Monday, April 29, 2013





Happy Monday, darlings.

One of the "chicest" things on the end of a leash
has to be a poodle, don't you think?
With their luxurious and sometimes curly manes
and sophisticated long noses,
there's just something about them.
Maybe it is simply the fact that they are often seen
"walking" some very chic owners.

One of those owners is a 65 year-old former fashion model
named Linda Rodin ...
{she currently has her own praised skincare line}

Not long ago in this post,
I mentioned that Linda was recently
featured in the Coveteur and that
there was also a very charming photo in the feature
of Linda's sophisticated poodle, Winky,
sitting on Linda's pretty pink chaise
and surrounded by her shoes, clutch and scarf.
I had also mentioned
that I hadn't been able to resist 
whipping up a little painting of
Winky but that it wasn't quite finished ...

Well, Winky is now here to
send you off into a brand new week ...

Winky's obviously "in the pink" ...
and we're both sending wishes that your week
 will be "in the pink" too!

If you missed this post last week, I announced
a new summer schedule for the blog
and as a part of that schedule,
I mentioned that until the end of May
Ooh La Frou Frou will be Mondays only
{due to an illustration calendar that thinks it's a jetsetter!}.

See you next Monday, lovies!
is the blog of illustrator

To reach Sandy regarding
having a custom illustration created,
drop her a line here.

Poodle photos above via Pinterest.
Photos of Linda Rodin walking Winky
via Google image search.

Illustration of Linda Rodin's Winky


InesMrs.Venus said...

Good Morning , Lovely!
Yes, poodles are adorable... I used the first pic for a post long years ago, it's a dreampair! This elegant woman and her aristocated dog.
I think Winky looks great together with Linda's grey hair. An elegant lady! A wonderful illustration of Winky. I always wanted to paint my Ginger (my Maltese), too. Maybe one day I will have the needful time.
So I wish you a successful week!
Love, Ines

Kim Alston said...

Beautiful painting Sandy! You captured Winky exquisitely. Poodles are definitely high maintenance dogs. They are to be admired. She is so sharp! Have a great week!

Sam said...

How cute are all these adorable poodles, something so fashionable about them. I think Winky looks even sweeter in the painting than in reality.Thanks for your kind visit, wishing you a great and productive week ahead!

Fashion-isha said...

Oh how adorable this post is. I really enjoyed it. I hope you have a fabulous weekend Sandy!

Chezka said...

And to think they used to be war dogs =) Yes, definitely very parisian chic! I'd love to have one!

- Che

Margarita Bloom said...

Awwwww, poodle love!! I love these pics. They're just so darling. Whew, I can imagine with those pretty tufts of hair they'd be just as demanding as I am with my hair to look gorgeous! giggle...I hope I look that chic when I get to 65 just like Linda Rodin...she's rockin' it!