Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy Friday, Lovies!
As an artist and illustrator,
I love poses and am always studying them.
So much can be said by a pose without saying a word!

Let's take Sassy ...
the definition is:
Adjective: lively, bold, full of spirit, cheeky
Synonyms: saucy, impudent, pert, forward

I see a little
in all of the above photos!
How would "sassy" describe an item, do you think?
Let's say .... a pair of shoes?
As we head into the weekend,
what if you were heading out for an elegant evening
and you wanted to put on a sassy pair of shoes ...
what would you wear?

I whipped up a watercolor sketch {below} of a particular
Celine {spring-summer 2013} sparkler that
fits the definition of sassy very well, I think!
It's definitely "bold" and "full of spirit,"
with its multi-colored jewels
and if we slipped our feet into a pair, I'm sure
eyes would turn as they
 flashed and glittered
and we just may hear someone say as we walked by ...
"Wow, Sassy!"
Take a peek at this actual Celine shoe HERE.

Have a wonderfully sassy weekend, everyone!
See you Monday!

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The photos in this post were via
Pinterest and here.

Watercolor illustration of Celine heel
is by SANDY M


A Well Styled Life said...

Ooh La La!! Very sassy!!
Wishing you a lovely week end.

Konstantina Saraidari said...

Lovely poses indeed, I never knew how to .. pose; this is why the most of my pictures are a mess!

InesMrs.Venus said...

I just had to use my translator and now I know a lot of new words... I just think about the new black skirt of my daughter. Front short and long back. The material is a touch of nothing and underneath a miniskirt. That looks sassy, too with some elegant suede boots.
The Celine shoes are a gem in every way, also your illustration about it. I love the white boots with pink bows and that elegant lace dress. I would wear it in black.

So I hope you will have a nice weekend with some sassy moments.

Love, Ines

miss b said...

The first photo just about sums up the word 'sassy'! I would definitely feel sassy too in those gorgeous shoes and your illustration is such a likeness - love the way you have it sparkling! Enjoy your weekend.

Sam said...

I am in awe of all these gorgeous sassy looks, wish i could wear them all, great inspiration to start the weekend. That gold embellished shoe is spectacular!!

Fashion-isha said...

Oh yeah! I hope your weekend is as fabulous as this post!

Taj Acosta said...

Love those sparkly shoes! That's my fav color you know: sparkly! lol! Hope you have a wonderful weekend in your posh beach home! xx -Taj

Kim Alston said...

Sandy, that shoe gif is awesomesauce!!! I love it! May you have a great weekend.

Margarita Bloom said...

Happy Weekend Sandy! I don't think I could buy a pair of shoes without them being sassy! *wink* lol...

Debra said...

Love the sparkly and sassy shoe Sandy! It's fab just like you sweetie! Xo