy your are so fabulously talented. Thank you for making me swoon and I can already feel that Paris Party!!!
Luv Sonia

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog, Thank you so much for filling my soul w/ fantasy . I just adore you . xooxxo

Patricia Martinez said...

Thank you for brightening up my day with your illustrations... They are always so lovely. Lots of love from Puerto Rico!! ♥

Julie Marie said...

Hello Sandy... I just found your beautiful blog and you through Google images and have signed on as your newest follower... I am half~French, so of course I am in LOVE with everything I see here... love love love leopard anything... and that bag is stunning... signing on to follow you on Pinterest as well... Happy Autumn to you... I love your outlook on life!... sigh... xoxo Julie Marie

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Welcome back to blogging Sandy! I've missed your beautiful posts filled with gorgeous inspirations. I love the peek inside your sketchbook. You're so fabulously talented at what you do! Congratulations on the PInterest milestone! Well deserved since your boards are so inspiring. Hope autumn is treating you well so far.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Mitch Popilchak said...

Well clearly I am the exception, token male, here - lol

I'm just thankful that we stalk each other on Instagram every day and have become friends.

You are such a beautiful, and talented, soul.

Keep shining brightly :-)

the REAL girl said...

Dearest Sandy, You KNOW how much I love following all that you're so delightful, so approachable, so chic and lovely!!! I have loved watching you move, work on your new home, create new's all the power of the female spirit, creativity and the Divine!
Blessings for continued success,
@heartsathome twitter

Natalie Rey said...

Sweetie just to let you know that your sketches are the inspiration for my brand - sexy business school,
now in Israel and very very soon in English! :)

carry on inspiring us all!


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I'm so glad that I didn't miss this completely! I've been out for the last week and catching up on my blog reading. (; I'd love to have another print.

Tammy Lowe said...

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada and I've just discovered your wonderful blog. Perfect...because I sure am thankful to have found it!