Monday, April 16, 2012

April April Busy April!

 Hi Wonderfuls!

Sometimes a month comes along and you
just have to say to yourself ...
what happened?!?
April has turned out to be a whirlwind for me so far ...
it seems as if every week this month has been
absolutely crazy busy!

If you are reading this post on Monday,
I am most likely right now flying back home
 from a long weekend away that began last Thursday ...
we had a family wedding to attend in Arizona.
And as I am writing this,
 I haven't even left for Arizona
so I'm not able to tell you how it was yet!
But I'm looking forward to the romantic fun ...
I love weddings, don't you?



Above images via Style Me Pretty

And for this particular wedding,
cocktails by the pool are one of the things
 on the agenda ...
I'm wondering if it will resemble this picturesque scene? 

So ...
first we had Easter weekend, then the wedding trip ...
and along with an always very busy
 custom illustration schedule
for an ever-growing list of wonderful clients
{adore it and will be sharing more of these
illustrations in the future!} ...
another surprise happened this month that has 
been keeping me very busy!
Out of the blue ...
we are now in the process of buying a new home!
In the beginning of April,
we were contacted by a real estate agent we knew,
who let us in on the fact that a historical Victorian home
on a beautiful lakefront lot
{bonus: it has a lovely studio facing the water with lots of light} 
was available in the town where I went to school
and where my husband and I met.
We fell in love with the property
and they just accepted our offer!
Now it's on to the inspection and all of the rest!
If you follow me on Twitter
{You don't yet? Oh my goodness, rush over here!}
you may have seen this photo that
 I've recently shown a few twitterpals
which explains why I'm so excited ... I can see lots of
backyard parties here in the future!

I've mentioned all of this just to you, my wonderful blogging friends,
to share my excitement and to let you know why
there's none of my illustration included in this post ...
simply no extra time!
But next week should be back to normal!

In the meantime, have you been to Kate Spade lately?
Loving their fun new interactive film
it's so cute!
You can choose the music you'd like in the background,
and whether you'd like the cute girl below
to jump off the diving board in a swan dive or cannonball!
You can watch the video on the Kate Spade site, here ...
{remember to make it full-screen for even more fun!}

Hope your week is just as exciting and fun-filled ...
always love to hear what's happening with you,
so leave me lots of notes!

Thanks for hanging in while I've been so busy!
Talk to you soon, everyone!


Dee said...

Hi Sandy, I love weddings too! I love getting dressed up for the occasion, and there so romantic. Congrats to you and your hubby on the new house. My favorite kind of house is Victorian. Sounds beautiful! So happy for you. Can't wait to see pics!

Dee xoxo

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Sandy, hope your wedding weekend was a fun one! I did see that sparkly lake photo and am thrilled that you are getting your dream house--even better that it sort of happened out of the blue, isn't that just the best way?!

Wishing you a wonderful new week!

xo Mary Jo

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Sounds like some wonderful news. Congrats on the new home and the exciting time at Ooh La Frou Frou.

And yes, I do love nicely decorated weddings!

Fashion-isha said...

Sandy it sounds fabulous and yes April is just flying by! Your pictures here are as gorgeous as ever too!

miss b said...

I love weddings too! Congratulations on the new home. I remember how excited I was when we moved into our current home.

Mrs. Sutton said...

SO excited for you - your potential new home sounds FABULOUS - good luck! I've just got back from a wedding in Palm Springs too - I simply ADORE everything about weddings, and this one was V glamorous - so fun, fun, FUN! Your images are so pretty - love your blog. x

Angelica N. said...

Ooo weddings! Yes, I absolutely adore weddings. I'm always wishing my family members would hurry up and get married so that I have another wedding to go to (as weird as that sounds haha!). Time is going by quickly, but then again, it's been going by quickly for years now. To think I'll almost have spent 20 years on this earth! Anyway, congrats on the house! Another big milestone in life.

The Fashion Moodboard said...

You home sounds amazing! And yes I love weddings! I can't wait to get married myself (only need to wait for THE question, haha)


Sam said...

Hi sweety, how have you been? Its always so exciting going to weddings, being amidst all that romance and getting to pick out a pretty dress to wear! Hope you have the most wonderful time. Beautiful pictures. And congrats on the new home!! Thats wonderful news :)

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Wow!!! how exciting Sandy. The view of your lake looks like things dreams are made of. Imagine the creative inspiration you will obtain from such a beautiful location. Do keep us posted xx

rolala said...

I love the romance of weddings and toasting to the happiness of couples in love. I hope you enjoyed the wedding and your cocktails by the pool! So exciting about your dream home becoming yours! It's wonderful when things just fall into place like that. Big Congratulations Sandy!

Thanks again for all your sweet positivity and well wishes! I'm actually feeling quite abit better these days and maybe I'll be back to regular blogging again soon. Hope your week was amazing and the weekend will be even better!

xo Rowena @ rolala loves


Wow you do have a lot going on! I loved seeing all of your gorgeous AZ photos. It looked amazing and I was living vicariously through you :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Sandy! xoxo

SoapyMermaid said...

goodness!! what a great piece of news... your new house seems dreamy. Moreover it is located in a place where you have plenty of sweet memories. it is so good to be busy sometimes even though it might be tiring. i can't wait to see some of your so pretty illsutrations :)

Fashionista622 said...

Hi Sandy,
I totally understand how you feel about lack of time and the days flying by. I always have guilt for not blogging more and doing more on my SM but the clock moves quicker and the daily tasks plus my job keeps me busy. Not to mention personal time with loved ones.

I've been following your amazing travels via Instagram (yay). A wedding in Arizona sounds lovely. Hope you are doing well and enjoying spring darling!