Monday, April 22, 2013

Pretty and Sweet Captured on Canvas

So ...
I was in a mood this weekend.
A mood for painting a
pretty little something on canvas.
As you know, this year has been
a very busy year illustration commission-wise
(thank you to all of my wonderful. clients!)
and most of my work that I post here on
Ooh La Frou Frou
has been of my illustrations.
But I have a little secret.
You may not be aware that I
also love painting on canvas.
Since my illustration world has become so
all-encompassing, it's been a bit
since I've had the time to sit down
and create a canvas, but I so looooove it.
And I was in a mood.

So ...
I needed to find the perfect subject to paint.
My subject needed to be Pretty (of course!)
(and not too complicated, as I didn't have a lot of time).
Enter the Sweet part ... Connie Cupcake.
Are you familiar?

I recently ran across a Pinterest pin of a
breathtaking bit of deliciousness.
When I clicked over to her site,
I was ahh-mazed to say the least.
And I knew I'd found my subject ...
something Pretty and Sweet ...
and, of course, I call this painting exactly
what Connie Cupcake calls this gorgeous dessert
"Goldfeather Ladyfinger."
In her words:
"It's just a little biscuit ...
but our Goldfeather Ladyfinger has made a big impact ...
a crowd favorite for someone who's all about the details."
And I am definitely all about the details.

Pretty and Sweet!
If I've now given you a craving for even more
Connie Cupcake,
the following will be a feast for the eyes ...



The shells are white Belgian chocolate lined with seafoam sugar ...

Connie Cupcake
 has a line of cake jewelry ... the cake is designed around
one stunning sparkling piece that can be easily removed for devouring ...

To visit Connie Cupcake, go here.

 So ...
in case you were wondering,
painting on canvas again was so much fun.
So much fun, in fact,
that I'm now thinking of other pretty things
that would make lovely canvas paintings
(not saying what yet ... it'll be a surprise!)
and I'll be sure to have prints made
of those future canvases
that will be available for purchase.

Have a Pretty and Sweet week!

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Painting above of "Goldfeather Ladyfinger"
by artist/illustrator SANDY M

 Dessert photos via Connie Cupcake 
Photo credits


Kim Alston said...

Wow! This takes sweets to a whole new level. Sandy this is spectacular. Love your painting! So exquisite. Thanks for sharing :) You've made my Monday!

Anonymous said...

Talk about elegant confections! These take the cake. You have captured it exquisitely! You are so talented, Sandy. What a feast for the senses!

Fashion-isha said...

Good morning Sandy! This was such a fun way to start my Monday morning. Are these cakes for real?? I think they're as fabulous as couture! I'm amazed! Have an awesome week!

A Well Styled Life said...

You brightened my Monday morning Sandy. Again.
Thanks for consistently making the world a more beautiful place!

Catherine Robinson said...

Beautiful...I LOVE every single one ;-)
Have a FABULOUS week, Sandy.

Ivana said...

Oh Sandy, your gorgeous posts full of glamour and general prettiness always make me forget about all my problems and worries: I am finally able to let my mind wander off, and focus on something else than troubles and stress. Thank you so much for this! I know I've been a little bit inconsistent in commenting (too much on my mind with that wretched lawsuit), but I never miss a single post, and they are always a source of happiness. Thank you, thank you, and please, keep those canvases comin' :)

Lots of love,

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Debra said...

Stunning! Theses are too gorgeous to eat aren't they?! Big sigh....I can't wait to see your creation from all these beautiful pictures. So delicious sweetie! Smooches!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Sandy, your posts are always full of such eye candy but these confections are positively swoon worthy! Your canvas creation is gorgeous and totally inspired! It's great you had such a ball creating it :)

I actually already did a picnic shoot with Rena and Ian ( but I want to do a new one cause they have other outfits and treats that I can use :)

Have a beautiful week my dear!

Rowena @ rolala loves

miss b said...

Your painting is gorgeous and I'm just amazed by these creations - true works of art. All lovely especially the ones with the pearls. I shall pop over there right now!

Fashionista622 said...

WOW Sandy, the drawing is fantastic. These sweets are true artpieces and just lovely, so glam. :)