Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Vacation

Hi Lovies!

When you were a child in school,
did your teacher ever ask you
what you did on your summer vacation?
If a teacher should ask me today
what I PLANNED to do
on my upcoming summer vacation,
I'd have the answer.
I could pretty much hold up
my Summer Girl illustration above!

So, I thought I'd take today to announce
Ooh La Frou Frou's
upcoming summer schedule
so you'll have a little head's up!

I've mentioned a few times recently
how full my custom illustration schedule
has been since the beginning of the year.
More and more new and exciting requests
are coming in every week.
It's all so wonderful ... but a bit exhausting!

Also ...
before I even knew my illustration schedule would
be going from BUSY to SUPER BUSY this year,
I decided to take the blog
from one day a week to three
for the first time ever.
Crazeeeee girl.
schedule then zoomed up to
Now I know why television shows
show run reruns in the summer.

A fellow blogger friend and fabulous hat designer
 with a blog named
takes each summer off in order to plan and create
for the next season.
With my current schedule,
that sounds like a perfect plan to me.

SO ...
here's what I'm going to do:
Beginning next week through the end of May,
this illustrated blog will go back to
one day per week, on Mondays.
Then, from June through August
I'll be taking the summer off from the blog.
I may pop in now and again throughout the summer to say hey
with a photo of something I've been doing
but no "real" posts will be happening for the summer.

This much needed time will not only:
(1) give me time to enjoy this precious summer before it's gone
(I really am a summer girl, you know, and as an artist
I'm normally inside in the studio A LOT); and,
(2) have time to take a deep breath in the sunshine
which equals inspiration.  Inspiration to create
future illustrations for YOU.
You see, along with all of the custom work,
I also have a zillion ideas floating around
every day and night ...
ideas of illustrations I want to create
to place on items for purchase.
But with my current schedule ...
I. just. haven't. had. the. time.
This will let me come back after the summer,
in September, with a bang.
During the summer, I will still be taking
custom illustration commissions ...
drop me a line here
if you're interested in getting on my calendar.
And I ALWAYS read all comments
my fabulous readers leave for me here.

So that's it, guys!
Does that make you want to take the summer off too?
Believe me, if it wasn't necessary, I wouldn't be doing it.
But great work requires time for inspiration.

So, I'll be back this Friday with a post,
and next week and through May it will be Mondays only
and then I'll be on:
Summer Vacation.
You'll be able keep up with me during the summer months
of June through August
and see what I'm up to via Instagram ...
(if you don't follow, please do so before then ...
I post photos of what I'm doing daily there)
You'll will also be able to
 keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook.

See you Friday, everyone!
is the blog of illustrator

Summer Girl illustration by SANDY M
Photos via my Pinterest "Summer" board.


InesMrs.Venus said...

First, Darling Sandy, thank you for your wishes!
Then: your summer illustration is sooooo wonderful, fresh and inviting, I love it!
Yes, you do it right. We are the most important person for us. Nobody else. To stop in the right moment isn't easy, but you do it and that's good.
I am happy for you, that you are so successful with your work!
I am not a summer girl. I can't stand heat. I like mild and warm weather. But I love water in every way.
Love, Ines

Kim Alston said...

Congratulations Sandy! I'm so happy for you! You have to do what's in your best interest. That's why I never set a schedule for my blog. I just blog when I can. That's what we all should do. Thanks for letting us know. Have a great week doll.

LV said...

I love the summer girl illustration. Blogging definitely is a commitment and sometimes its good to step away and enjoy life. Congrats on your projects and enjoy every bit of summer:-)


How wonderful Sandy. Well, it sounds like you are one busy lady, and ready for summer, I saw the lovely illustration on your instagram and loved it! Congratulations dear. Enjoy the rest of your week and time off! xx/Madison

Georgianna said...

Hello, Sandy, dear!

Well, I'm having one of those years, also, so I totally understand you cutting back and taking the summer off. So brave and so smart!

I wish you the most lovely time and hope we connect up even with our crazy schedules. :)

Sending a big hug!


Margarita Bloom said...

Somebody sure sounds like a busy girl. I'm trying to be more active on my blog but goodness me it sure does take a lot out of you to come up with inspiration for each post. I feel like I want to take a break already! lol...