Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Magic and Timing

Let me start with the bad news right off:
I have had to make the gut-wrenching decision, with much angst, 
that my first illustrated calendar that I just recently decided to create
and had begun working on
is being postponed until next year.
My sincerest apologies.
But it is truly necessary.

The good news is
that the calendar I would have had the time to create this year
(given that I decided to do it wayyyyy too late, I now know)
couldn't possibly have had enough time to become as magical
as I needed it to be.
There just wasn't enough time. 
And that by taking the appropriate time needed to create the magic
by working on it throughout next year
and introducing it in the fall
will get you, my treasured friends,
much more magic to hold in your hands.

Let me explain ...

Let me begin by saying that
if you know me,
you know how I feel about magic ...
it's what I'm all about ...

If you are one that recognizes magic ...
then you are one that realizes it truly is hiding everywhere ...
it hides in the folds of sheer fabric ...

... It's there in the glimmer of the sparkle that winks in the light ...

It smiles at me from a crisp white awning ... 
especially if the sun should decide to play with pattern,
as if it has tossed a handful of sequins across it ...

... it whispers to me from uniform shapes of topiaries ...

... and from the golden glow from windows ...

... it looks up at me from the unexpected beauty of blue that sits amongst
a party of formal white tables ...

It's there, always, in whimsy ...

... but it's also there with it's eyebrows raised,
looking inquisitvely at me
from the table where a girl may sit alone in thought ...
whispering to me from across the room,
"Don't you see a story here?  A perfect painting?"

It's always there everywhere for me.
And that magic is what whispered to me in the night
just a short time ago ...
"you should create a calendar."

So, I awoke with the magical ideas floating in the air all around me ...
they were sparkling off the walls as I descended my circular staircase,
floating in the whipped cream atop my morning coffee ...
I would create a fairytale of a beautiful calendar.
So I announced it to all and began the work.

that I was only just beginning the work on an elaborate calendar
when many others had been working on their calendars all year
and had already introduced them to the public as finished.

I had not thought of doing it earlier in the year
when it now clearly should have begun.
But, did I stop?

But to do a calendar the way I do a calendar
is no quick thing.
If you know me, you also know
that I am a painter of detail.
And you  know what they say ... 
"magic is in the details" ...
and they're right.

Creating a calendar the way I want to create my calendar
requires the preparation sort of needed for creating a mini novel ...
before even beginning to paint the illustrations, you need to:
think of the settings, the characters,
the plot, so to speak ...
you have to choose the fashions for each month
and the look of the girls to illustrate to tell your story.
It's rather like being a stylist, author, and magic wand waver all at once.
And I have NOOOOOO problem with being a magic wand waver.
I do it all the time.

But something hit me when November 1 happened.
I looked at my illustration calendar filled with client illustrations to complete
by the end of November in addition to the many calendar illustrations still left
and realized there was no way I would be able to finish
the calendar dancing in my mind in that amount of time.

After all ...
who would want to go to a designers runway show
squeezed in at the last minute only to see a girl in jeans walking down the runway?
Just as designers need time to get their models chosen,
their background created,
the gowns designed and created,
the hair styled, make-up applied ...
the same is true for a work of illustration magic ...
you get the idea.

That morning that magic whispered the sentence to me
that said "you should create a calendar"
probably ended with "... next year" and I just awoke too soon.

I so hate to disappoint anyone.
And that's why I try to never {ever} do it.
Let's hope this is the last time I'll ever have to.

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Fashionista622 said...


As sad as it may make many of us not to have your artistic beauties to look at throughout 2014, its totally understandable. Thank you for your honesty & more so for listening to that inner voice! It will happen at the right time. I look forward to your lovely posts to keep me daydreaming.

Best always,


Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Dearest Sandi ... your calendar will be amazing and I'm certain filled with wonderful inspiration throughout the months ... the anticipation of waiting for it will continue to gain speed and I can't wait for you to announce its release next autumn.
Your post today is something that I think many of needed to read ... that it's ok to step back and cultivate and if it's going to take a little longer - it's OK! your work is brilliant and I look forward to your posts to keep my dreaming and imagination fueled. Wishing you a great week ..Hugs, C.(HHL)

miss b said...

This was certainly a magical post with one beautiful image after another. Each one more lovely than the last! Those sparkly shoes and the fabulous layers of fabric in particular are fabulous and the location for the party is perfect. Your decision to postpone the calendar is understandable. You are a perfectionist and need time to create something special. It will be worth the wait!

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Your post is a great reminder that everything has it's time. Knowing what a perfectionist you are Sandy, I know all of us who were waiting for the calendar, will be more excited to buy it next year when we know it will be totally infused with MAGIC. Good on you for not rushing it out, staying true to your art and postponing until next year. It's sometimes hard to postpone or put things on the back-burner. But they are usually the projects that come out the best (when they have had time to gently simmer ;-) xx

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

I for one was squealingly excited for your new calendar to come out sooner rather than later, but if postponing it's debut means giving your fans, your followers, your friends nothing short of your whimsical perfection then later will have to do. Your lovely illustrations are worth the wait, and I for one, adore you & your blog even more for wanting to give me your best!

Have a deliciously divine week ahead, my sweet! And, when you find time, please stop by GirlWhimsy to say, "hi".


Kim Alston said...

Creativity definitely shouldn't be rushed. I totally understand Sandy! Next year will allow for more time. Can you create a monthly planner while you're at it. LOL And pens! LOL A whole stationery set! LOL No pressure! Awww doll! Again, no worries. Thanks for letting us know. I'll just go and pick another one of those kitten calendars. HAHAHAHAH Have a great weekend Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true that it will be even more amazing next year. There is something very special about anticipation, too....

We'll wait and wonder and then be wowed!!

Keep the magic coming!

Joann ♥

Debra said...

It will be so worth the wait honey. :) I love everything you do. Xo