Monday, November 21, 2011

Grand Flirt III ... Sunny's Side of the Street

Hello Ooh La Frou Frou Girls!
Grab a latte and
curl up on our
~ Settee ~
It's time for
Ooh La Frou Frou

We recently began
a romantic adventure
in which
illustrated Ooh La Frou Frou city girl

and a very handsome stranger
saw each other across the crowded lobby of
The Mark Hotel
{where Sunny has a glamorous fantasy apartment}.
Each time they spotted each other
{on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday}
it was so memorable that we gave
those occasions a special name.
~ Grand Flirt ~

If you missed the first two Grand Flirt episodes,
you'll definitely want to
read them before reading further,
so here are the links to:
Grand Flirt I

For those of you that have
 already read those two episodes ...
we last left Sunny
dressed in a stunning gown
 in the lobby of The Mark Hotel
on a Saturday evening,
watching the arrival of a limousine
that a handsome someone had sent for her.

Now, the romance continues ...
are you ready to slip away for a fantasy at
77th Street and Madison Avenue in
New York City?
~  Let's go, darlings  ~

The luxe lobby of The Mark Hotel,
with its chic black-and-white-striped marble floor,
was bustling on that Saturday evening.
People were arriving to meet friends,
others were leaving for evenings out in the city.
Gleaming silver luggage carriers
 filled with designer luggage whisked by,
pushed by elegantly-dressed doormen.
There were many business travellers sitting about the lobby,
some reading the New York Times
and many simply watching the world go by.

And a part of that world-going-by
was a glamorous young blonde
in a sparkling gown that looked as if she
may have just stepped off the runway.

"Of course,"
 many of them thought ...
"the limousine that just pulled up outside must be for her,"
as it was not unusual to see
elegantly-dressed women travelling
to and fro by limousines
everyday in the city.

Eyes followed Sunny as she slipped through the hotel doors
and they watched as the driver of the limousine smiled at her
and swept open the door of the black car with a flourish.

What they didn't expect was ...
to see her leave something on the passenger seat
 instead of herself ...
and to step quickly back into the hotel
with a secret smile,
walking back through the lobby
 until she was out of sight.

The people in the lobby that evening were
~ simply left to wonder. ~

On the last Sunny episode, we were able to get a peek
at what she had left on that limo seat.
It was a rose and a note that said this ...
Those still remaining in the lobby
 one hour later
would have been wondering even further
when a handsome man dressed in a tuxedo
stepped into the lobby holding
the one single rose.

As Sunny waited,
her chin resting on the intertwined fingers of her hands,
she thought about how much fun it is to be a
~ woman. ~

She felt as if
a woman's world is her pallette and
on any given day,
she has the ability to simply start
with a soft blank canvas ...
... and create the masterpiece
she wants to be for the day.

For that particular Saturday evening,
she could have chosen
to look as sweet as candy ...
... painting soft pink lips with her lip brush
 and wearing her hair in loose blonde tendrils
down her back ...

She also had the ability ... should she so choose ...
to select a look that would make all who saw her think of
the wild abandon and frothiness of the sea
with layers resembling foamy waves tossing onto the shore ...

... or she simply could have created an aura
of sheerness filled with mystery ...

 ... she could have held
feather softness blowing gently in the wind
at her fingertips ...

... or dressed herself like a sublime package
tied with a bow ...

She could create enough sparkle
to compete with the glitter of her surroundings
in a myriad of ways. ...

... or she could dress just
~sultry enough~
to light a wildfire ...

... and for this evening ...
~she smiled and thought to herself~
she had chosen to call upon all of the above.

~Back In The Lobby~
When the handsome stranger stepped up to the
concierge with his rose,
the concierge said
"good evening, sir"
and reached behind the desk.
When he stood back up, he was holding a
Baccarat crystal bud vase filled with water
and held it out.
As the rose was placed in the vase,
the concierge simply said,
"If you would kindly follow me, sir."

The handsome stranger
followed the concierge across the lobby
with a smile on his face.
He hadn't had this much fun in a long time.

When they arrived at the entrance of
the hotel's restaurant,
he was asked to please wait there and
the concierge disappeared back into the lobby.
As he stood holding the rose in the bud vase,
he scanned the many faces in the restaurant,
but saw her nowhere.

After a few moments, a waiter appeared,
pushing a cart that held an ice bucket
and a bottle of pink champagne.
Taking the rose in its vase and placing it on the cart,
the waiter instructed him to follow,
as he pushed the cart toward the elevator.

As the elevator doors closed,
the handsome stranger thought to himself
how much of life is not filled with surprises
and how this evening was proving to be
the exception to the rule.
It was the first time he'd ever entered an elevator
with the destination unknown.

As the elevator reached the top floor labeled
the doors slid open and,
as the handsome stranger started to step out,
the waiter pulled a key from his pocket and said,
"One moment,  Sir.  We haven't yet arrived."
The waiter put the key into the control board and turned it.
The doors slid shut and the elevator once again rose.

As the stranger looked to the waiter,
preparing to ask where they were going,
the elevator pinged as it halted
 and soft music filled the air
as the doors slid open once again.

Unbeknownst to the stranger,
surrounded by city lights
high atop the Mark Hotel,
a lady sat waiting
at a table set
for a private rooftop dinner ...

As the stranger stepped from the elevator
the waiter handed over the cart
holding with the champagne
and rose centerpiece to him,
and sweeping his open hand toward the rooftop, he said,
"Her name is Sunny.  She is expecting you."

Thank you so much, darlings,
for joining us for
another episode of
 Grand Flirt!

For those of you that celebrate
Thanksgiving (as we do),
have a very happy (and delicious) holiday!

Because the entire holiday season
is so very busy for us all,
the next four Ooh La Frou Frou posts
leading up to Christmas will be
Ooh La Frou Frou "light"
with a little tidbit of
 glamorous happiness each week ...
don't miss them,
as each Monday
you'll find something fun
and some free surprises
occasionally mixed in too!
See you next week!

go to last week's post
where you will find their details
and links to order!

Illustration Credit:
Pink Settee illustration (c) Ooh La Frou Frou 2011
Sunny illustration (c) Ooh La Frou Frou 2011
Paint Brush illustration (c) Ooh La Frou Frou 2011
Chair with Shoes illustration (c) Ooh La Frou Frou 2011
Pink Letter created by Ooh La Frou Frou 2011
All above illustration by Sandra Shelton Markwalder,
owner and creator of Ooh La Frou Frou.

The illustration of The Mark Hotel
courtesy of The Mark Hotel.
Photo edited by me with the addition of pink curvy arrow,
 as well as the addition of trees on rooftop
{as were seen actually on rooftop when checking Google Earth}.

Photo Credit:
1. Pink Sparkling Elle Saab Dress via
2. Girl in Limo via
3. White Gloved Limousine Driver's Hand via
4.  Red Rose via (edited by me)
5. "A girl worth kissing ..." via
6. Girl in Slip via
7. Cotton Candy via (edited by me)
8. Ruffled Skirt via (edited by me)
9. White Tulle Skirt via (edited by me)
10. Ostrich Feather Purse via (edited by me)
11. Hair Tied Back with Bow via
12. Glitter via Google
13. Chandeliers via (edited by me)
14. Jeweled Bee Purse via (edited by me)
15. Black Tulle Dress with Fur via (edited by me)
16. Rhinestone Shoe via (edited by me)
17. Blue Matches via
18. Press for Champagne via
19. Scarlett Johansson with Moet Ring via
20. Rooftop Table via


Ivana said...

My oh my, if this is not pure beauty then I don´t know what is...I´m so in love with your little stories, these beautiful pictures and´s well worth looking forward to Monday, only because of your beautiful posts! You are amazing!!!

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Style in the City

Stitchfork said...

Monday glamour - this is where to find it!
xo Cathy

Layers and Layers said...

*le sigh pour le grande romance! Happy Holidays Sandy :)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Ivana: Good morning Ivana! Thanks so much, sweets, Sunny's romantic adventure is fun for me as well ... so glad you're enjoying the posts! I'll be dropping by to see you soon! xoxo

Stitchfork: So sweet, Cathy, thank you! Perhaps she should have a taffeta skirt embroidered with Romance Romance Romance ... that would be perfect, no? ;) xoxo

Layers and Layers: Ooh La La ... thank you, sweet Sharon! So glad you love ... everyone could stand a little romance on a Monday, don't you think? ;) xoxo said...

You were right
amazing monday post darling,
I'm about to press the button for champagne

The Dolls Factory

Karena said...

Sande I simply adore your and your stories of fun flirtatious romance!

Thank you so so much for your get well note. I am getting better every day! Also getting excited about my Holiday surprises for all!

Love and Hugs,

Art by Karena

Pink Champagne said...

Ooh la la romance! A true fairytale... XOXO

Beth's Blog said...

oh I love those clutches you posted! gorgeous :)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

The Dolls Factory: Haha ... highly recommended! ;) So glad you could stop by Ooh La Frou Frou! xoxo

Karena: Hi Karena ~ so glad you enjoy the romance and I'm so glad you're getting better! It would be NO fun to go into the holidays any other way! ;) xoxo

Pink Champagne: Soooooo true! So glad to see you, sweets ... hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, love! xoxo

Beth's Blog: Aren't they gorgeous? I love anything that sparkles and has feathers, don't you? Hope you have a wonderful holiday, sweetpea! xoxo

designchic said...

Ooh la la indeed my Mondays over here...fabulous!!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Sparklie Monday Kisses to you my dear! Thank you for visiting me, and as always enjoyed my visit with you and your lovelies!

Kori Donahue said...

Stunning photos this week Sandy honey!!!! Wow! Kori xoxo

Dale said...

Ooh I love this post. All of the sparkles and the white is so feminine and so elegant. That white suit outfit on that model is stunning.

Thank you also for your sweet note.

Fabrizia said...

I like so much your sense of style! Really nice post!!

Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Oh my! The most gorgeous blog I follow. That clutch and heels have my name on it- I'm sure!
Stunning Sandy xx

Fashion-isha said...

Oh this is such an amazing fantasy..keep it coming!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy I think this is one of my favourite posts (although I do still love Tiffany the best, as Faire Frou Frou girls go...!) I wish I had the "press for champagne" button :-)) The first dress, Ellie Saab, I love it. I first thought it as Jenny Packham (who I also love).

Again, oh to be a Faire Frou Frou lady :-)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Design Chic: So glad you love darling ... and I love that you're here! ;) xoxo

Rubys Musings: Thank you, Ruby. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! xoxo

Kori Donahue: Thanks, Kori ~ yours are always fabulous too! xoxo

Dale: Thanks for stopping by for a little romance, Dale. Hope you have a fabulous holiday! xoxo

Fabrizia: Thanks for stopping by, darling, so nice to meet you ... I'll be by to see you soon too! xoxo

Vanessa @ Luxuria: Such a compliment, Vanessa, sweetie, thank you so very much. Hope all is well in beautiful Spain! xoxo

Fashion-isha: So very happy, sweetie, that you love the Ooh La Frou Frou fantasy. So fun to slip away ... ;) xoxo

Style on the Couch: Hi darlin ... so love that you love the romanctic post and I love the Ellie Saab too ... always do! And LOL having the Press for Champagne button could prove dangerous! ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. My heart is beating faster! Why isn't this in my kid's book of world's modern fairytales?

Bonnie said...

I am loving that white suit! It's sexy and super awesome.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

classiq said...

Sandy, I love your stories. Love how this one is unfolding. :) I hope you're having a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving! xo


Oh now this is just too exciting! Sunny is my kinda girl! Love how she took things into her own hands :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandy! xoxo

LV said...

I love your posts so much! beautiful photos and flawless writing!

Georgianna said...

Another dreamy, fabulous adventure! Too many beautiful things to list them but those shoes certainly stuck in my mind! Wishing you a terrific weekend ahead. xo

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Oh my gosh, could this be any more lovely, sparkly, frothy perfect?! Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Sandy! Sorry I am late to get around to your blog this week, I got caught up in the frantic work week and missed the whole blog world for a few days!

Have a wonderful weekend dear!
xo Mary Jo

sonia daigle said...

I can not believe that I almost miss the story of Sunny...
I usually receive it by email but not this week
My heart sink when I saw the story of Sunny on your page, thank you again and again to make me daydreaming!
Sonia xo

SoapyMermaid said...

wow so exciting!! so dreamy.. :) I love this mysterious travel in an elevator ;)

Elle Sees said...

just lovely! i could handle a penthouse anytime

Angelica Ng said...

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic Part 3. I was dying to know what the ending much anticipation! I loved how you painted her as feminine, romantic, soft and beautiful. As always,a slew of amazing photos to go along with it. I especially love the blue matches. Who knew matches could be so pretty??

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Cafe Bellini: Thank you, sweetie! Such a wonderful compliment ... so so so glad Ooh La Frou Frou could make your heart beat faster! xo

Bonnie: Hi Bonnie! I think the white suit is gorgeous too ... so so ultra-chic! xo

Classiq: Hi sweetie ~ thank you! And yes, I had a very lovely Thanksgiving ~ lots of fun and family time ;) xo

The Alternative Wife: Hi Dawn darling ~ so glad you enjoyed the way Sunny kept control of a romantic situation! And so happy that you had a fabulous vacation ... the perfect thing to do just before the holidays!

LV: Such a lovely compliment! Thanks so much, darling. Hope you have a wonderful new week ahead! xo

Georgianna: Thanks, sweets! I know, those shoes would steal the show I think! ;) xo

Mary Jo at Trust Your Style: Thanks Mary Jo! So glad you could drop by ... and boy, do I know how busy last week was ... getting ready for the holidays is always crazy! Hope they were wonderful!

sonia dagle: Sonia, thank you so very much, and I'm so glad you didn't miss Grand Flirt III! Can't imagine why the post didn't show up on your e-mail this week, but so happy you thought to drop by the blog ... hope you have a lovely week ahead!

Soapy Mermaid: Thanks, sweetie ... yes, what is romance without mystery, right? Adds so much magic!

Elle Sees: I agree, just the word "Penthouse" is exciting (and having the elevator pass it up for another exciting place ... "rooftop" ... where they spent the evening for dinner is even more so!) Thanks so much for stopping by, sweetie! xo

Angelica Ng: Hi love! So very glad you enjoyed! Yes, I think of Sunny as feminine, sophisticated and delightfully fun ... just like most of us, no? ;) Have a great week ahead, sweet! xo

Julie Khuu said...

You just described ever so eloquently my dream first date! Swathed in layers of tulle and dancing on the moonlit rooftop...that Sunny sure is a modern day Cinderella! I'm officially envious :D

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments, hope to see you back sometime!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Margarita Bloom said...

Can't believe I missed this post! So much going on over in the Beauty Lab aka North Pole! giggle... What a wonderful way to end the Grand Flirt! and the pictures...tres magnifique...I love them all!! That jeweled heel is to die for! :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello dear friend,

Please, oh please, never stop blogging—your posts are such a treat of inspiration and beauty... I enjoy each and every one, though I cannot always say so. I wish my visits were far more often :)


p.s I will be sharing your most recent post on Monday, on my "Weekly Finds" post!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Julie Khuu: You're so right ... that would be SO perfect for a first date to remember forever! xo

Margarita Bloom: LOL .. So glad you didn't miss the third Grande Flirt, sweets! xo

Sarah Klassen: Thanks so very much, Sarah ... such a lovely compliment. The stories are fun to write and when I do, I am actually whisked away right to that rooftop or wherever the story is taking us ... so it's a very inexpensive way to travel! (haha) And thank you so VERY MUCH for sharing the Tiffany post on Monday (I'm assuming that's the one you were speaking of?). If that's the post you want to link to, just be sure to link to the actual post, as a new post will be up on Ooh La Frou Frou on Monday as well ;) Thanks again, Sarah! xoxo