Monday, May 6, 2013

COMMISSIONED {plus a little weekend fun!}

Aren't you so happy that it's May?
I hope you had a great weekend!
Mine included an ice cream sundae,
and two alfresco dinners in the sunshine,
some lake-gazing in the backyard,
and even {just because it was magical} ...
a carnival ride!
Sometimes it's good to be a kid again ...
here are a few snaps from the impulsive stop by the roadside carnival.
The tall ferris wheel was the ride that we bought tickets for ...

Who says sparkle is only for fashion?

Snapped while waiting in line ...

... and then while on it ...

Can you almost smell the cotton candy?
It was a perfect first weekend of May!

~ And Now ~
 moving on to two new illustration additions to the
series of posts!

~ Illustration One ~
The first illustration I'd like to introduce you to is one that I was 
commissioned to create for a fabulous skincare spa
located in Canada called:

The illustration I created is to be used on a variety of things,
including Bella Clinique's bags.
If you follow me on Instagram,
you probably saw the following photo that I shared
of the beginning stages of painting the illustration ...

And here's another peek of the illustration-in-progress
with the background further along ...

The star of this BELLA CLINIQUE illustration
is the new logo girl that I was asked to design for them
and she is named ... Bella!
She is modeled after the lovely owner,
Jennifer Brodeur (@jenniferbrodeur on Twitter)

As is my standard practice with my lovely clients,
e-mails flew back and forth between Jennifer and I ...
it's all part of my preliminary process
in order to capture as many little details as I can ...
things that make the illustration very personal.

Some of the details that Jennifer mentioned she'd like to see
on Bella were:
long ombre hair, like hers;
a sleek black dress, as she wears black most often;
 a specific Tiffany bracelet on her wrist;
a Bella Blue scarf that was a gift from a friend;
her Louis Vuitton Galleria handbag;
spa shopping bags;
her lovely dog Sisu;
and two magazines tucked into the handbag (Vogue and Clin d'oeil)
that Bella Clinique has appeared in.
Also, I decided to illustrate a row three crystal pendant lights in the window
after seeing the actual light fixtures photographed inside the spa.
And, here's the finished illustration ...

You can catch the illustration
on the Bella Clinique Facebook page right now!
Thank you, Jennifer!
A pleasure to work with you.

.~ Illustration Two ~
I'd like to introduce you to a second illustration this week.
This is an illustration that was recently commissioned
by the
perfume line
for their Mother's Day campaign.
(You can read about Michel Germain's beautiful perfume line
called "Sexual" and how it came to be here.)

This is my second illustration for the Micahel Germain perfume line.
{See the holiday illustration created for them in a previous post (here).}
That first holiday illustration for them was featured
on their website for the holidays
 and on holiday gift boxes in stores
(Bloomingdales and Macy's).}

The new Mother's Day illustration shows a
luxurious boudoir in a luxe Paris apartment,
where the SP logo girl that I designed for them
(and that appeared in the first illustration)
appears again (on the right) ... and this time, she is with her mother
as they are preparing to head out to a Mother's Day brunch ...
and, of course, they're spritzing on only ONE perfume
as a finishing touch before they leave!
I think you'd love the fragrance "Sexual Sugar" ...
I was sent one of the beautiful pink bottles
and everyone asks me what I'm wearing!

You can catch this illustration right now
on the Michel Germain website here!

It's always a delight working with fabulous clients like
Michel and Norma Germain.

Thanks for joining me this week, everyone!
These are just a taste of what's been on my
illustration calendar lately ...
hope you all have a wonderful week!
See you next Monday!
is the blog of illustrator

The carnival photos above are property of Ooh La Frou Frou.
The photo of Jennifer Brodeur via Bella Clinique.
Bella Clinique illustration and Michel Germain illustration
by illustrator SANDY M, (c) 2013 SANDY M ~ all rights reserved.

For custom illustration inquiries,
drop a note to Sandy here.


Margarita Bloom said...

Oooh, such fun! I don't know if I could go up in a ferris wheel...I get a wee bit dizzy when I climb a little ladder...hahaha...
I do LOVE the carousel pic though!! Dreamy. Such beautiful illustrations! Happy Monday Sandy. xx

InesMrs.Venus said...

Hi, Sweet!
Good, that it 's Monday and we have you back!
I LOVE your Illustrationen! Your style is unique. If you look at them you wish to be a part of the scene...
I am glad for you, that you had such a special weekend. We bought lots of flowers for the garden and had to plant the whole Sunday, but now I am happy with my new flowers.
I wish you another successful week.
Love, Ines

And I wanna thank you for your lovely comments. I am happy to have you in my "bloglife" :-)

Kim Alston said...

Sandy, I love carnivals, carnival rides and everything that goes with them. The one in your area is so charming! Very pretty! These commissioned projects are beyond exquisite! You did a fabulous job. What I always love is how you personalize them. They're not cookie cutter. You really put a lot into them and they are exquisite. Have a great week Sandy!

Ivana said...

Oooh my goodness, Sandy, once again, this post is just too good to be true! Your work is absolutely stunning, I especially love Bella and her stylish environment: I could very well see myself in such a place :) And you've made me crave carnivals and cotton candy!

Sending you lots of love, my dear friend!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

miss b said...

Yes I can almost smell the fun fair and cotton candy (which we call candy floss over here!) I love to see the development of your illustrations and the final result. The Tiffany blue and the pink and gold colours look gorgeous and there are so many details to admire in each picture. Brilliant!

Debra said...

Oh Sandy, Love your illustrations! I hope your clients are as delighted by them as we are. Thank you so much for sharing lovely! :) How exciting that you were able to do a second drawing for the perfumery. Wow! I am so happy for you. :) Hugs!!!!

Sam said...

Hi Sandy, your illustrations are always such a delight t0 see, your talents and creativity is truly amazing!

Fashionista622 said...

Sandy, first I can't wait for Summer so that I can make it to a carnival and enjoy a merry go round with some cotton candy. Always so much fun. Second, congratulations on your latest commissions. They are lucky to have you as their illustrator. The works look amazing. Always fun to see your progress via Instagram darling. xoxo


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What lucky clients you have! You created such beautiful things for them!

InesMrs.Venus said...

Thanks for your lovely words! You are a gem in a Sea of pebbles...
XO Ines

Taj Acosta said...

Great work dear! I love the little worlds you create for each one! How is the house coming along? I've been working on a wall of bookshelves and it's taking forever for one set to come in on back order! ahh! lol. Hope you are having a lovely week! xx -Taj

Sofya Moderno said...

❤ Your blog, beauty!
Follow me and I will follow u back!