Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Dreams

What have you been dreaming?




Someone's been very busy planning and creating
 some chic things to come for the new site ...
and since I can't divulge too much yet,
it leaves me with my lips rather zipped ...

So ...
since I can't share current illustrations
being created for the shop
or any of the many illustrations
I'm currently working on for some lovely clients yet,
I thought why take us away for a moment
on a virtual vacation.

I don't know about you ...
but winter this year where I live
has been way too ... well ... winter-like for me ...
the hardest winter we've seen in a long time!
I just checked my weather app and it shows
0 degrees (F).
Yep.  0 as in 0.  See what I mean?

So I thought whisking us away for a moment visually
with dreams of lying by the sea or
thoughts of booking a week-long (or more?) stay
at an exclusive tropical resort with nothing more to do than decide
which umbrella drink would go best with the book
we're reading would be just the ticket for today!

Are you planning on an escape this winter?
Since I feel this wish to escape for a while
every year in January or February,
I'm thinking the smart thing to do would be to
actually plan one for next February ...
I think I may have to do a little travel research.
Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for dropping by
while the construction of the new site
is underway ...
till next time!

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Kim Alston said...

a virtual vacation is always nice Sandy :) whisk my mind awayyyyyy. hahaha hope all is well and sounds like everything is coming along lovely.

Lush Fab Glam said...

You're so right this winter has been brutal and we've been planning a real sunshine vacay and day dreaming about all the cute vacation dresses etc to wear! See them here:

miss b said...

I'm dreaming of the beach even though I only returned from my holiday in the sun a couple of weeks ago. Already a distant memory with rain, hail and grey skies here in the UK. Sounds like everything is going to plan with the new website!

Jennifer Connolly said...

As always, so lovely. I wish I could live my life in the beauty you create. Alas, I must enjoy it and dream. I'm so excited for your new site darling!! xoxoJennifer

Fashion-isha said...

I'm a firm believer in virtual vacations! I don't know why we live here in the northeast!!!! Have a great week!

Mary Jo said...

Sandy your new plans sound fabulous and I can't wait to see what you'll be unveiling. It's funny we were sitting next to a couple last night at dinner and they were visiting from New Hampshire and talking about their cold winter. It really is a shame I haven't been taking more advantage of the weather--it's been very warm here for January, I really need to get down to the beach!
xo Mary Jo